Thursday, 22 December 2011


Oh I almost forgot that I have blogspot. I am so sorry. :(

Anyway, December! My December has been so busy and all. I have so many schedules, like a boss. Yes, I feel like a celebrity. I was so busy that I almost forgot to update my blogspot. I couldn't believe this.

I don't know but I can't feel December is the month of Holidays or Christmas month. There are lot of tragedies happening around the World. A lot of people are suffering, a lot of people are affected by some typhoons or flash floods. How can we celebrate Christmas if everyone is begging for justice, mourning and all? :(

This isn't right. I trust you Lord.

But anyway.. I am here to ask you guys a favor to please help them by praying. Pray for Cagayan de Oro and Iligan City. #HelpMindanao #PrayforMindanao

Please. Thank you. :)

It is already a big help. May God bless you.


Friday, 4 November 2011

It was all worth-it.

Another blog update for you guys. And this time, it's all about our achievement last October 30, 2011. It was a great achievement that we didn't expect it.

That's what we aimed for. 

It was just an ordinary day for us last Saturday. We don't know what we were feeling that day. Mixed feelings, I guess. But to be honest, we're all like come-what-may people during that day. And actually, we didn't feel nervous or something. Just like I said, "come-what-may people".  Alright. It's not that we're being boastful or something. ;)

October 29- It was our last practice. And we're all down and sad. I don't even know why, it's weird. But can you blame us that we will miss each other? No. The times of suffering, the times of having fun during break time and especially moments where we are happy.

I want our last day to be something memorable or let's say, a day to remember. Indeed, it was a day to remember with my fellow cheerdancers. I was expecting that it won't happen. I guess I was wrong, yeah. Right after our last practice, we all decided to eat our lunch together. We went to KCC Mall, had our lunch at the McDonalds. I was there with Mica, Matthan, Ayn, Paulyne, Janel, Edison, Enrique, Montheo, Gerald (or we call him Fetus), Abbie, Joy and Guilever.

It was a fun and memorable day with them. And I remember our "joyride". I could tell that it was a wraithlike joyride adventure with them. We're all like being paranoid at that time. You guys don't have any idea where that driver brought us. Eugh! -.-

But thank God, we're all safe. :)

October 31- The day that we've been waiting for. I was getting excited and at the same time, sad. Excited because finally, we will compete already with other three schools. Sad, because no more practices and days with my fifth family.

Woke up at 3 in the morning. Prepared my things and prepared myself, of course. After 30 minutes, I waited for Mica. Then after 10-20 minutes, went to school with Mica. The time we got there, they were preparing already. So, it was 5:30 in the morning and boys went to the venue already. We, girls followed there at 6 something in the morning.

 Let me introduce to you our most pasaway cheerdancer, Edgar. Did you know that before the competition, we were still waiting for him at the venue. So what we did is, we rehearsed for the last time. Good thing, he's only a back/front spot. But bad thing, it's not a good thing. It's unfair for us. After we rehearsed for the last time, we all became calm. After how many minutes, Edgar suddenly appeared. And guess what? All boys spanked him and punched him. Poor Edgar.

Last trivia about him during the competition, he was still having his hangover. And yes, you are right. I know what you are thinking. ;)

Finally, we're all complete. So, the College Division started the cheerdance competition. Then High School Division, and last Elementary Division. In High School Division: 3rd runner-up-- Mindanao State of University (they were disqualified, actually.), 2nd runner-up-- Buayan High School, 1st runner-up-- General Santos City High School, and well of course. Champion-- Notre Dame of Dadiangas University - IBED HS.

It was one of the best feelings in the world. We felt like were in cloud nine! :)

I don't know what I felt during that time. It was such an amazing feeling, happiness, overwhelmed, joy, contentment, cheerfulness, felicity and everything else. Like we couldn't believe with what happened. Expect the unexpected, baby! :D

And oh, Sarisisiw Pep Squad is my fifth family. I just love them like that. ♥

Everything was worth-it. Thank you so much God. Our prayers are answered. And I would like to congratulate again my fellow cheerdancers. I am so proud. Actually, we all felt proud of ourselves. I mean, we've been thru ups and downs during practices. We have experienced body pain and all. And we still went through of it. It's because we are strong enough. But hey! Look what happened to us. Champion in High School Division. Thank you again God. We love you from the very bottom of our hearts. You really heard us, and it was an amazing feeling. :)

Before I'll end this blog, I'll share you guys these two video. :)

Last practice (10/28/11):

Then at the 35th Milo Cheerdance Competition (10/30/11):
By the way, sorry for the low quality. And also I would like to thank Maita Algarme for this video. God bless!

So, I hope you did enjoy watching the two videos and reading this blog post.

God bless! :)

Monday, 24 October 2011

New experience.

Wow. It's been so long since I haven't updated my blogspot. I am truly sorry.

Well, the past few days or month. I've been really busy with school stuffs, cheerdance and school. Right after our Intramurals, I only had weeks to spend more time with friends, classmates, and weeks to rest. But then, days after, our club moderator informed us that there will be a Milo Cheerdance Competition. What he did is, he picked all the dancers to join the said competition. Well luckily, I was one of them. Yeah. Thanks Lord. :)

First day of practice, I did not attend. I don't know why. But when I came back at the school, I saw them at the field. And I was like "Woah! This is going to be fun". So the next day of our practice, it was Monday. It was the day that we learned our routines. Since I'm a beginner, I was shaking the time they were lifting me. I know sounds funny. But you can't blame me because I'm a beginner. :)

Anyway, I'm getting used to it now. And it's actually fun. Being one of those cheerdancers, it is such a fun and great experience. I can use this experience or this is advantage when I go to college. Actually, I've been planning to join some cheerleading team when I go to college. I think God wants me to experience first, so that when I'll join cheerleading team to College. I have experience already. Right? Oh well.

Aside from Cheerdance experience. Well, I've been really busy with some school stuffs. Like we just had our 2nd Periodical Examinations last week. But thank God, He helped me. Thanks God :)

And I do really hope that I can get a quiet high score, or not. At least it's not that low. Yeah? :)

But anyway, I think that's it for tonight. I'm really sorry if I wasn't able to update you guys as much as possible. I was really busy. And I'll try to update you guys as much as possible. I GUESS.

And ooohh! I will blog about our Career Tour. SOOOOOOON enough. Just wait. Patience is a virtue. :)

By the way, our Cheerdance Competition will be this coming Sunday already. I'm getting excited and nervous at the same time. I hope we can make it. Yeah. And you guys are all free to watch, of course. The competition starts at 7AM. And also, if you'd like to join the Milo Marathon. Yes you may. So that right after the marathon, you can watch our competition already. Better, you can able to find a better spot.

So see you there!

Friday, 23 September 2011

Indelible experience.

This is the only moment that I can post another blog. And yet this time, it's all about my last experience of Intramurals in High School.

At first, I thought, "Oh this is going to be a memorable experience since it's my last year in High School already.". But then, I was wrong. My friends, team mates in Hip-hop and classmates proved my thought wrong. They made it possibly amazing. I haven't enjoyed it but they made it amazing. The best good times with them.

Weeks before our Intramurals, we were so busy. Busy practicing for the Hip-hop contest. I have to say that those were the days that I am perfectly happy, that no one could describe how much happy I am. Though we're really busy but still I am having fun. Actually, I was having fun. :)

My last experience of Intramurals in my High School Life. I am going to miss this kind of event/activity. I know there is a Intramurals in College. But Intramurals in College will never be the same as Intramurals in High School. ;)

Two days before our Intramurals, which are Monday and Tuesday. We don't have classes but we used the two days off for our practice. Of course! 

I could tell that we were all getting nervous. And I thought that it's going to be a tough game between four teams which are; Green, Red, Yellow and Orange. Indeed, it was really a tough game. Two days before Intramurals, everyone was already excited. I could tell by their Facebook statuses, Twitter posts and whatsoever. 

Night before the opening day of Intramurals, I couldn't tell if I am excited or what. I really don't know how to describe what am I feeling that night. So, before I went to bed, I prayed. 

August 31 - Finally, the day has come. The opening day of our Intramurals 2011.

Woke up in the morning and thought it's just going to be an ordinary day, for sure. Prepared everything before going to school. Proudly wore my Green team shirt. While on my way to school, I don't know how I feel. But all I know is, it's going to be a great day. 

Let's just say, I am excited for the said event. Of course. 

The time I got there, they were all at the covered court already. Getting ready for the parade. So when I went to the covered court, I could see the excitement in everyone's faces. And I knew that they're all excited for the said event. I mean, who wouldn't feel excited about Intramurals? That's weird, I guess. Anyway, I really don't know what to say. But all I know is everything was fun and it was really a great day.

So before we proceed to the parade, we asked for God's guidance first and for the successful of the said event. After that, NDDU Harmonic Band started the line of the parade. Right after them, Orange then Green (Us!) then Red then Yellow. 

It was sunny that time. And it's a bummer moment for me, I forgot to bring my shades. Mr. Sun is really shining all over GenSan that time. But thank goodness, Christian lend me his shades. Thank you for that. 

See? In that little moment, I felt like I am a celebrity in the making. ;)

Four of my classmates, Steph, Paolo, Romeo and Julius.

My girl classmates ; Mr. & Miss Teen University of Green Division

There are a lot of photos during the parade. But I showed only few photos. I'm sorry. Lol.

Now, on the second day of our Intramurals- I wasn't able to take photos. I forgot to bring the camera, that's why. But second day was kinda fun also. It was the last day of our practice for hip-hop and that time, I was starting to be dramatic. I thought, "Awww! I'm going to miss this."

And I thought I was the only one who'll miss it. But I was wrong, all of us did. I didn't expect that. Last day of practice was fun. Like literally. Actually, every time we have our practice? I can't feel any weariness. It's because we are sorta of having fun and at the same time, bonding with each other. And that's what I love about my team mates in hip-hop. We are all close. I thank them for the friendship. And yes, I would like to thank our trainer kuya Gaya. :)

I think it's pretty obvious already who's our trainer there. ;)

Awwww, I am really going to miss them. Actually, I miss them already. Those practices, food trip, laugh trip and chit chat with them. Those were the little moments that made me happy. And that adds up to my one of the happiest moments in my life.

Anyhoo, second day ended with a happiness at the same time nervousness for the last day of Intramurals. We move on to the third & last day.

Woke up in the morning and I felt excited. I was so excited and I don't know why. But still, there was a sadness. But it's okay. So, before the hip-hop contest. We kinda review for our dance routine and then after, we prepared for the contest already. 

It was funny because we girls didn't wear make-ups and we don't know what we'll do with our hair. While the boys are come-what-may persons during that time. But the time Green team facilitators visited us at our quarter room, they were all shocked. Yes they were, it's because we all looked dry. No make-ups and everything. It was really funny. And so they did help us. They're the one who did our make-up and boys helped each other. While my sister did my make-up, yeah. Thank you sis! :)

I will make the story short. Okay? Haha!

The hip-hop contest started and all four teams were nervous for the tough contest. I could see that. 

Of course, we didn't forget to pray. That's the most important thing. We were the second team to perform. Unfortunately (not really. haha!), the time we performed, there was a technical error with the music system. So? Unexpected, instead of being the second team to perform. We became the last team to perform. Oh yes, that adds up to our chance. 

So anyway, here's our video. Thank you Livra and Germaine for the video. :)

Well excuse me for my mistake during "Blah Blah Blah". Shiz.

Anyway, how I wish there's still more. Nah just kidding. But to be honest, I am going to miss this when I am in college already. By the way, we only placed 2nd-runner up. Red team was the champion, Yellow team placed 1st-runner up and Orange team placed 3rd-runner up. But for me, all of us are champions. Of course.

Intramurals 2011 was not something to be treasured of, but there are memories during Intramurals that I will surely treasure it. It was one of the best good times with my friends, team mates and classmates. Intramurals in High School will never be the same as Intramurals in College. But pretty sure, Intramurals in College will be fun also. I guess, pretty much. So yeah! All in all, I thank Lord for this wonderful memory. :)

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Mild Sweet Sixteen.

First, I want to thank God for giving me another year of living in this world. And yet this time, being a who-just-turned-sixteen-year-old, I would love to explore new things about Teenager's life. I guess being a teenager is the best feeling in the whole world. Right?

So, since I'm still a teenager, I will enjoy every moment of my teenage life. I will discover things that has been undiscovered by me. Every moment of my teenage life, I will treasure it. And being a teenager one, I will learn how to depend literally on myself. As a teenager, I will make my own decisions and have to fully trust myself on making decisions. But still, needs support from my parents.

Being a teenager in love? Nope! I guess I'm not into that thing first. I know being a teenager one isn't a complete package if you're not in love. For me, it's not true. I might be in love but with my family and friends. Actually, I am in love with God. ;)

The extraordinary girl who just turned sixteen last August 24 :)

Well, I will make sure that I will have the best journey during my teenage years.

Last night, it was one of the best memory again with SWAG + friends. Late celebration of my birthday last night happened at Camella Homes, Homez's Residence. Thank you Glaiza for providing the venue. And the rest, it was my treat.

Let's call it, Sweet Sixteen with SWAGS. What happened there was quiet simple. Movie marathon, food trip, Ice cream late at night and chit chat with them. These simple things we did actually made my day happier than I've ever thought. They poured sunshine on me. It was awesome.

Too bad, some of my girlfriends wasn't able to celebrate it with us. :(

Anyway, it was fun. Really had an amazing time with them. Went home at almost 1 in the morning. See? Experiences like that is one of the packages of being a teenager one. Haha. I tell you. ;)

Late at night.

I would like to thank my friends for celebrating it with me, though it's late, it was still amazing. You guys made it simple yet amazing Sweet Sixteen. It was literally sweet. You guys spent the whole night with me. Thank you so much guys. I love you to death! ♥

And before I'll end this post, I have to show you the photo of my two favorite buddy. Martin Whittmer and Gerald Almeniana ;)

They're the only two Sophomore students who joined the simple celebration. Ah, I love these two. They're fun to be with also. Both dancers and has ambitions.

All in all, I had the best Sweet Sixteen ever! Who says Sweet Sixteen is not perfect without those expensive gifts, food catering, dance all night and all?

Dude! That was before only. And actually, I don't even care about those things. All I wanted is a great time with great friends just like what happened last night. Again, the best Sweet Sixteen ever.

Thank you to my friends who made it possibly amazing, at all. ;)

Thursday, 25 August 2011


Hi Blogspot. I missed you big time. Sorry! Been gone for how many weeks. And I wasn't able to update you AGAIN. I am truly sorry. :(


Anyway, August is so awesome. I love August, to the highest level. Yes. So much great happenings happened during this month, and I can't believe it. Especially thanks to God. ;)

I have to tell you guys 100 times that this month is really awesome! Like totally. Everything about in August is pretty much amazing. Super amazing. Yes!

Third week of August, it was our First Periodical Examinations. And everyone was quiet nervous including me. And yeah! Entrepreneurship, Computer, Music and Economics are more difficult to answer than Trigonometry and Physics. Unfortunately, we ran out of time while taking our Trigo test. Also in Physics. And that was really a "f*ck moment" there. Anyway, past is past. Everything happened the way it wanted to be.

I just really hope and I am so crossing my fingers (and also my feet) that I can still get a quiet good grades. Please Lord. :(

I trust God. Amen.

Anyway, on the last day of our Examinations, Glaiza asked if I would still go with them. And I told her, "No, I don't have money with me." So yeah. You're wondering, where we going? Ahuh! We went to Davao City for Kadayawan Festival. Glaiza, Karla, Mika and Lissy went there right after Examinations. While I, myself went there last Saturday. That means, I followed them there.

I connived Mika to surprise them. They didn't have any idea that I'm going there. Only Mika has, because I told her. So yeah. The time I got there, they were at the People are People. So I hurriedly went there. I was so excited about their reaction. I went inside, there! Surprised them. I just simply said "Hi Glai", and she was really shocked. And also, Lissy and Karla. Seriously, I could die laughing there but yeah. Anyhoo....

So, spent my weekend at the Davao with my girlfriends. Thank you so much girls for the awesome weekend! I'm hoping for another time with you girls. I love you to death! And I'll never ever forget this. One of the best memories happened in my High School Life, so far. And I thank God for being with me while I was on my way to Davao, while we were in Davao and while we were going home to Gensan. Thank you God. ♥

Almost forgot to mention, Jenz accompanied us.

It was a pretty long weekend. Quiet tiring yet it was fun.

Fourth week of August-- Our school followed schedule B already so that in the afternoon we can still have our practice for our Intrams. And yes, we're already busy like a bees. ;)

And oh! Just turned 16 yesterday. Of course, I thank God for giving me another year. ♥
It was a great day, but I felt sadness also. Which is I don't know why, and it's pretty weird. But it's okay! I still had fun with my friends. But to be honest, maybe part of my sadness is that SOME of my friends forgot to greet me. Especially, SOME of my SWAG Friends. It's okay! I understand that they are really busy and yes, consider they forgot. I just don't know. It's not that I really wanted them to greet me.Well, the problem is I expected that too much. Hell. Anyway, I don't care. As long as I am happy at all.

Last night, went out for a family dinner to celebrate my Sixteenth year in this Universe. Thank you Mom & Dad and siblings! I love you to death. Hugs and kisses. ♥

By the way, thank you to all who greeted me. I appreciated it so much. Thank you also Green Team Hip-hop dancers for singing a 'Happy Birthday' song to me. That was sweet of you guys. I love you all. Thank you for all your birthday wishes. God bless everyone.

And did I mention already? Kylie introduced this friend. And I was so thankful to her. Actually, it was her birthday gift for me. And one of the best gifts. Yes. Thank you so much Kylie Balagtas! I love you Girl. :)

So, August is almost over. Awwww, no way! Just kidding. How about you guys? How's your August going on? Hihi :)

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Corrupting minor.

Now, I introduced to you Jeremy & Justin Garcia. These cute twins didn't fail to made me happy and smile earlier.

Actually, it's Karla who first showed their video to me. And I thought, "Awwww! So cute! Such a talented kids!". But seriously, don't you think? I just can't resist their cuteness. I love them both! Oh my goodness. Can I have them as my little brothers? I would be their proudest sister in the world. Okay, enough.

Kids nowadays, right? The generation has changed. Literally.

Anyway, I just thought of posting this on my blogspot. I really find them so cute, like super duper.

How I wish have little twin brothers or sisters. But I think little twin boys are more cuter than twin girls. I know you're agree with me. Ahuh! ;)

By the way, I found this video. A video of Justin & Jeremy singing "The Lazy Song" with the Official Video of "The Lazy Song" by Bruno Mars. Look! Ha! They are so cute! Look how they intimidated it. Spot the difference? Lol! Watch it! :)

See? How cute they are. And how awesome they are. These twins got pure swag. Yes. Haha.

Now I'm in love with Jeremy & Justin. Oh yeah! Ooppss! Corrupting minor, oh my goodness. Oh no way! Just kidding. Anyway, I hope you had fun watching their video. And I hope you find them cute too. Of course.

Sunday, 31 July 2011


Friday: July 29, 2011

Just another ordinary day with classmates and friends. It was a bit tiring day yet I had fun. And it was our first day of practice for Intrams. By the way, I got qualified. Thank you God.

Of course! For me, it was a T.G.I.F. I don't even know why. But at least? Right?

Saturday: July 30, 2011

I woke up. Knowing that I still have to get up as early as I can, I still have to go to school even Saturdays. Yes. We are required to attend the NCAE Review.

To be honest, it is really okay for me to attend Saturday classes. But the only thing that really bothers me or let's say, it's not okay for me, is that DO WE REALLY NEED TO WEAR OUR SCHOOL UNIFORM?

Oh well. What else can I do? I mean, I or We can complain about that thing. But I don't think they will agree with us. Let's just say, "it's part of life." Crack about it.

Don't worry, only three more Saturdays and goodbye NCAE Review or Saturday Classes! Oh yeah!

Anyway, the review was quite fun. ;)

But then! Right after our Review, went home to change clothes because we still have practice for our dance production number for upcoming activity this August 25, 2011, for short Buwan ng Wika. After changed my clothes, went to Karla's crib for our lunch. Alright! Thank you for sponsoring our lunch Karla Regeena N. Gako. ;)

Oh! I was with Karla, Livra, Rani and Germaine. These girls went to school with me.

So, I thought we will have our practice. But guess what? It was cancelled by our Club Moderator. Great. Right after knowing that it was cancelled, we went to Glaiza's crib for movie marathon and practice. While we are watching 'Never Say Never', I texted my SWAG Friends. I invited them over. And so they agreed. Yeyy!

But actually, we weren't able to have our practice. Maybe because we don't want to schism our attention from the SWAG and friends. Of course. ;)

The first two SWAGGERS who got there were Joshua and Titus. Then Moses. And then Kit. And yet, we have special guests. They were Aljun and Roi.

But you know what? I had so much fun! It was a great day with the SWAG and friends. Too bad, Ishii, Jaymar, Christian and Rabin wasn't able to be with us for this day. It's okay. There's always a next time. Oh yeah.

I didn't expect for this. And by that, thank you so much God for this great day. :) ♥

This is one of the examples of memories that I will treasure most. Of course.

As of now, I'm too tired to function. AT ALL. I'm hell tired. Just got home, actually. From Glaiza's crib. Thank you Livra for the ride. So, I have to sleep now. I should get some beauty rest. Oh my. What else? Of course, Pray first before Sleep. Oh yes. :)



Sunday, 24 July 2011

Swag Friends. ♥

Hey Blogspot! Did you know that I had a great and super fun day yesterday and last night? Well, yes! Yes I had. :)

It was just an ordinary day when I woke up yesterday morning. Simply because, I have to go to school for our NCAE Review. It's not a big deal for me, actually. The only big deal for me is, do we really need to wear our school uniform? Oh come on!

But anyway, right after our NCAE Review. Livra, Germaine and I headed to McDonald's for lunch. There, chikahan with the girls. Reminiscing the past and all. Then after our lunch, we went home. That time I just wanted to sleep. But failed, I wasn't able to sleep as soon as I got home. It turned out that I was facing my laptop and checked all my online junkies. Well, it's been awhile since I haven't checked all of my online junkies. And oh, including my previous post-- I just posted that yesterday. Yeah.

So, it was a fine afternoon until Glaiza called me and invited me over to their house. She said we will watch some movies and of course bonding with friends. I immediately asked permission from Mom and Dad. And so they agreed. Yey!

Before I went to Glaiza's crib, I went to Robinsons first to buy my own copy of July issue of Candy Magazine. Been craving for this thang since last last week. So, finally! I had my copy already. So happy. Almost forgot to mention, Emma Watson and Danielle Radcliffe are the cover of this month, back-to-back cover. Awesome,  I know! You should get yourself a copy also. Go!

After I bought my copy, I headed to Glaiza's crib. The time I got there, they were watching 'Devil'. I thought that that movie was kinda boring. But then I tried to watch it with them, it was a good movie. You should watch it. It's a suspense slash thriller movie. After watching that movie, we decided to watch 'The Last Exorcism'. Well, that movie is obviously horror and some kind of gross movie. Gawd! It was some kind of sh*t.

Right after we watched two movies, the boys went out to play basketball. While we, girls decided to play volleyball.

But I guess it turned out that I was the only one playing volleyball. 

Matthan and Karla went for a biking session. 

Glaiza's the photographer of the day.

Titus, Moses and Josh played basketball. 

Ishii just chilling out, he can't play. He got injured. 

Livra was sort of playing with me. Yeah. 

Poor Ishii, but at least he had fun! :)

After an hour, we went back to Glaiza's crib from Camella Homes' basketball court. Well, we had our dinner at Kuya JC-MIC BBQ (I'm not quite sure with the name). Obviously, we had BBQ for dinner! And it was a great dinner with the SWAG. Right after our dinner, we decided to go to Robinsons. And we walked from Kuya JC-MIC BBQ to Robinsons. And yeah, you can call it sorta of a walk-a-thon. Hahaha.

And this part was amazing yet funny. Did you know our friend Titus pretended like he was suffocating? Yes! He did that. And I could say, he's pretty good at acting! Ha! When he started like he was suffocating, Karla and Livra called our attention. And we started to panic and freaked out. It looked so "REAL". And then Glaiza was about to get a tricycad so that we can take Titus to the hospital, he suddenly stop and said, "Tara!" ("Let's Go!") =.=

And we're all like "AHHHHHH!", "TITUUSSSS!!", "DANG YOU TITUS!!" and all. And we kinda spanked him, punched him and all. Dang! This guy is really good. And plus, Karla even cried. Livra was nervous, I can tell. And we are all freaking out. To be honest? I don't know what to do, I was kinda shaking that time. Because I, actually WE thought it was real. But anyhoo, it was still a great night, at all. I loved it. 

It was really a fun day and great night for us, yeah? Like literally. And I thank God for that, of course! Thank you so much God. ♥

How I love these people. They are the ones who make my day complete and happier than I've ever thought. They are the most amazing friends you'll ever met. I've been friends with them since 1st year but we got the chance to be closer with each other during our Sophomore Year. I love my Swag Friends. And almost-forgot-to-mention again, that's our group name--- SWAG. ;)

And now I present to you, my SWAG Friends!

I know my GIF's not good as what you expected. This is my first, still working on it. 

By the way, how was your weekend? 

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Experienced something new.

Last night was amazing. Experienced something new in my life. Not really, actually. I've already experienced it before but that was way long time ago. I think I was grade 4? If I could still remember.

Anyway, this "experienced something new" thing that I've been talking about is; Worship and praising God. Yes, I'm a Catholic. But it is open for everyone, I think. I just want to say that everything I heard from the speaker last night was incredibly amazing. Realized something and those words enlightened me. 

And by that, I am really thankful to God for everything He gave to me. It was an amazing experience spending the night with them. And actually, met new amazing people from last night worship community service. They're all accommodating. You should have to be confident when you're there. Don't be shy, at all. They're all open-minded there. So I really felt great after that worship community service. 

I got the chance to see ate Trish, Josh, Camille and Alito there. So nice to see my friends there. By the way, I went there with Karla. Too bad, Livra wasn't able to be with us last night. But it's okay, we understand. :)

If you're wondering how was I able to join the worship community service last night, well it's because Edison invited Karla. And so Karla invited me. Edison and Karla are classmates, that's why. 

So yeah. that's why.

So last night was amazing. I had so much fun and at the same time, experienced something new. And learned something new. I just can't wait to go back there next Friday and join them. It was really amazing. And I feel blessed to be with those amazing people last night.

Monday, 18 July 2011

Still didn't feel anything.

Today was such a tiring day. Yes. No lies. 

Mastery Test was kinda hard. At least, I was able to answer it. Thank you God. But because of my classmates, I couldn't answer some of the questions there. And I thank them for that. If we didn't have a teamwork earlier, I don't know what would happen to me. 

Though I had a tiring day, it was still fun.That's because of my friends. I'll generalize it: Livra, Karla, Kim, Nica, Steph, Karlo, Jay, Titus, Hiroshi, Glaiza, Sam and Goi. Thank you guys. You made me smile for today. 

Btw, happy birthday to my friend Glaiza Homez. Who turned 16 today. Hope you'll have a great one. God bless you always. Stay being pretty. Follow your dreams. I love you girl. 

So? Saw him today. Still, I didn't feel the butterflies in my stomach. And I still didn't feel the usual feeling when girls see their crush. Yes. I don't even know why. Actually, the sign said it all. I really don't have a crush on him. Yes. Maybe I was just mesmerized the time I saw him last time. That's why, maybe.

But naaah, I don't care. At all. 


Hmm. Transformers 3 is already showing in theatres, but I don't have enough money and time to watch it. Real bad. I really want to watch it. And oh! Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 is already out in theatres. And I want to watch this also! Gawd, when was the last time I watched a movie in theatres? It's been so long. Seriously, I need to go out and watch movie in theatres. Been watching movies from laptop, I just realized.

And I need to buy the July issue of Candy Magazine already. Also Total Girl. They had a exclusive one-on-one interview with James Maslow of Big Time Rush. Gosh! I need to buy those two magazines, as soon as possible. Can someone lend me their money? Just kidding. :)

So yeah. Tomorrow is another day and hoping for a better one. I would love to. And I would love to spend the day fun with my classmates and friends. Yes. 

Saturday, 16 July 2011

What happened?

Hi, I'm back. And it's been so long since I haven't updated my Blogspot. It's just that I am way too busy these past few days with school stuffs. And I don't have time to check all of my online junkies.

Anyway, the past few days were really awesome though there are some dramatic moments happened. But I guess, it's over now. And I think I don't want to talk about it. It's so dramatic that I could shit bricks. Just kidding.

I don't know what happened to the Universe. But EVERYTHING changed. Yeah I guess that's just the way it is. And these past few days, I realized that I'm too tired and sick of all of these endless dramas happening around me. Like since, I guess, I was in my Junior year. But I thought these are just the challenges that we have to face. But I guess not. Sigh.

Well, its not that I don't care any more. It's just that I don't want to think about this any more. I don't want to spend every single day thinking about this matter that I know I am the only one who's giving importance about it and yet, I just realized, yes I am the only one. But I'm also a human, with feelings, and I gave up. The more I keep holding on, the more I get hurt. That's why I gave up. Let's just all grow up.

I want to spend every single day with my friends, classmates and family who really loves me, who thinks that I am part of their life, who thinks that I am important to them and especially who thinks that I am part of their happiness. That's all. Peace, Love and Happiness. Right?

Ugh. I can't think no more.

But anyhoo.


So, on the other side. I had an amazing two weeks. Seriously. Everything happened during two weeks was awesome and yes, happiness! And I thank God for that. And for the days that Karla, Livra and Germaine sponsoring the happiness for me. Thank you girls. I love you most. And please bear with me. Hahaha!

Saw this cute guy from school. He's our batch mate. But I'm quiet confused: Do I have a crush on him or what? I really don't know. It's just that, every time I see him, I'm just like, "Okay." I can't feel anything or something. Haha. But he's really cute. But the thing is, it's awkward for me, I mean for my part. The way his friend looked at me, and at the same time his friend's smile. And I was just like, "WTF?". It is REALLY awkward for me. Well it all started when Karla told him that I send "my regards" for him though I didn't say anything. I mean, yeah, I said something like that but I was just kidding. And I didn't know she took it seriously. 

And that day, she shared that he was really curious about it. He was asking who said that. And I'm not quiet sure about what Karla responded to that question. But after that, she asked me if she could already tell him. AND I FREAKED OUT. I told Karla, "Noooooo!". I am way too shy. 

But Karla said, that he's open-minded so it's okay for him. Something like that. But no way! Even though he's an open-minded person, it's still awkward. But since Karla told me that it's going to be fine, then I agreed. And so he told him that I was the one who said "regards". Eeeeekk *awkward.* 

Anyway, I'm gonna stop right there already about that guy. It's quiet random. And I don't want to talk about it. It's still sounds awkward or something, for me. Well.

So yeah, I had an amazing two weeks with friends, classmates and family. :)

By the way, for our Intramurals-- We are Green Team. And I don't think I like it. But what else can I do? Of course, DEAL WITH IT. I am planning to join the Green Team Hip-hop and also Volleyball Girls (Senior). And I hope I can qualify the audition for Green Team Hip-hop and Volleyball Girls. I hope this is going to be fun. Oh yeah.

When I was in first year, we were Green Team. When I was in second year, we were Yellow Team. When I was in third year, we were Orange Team. And now that I am in my fourth year, we are Green Team. AGAIN. Oh Red Team, why are you doing this to me? I kid. Haha!

And yeah, just like what I've mentioned in my previous blog-- I am going to treasure every moment in my Senior life no matter what, or whether it is bad or good. Still, going to treasure it. Of course.

What else?

Oh yeah! I still need to study our lessons. We will have a Mastery Test this coming Monday. Mastery Test is like our Long Quiz. Yeah. And this is gonna be tiring. And I hate it. But please, wish me luck and pray for me that I can be able to answer the questions on Monday. LOL. Thank you! :)

Still need to wake up 2 in the morning to study. And actually, that's my routine every time I'll study. Ya'know, I'll wake up 2 or 3 in the morning just to study. It's like my typical routine. Yeah I know, I'm weird. Just deal with it. I don't even care.

So what else? Hmm. Oh! Every Saturdays, I still have to wake up early in the morning. WHY? It's because we have our NCAE Review every Saturday. But it's okay, it's just only 8 Saturdays. 5 more Saturdays and yeah, no more "waking-up-early-in-the-morning" every Saturday. And we can be able to say T.G.I.F.! But only after the 8th Saturday. Yeah. :)

So I guess that's all. :)
Don't worry, as much as possible, I'll update you guys on what's happening to my life and everything.


Saturday, 2 July 2011

Black Magic needs your help.

Hi guys.

We, Black Magic needs your help. 

We just submitted our dance cover video to 2011 Kpop Dance Cover Festival's site. It is an open contest to everyone who are particular fan of Kpop industry. The contest is promoting South Korea, that's why they organized the said event/contest. Well, I'll make it short. The lucky team that will be chosen, will win a trip to Korea for the upcoming said Festival in South Korea. And will get the chance to meet their Kpop group idol. And as part of the trip to South Korea, the chosen team will also explore the beautiful South Korea. 

Isn't that sounds amazing? Yes, I know!

So, we need your help by: watching our dance cover video thru their site ( and the hits will be counted. And also, if you would like to recommend it you can do it. Thank you. It's such a big help for us if you'll do it. We all appreciate your effort and time for doing this. The higher the hits and recommended we get from you, the higher the chance we will be chosen. So please! I am begging you guys to please help us, Black Magic.

You can also watch it on Youtube, it's also counted when you watch it there. And by dropping a comment also. Thank you!


And in behalf of Black Magic, we would also like to thank: Sam Changco, Pheeyah Yumang, Livra Banquerigo, Mika Guerra, Rani Regidor, Germ Penuela and Lissy Villaluna for always being there to help and support us in every way! Thank you so much guys! We love you to death. ♥

So, what are you waiting for?
Go click this link: -- Search for Philippines Black Magic and watch our video! 


Sunday, 26 June 2011

We got lost.

Hi Blogspot. I missed you.

So, today was extremely fun day with GrInkLetLue, too bad ate Trish wasn't able to join us. Anyway- First, attended the Mass sponsorship at our school church. Then right after, headed to Robinsons. We bought foods and goodies for the kids in St. Gemma's Orphanage. Well, it's Karla's birthday. She wanted to give foods to those kids. So we did it earlier. When we got there, we had a little chit-chat with the lady who were staying at the house. Too bad, the kids were still hearing the Mass the time we got there. But it's okay, we had fun. We met Jerome from St. Gemma's Orphanage. He's so friendly and he always wanted a companion. 

Cute puppies from the Orphanage.

Kylie, Livra and Germaine at the Orphanage. (See, we're still wearing our school uniforms. Awesome, right?)

Anyway, after at the St. Gemma's Orphanage, went to Karla's house with Johanna. And then Livra and Kylie went to Livra's house while Germaine went home. One reason, to change clothes. Actually, I already brought with me my blouse, gladiators and then I already wore pedal pants under my uniform skirt. Yes, I'm that awesome. No need to mention. But anyway, why we changed clothes? Because we attended Rani's baby sister Rean's celebration of Christiening and at the same time, Rani's little brother Ryan's birthday. So it was a double celebration happened there. 

But before that, let me share this. I, Johanna and Karla experienced a wild adventure earlier during lunch. And it was so effing hot outside! Mr. Sun is shining all over GenSan. And from Malesido Homes Subdivision, we walked to Perez's Subdivision. And it was really hot! Sounds like we got lost. Yes. Seriously, it was tiring yet fun. And again, experienced something new. 

But thank goodness! Rani and his Dad saved us. They went to Aldion's Store to pick us up. We were so embarrassed and we're really sorry to Rani and to his Dad. It was really, like super, embarrassing. Yeah! So lesson learned. Laugh. Straight face.


Johanna, Karla and I were really hungry and thirsty. So thank God, the time we got there, they're about to eat. Good timing, huh? Anyway, I was so full right after I ate my lunch. Thank you God. Sorry, but don't you think it's not tiring to walk outside in a VERY HOT SUNNY DAY? Yes, of course. Duh.

But all in all? Like literally, it was fun. I had a great day today with my girls. I will never ever forget this day. I am so thankful to God. Of course.

Once again, Happy birthday Karla Regeena N. Gako! God bless you always! Stay being cheerful. I love you. We love you. ♥

Welcome to the Christian world, Baby Rean Regina! ♥

Happy 1st birthday, Baby Ryan Romuald! ♥

Btw, I'll end this post with photos of us.

Kylie, Yours truly and Livra.

Karla (the birthday celebrant), Matt and Johanna.

Sunday, 19 June 2011


Black Magic dance cover of Magic by Secret. 

This was taken last Saturday during Parents' Orientation Assembly at NDDU-IBED Lagao Campus. 

And there was a wardrobe malfunction, it was unexpected. But at least, we pulled the performance off. And I thought that this performance is way better than our first two performances. Anyway, I hope you guys/Kpop fans did like our dance cover. Thank you for watching! :)

Just thought of posting this on my blogspot. And btw, I myself is not a fan of Kpop anymore. But we're just doing a dance cover of some Kpop dance video that WE LIKE.

1. If you're not a Kpop fan anymore, how come you still joined the group?
-  Yes, I'm not a Kpop fan anymore. It's because, before, I used to be a fan of Kpop. I'm an original member of the group. That's why. But unexpected, that during Mar-April, my Kpop addiction slowly faded. And since I'm an original member of the group, it's not necessary anymore whether I'm still a Kpop fan or not. As long as I can pull the dance routine well.

2. Why are you not a Kpop fan anymore?
-  It's because I want to change my addiction. And I'm not particular anymore with Kpop. 

3. Did you guys ever change your group name?
- Yes. That was the challenge to us, actually. Karla, Chryslene and I are original members of the group. Our group name before was "Shawol", we were five in the group. The two former members of the group are Livra and Rani. And during this month of May, Glaiza was the new member of the group. But this time, it's not "Shawol" anymore. Instead, it's Black Magic.

4. Why did you guys name your group, Black Magic?
- I'm not quite sure with my answer. But the story is; Karla, Chyrslene and Glaiza were having window-shopping and they saw this on shoe store. But it was a fair decision, we liked it. And Black is a universal color while Magic is the first dance cover we covered from Secret, a Kpop girl group. 

So yeah. I hope you guys did like our dance cover. And so sorry about the wardrobe malfunction, like I said it was unexpected. But we'll do better to our upcoming dance performance. And yet this time, we have surprise. :)

Every thing.

Seriously, I don't know what to blog about.

Last week was kinda bit great. I had fun with friends, especially with GrInkLetLue. Yes. And I've been trying to be close with my boy classmates. You know, I am really close to guys. But anyway, I also have friends who are girls, of course. And they're Stephanie, Mhia, Kaye, Hermaine, Mika, Kim and Nica. But I usually/always talk to and hang out with Steph & Mhia or Herm & Kim. Lol.

I hope this week, I'll be able to get closer with my boy classmates. You know, as I defend myself, I am not being whore or bitchy. But I just love hanging out with guys. I mean they're fun to be with, but my girl friends are also fun to be with. Of course. ;)

I just want to gain my boy friends. They're cool. But na-ah, as for now, boys are disgusting for me. Remember? If you know what I mean, at least.

But do you care? No. 

So yeah. I know sooner or later, I'll be close friends with them. Not only with boy classmates, but all of them (boys and girls). Yeah.

And yeah! I want to go back to tutor. I can feel that I can't handle Trigo and Physics. What, yes. Like I said, I don't like Math and at the same time, Science. Crap. But I'm not quite sure if Dad will allow me to go back to tutor. Ah yes, don't worry! I'll use my powers to convince him. Lol srsly?

And who knows? Because of the help of tutor, I might be one of the list of Honor Students. Oh dang, what a dream. I must be kidding. Yeah right.

I'll convince Dad tomorrow, AGAIN.

And speaking of Dad; Happy Fathers Day to your Dad! And to all amazing and awesome Dads out there! ♥

Anyhoo, just wish me luck guys. For every thing.

Yeah. And oh btw, I miss every thing. Like sleepless nights, movie marathon, series marathon, McSundae during midnight with my cousin Jena, Big Time Rush, House of Anubis, Twitter all day and every thing. Yeah.


Saturday, 11 June 2011

What a week.

Hey there Blogspot! I miss you. Sorry, been really busy lately. 

So yeah. Last June 6 was the first day of our school. I belong to class 405 - St. Paul, our Adviser is Sir Jun Flores. He was the Campus Peace Coordinator before. But now, he's teaching subject of CLE (Christian Living Education). But anyway, I sorta don't like my new classmates. They seem to be so boring. But I love talking to Hermaine, Romeo and Dennis. They're the only ones that I've been talking to since Monday until Friday. 

But everyone said, it's only the beginning. Yeah, they're right. I'm still adjusting. I hope sooner or later, we'll all be close to each other. Just like my Junior year. ;)

My only classmates from SMB are Kaye Madria and Nica Hidalgo. What. How come!? But it's okay, at least! Well, sometimes I think I am still a Junior student. Ugh. I know I'll hate my Senior year. I don't know, let's just see. And oh, Senior year's gonna be tough. I should concentrate and focus more and more and more. Haha. I heard Trigo and Physics are the ones which is really difficult. But yeah, good luck to me. I hate Math, and at the same time Science. Obviously, I'm not a nerd. Hahaha. ;)


June 6 - General Assembly in the morning, and Mass/Celebrated the Feast Day of St. Marcellin. My first day went fine. Right after, had practice for our dance prod. with NDDU-IBED Dancers and had practice with Black Magic. I was really busy. 

June 7 - Juniors and Seniors Orientation in the morning at the covered court. So finally, performed a dance prod. with NDDU-IBED Dancers. It was not that good, we all became somnolent. So we're not in the mood to dance our butts off. But I hope they all still like it. Lol. Then right after school, went to Glaiza's house. Had practice again for another intermission number with Black Magic. And to be honest, we prayed before I, Karla and Chryslene went home. We're getting nervous at that time, like really. 

June 8 - The day has finally come. Anyway, it was the first "debut" of Black Magic at the school. It was Sophomores' Orientation. Before we perform, we prayed again. So again, we were really nervous at that time. And PLUS, we wore high heels while we performed our dance prod. I know sounds amazing or crazy? But dude, that added to my nervousness. Crap. But anyway, I think our performance went well. 

But! Our School Activity Coordinator told us to perform again in the afternoon for the Club Campaign/Orientation. And we were like, "what?!". But yeah sure! We would love to. But anyway, so yeah. We performed again. Dang! I don't know what to say about our second performance. Lol.

Never mind. At least, I had fun.

June 9 - This day was our Subject orientation. But unfortunately, I have to left the room in the morning. Another dance prod., but with NDDU-IBED Dancers. And that day was Freshmen's Orientation. Quite tiring but still fun. I am having fun, dude. Anyway, our performance went well. I loved it, actually. It was better than the first performance. We had fun. ;)

So after that, went back to the room. Of course. Finally, I was able to be with my classmates and met our new subject teachers. Yeah, I really have to deal with them. Oh God.

June 10 - Thank God it's Friday. Yes! So, it was just an ordinary day. But it was 2 year anniversary of GrInkLetLue. Oh my goodness! I can't believe we're 2 years of friendship already. So many challenges we have accepted, so many fight we have conquered, so many struggles during our journey and all. But I loved it. Though a lot of dramas and all. Haha. Aside from that, Dallas Mavericks won the game. So yeah! I loved it. Nice one Dallas! Leggo on the next game!

The day ended with smiles. :)

June 11 - Woke up so early in the morning, went to school for another dance prod. And yet this time, with NDDU-IBED Dancers and Black Magic. It was Freshmen's and Transferees' Parents' Orientation. Yeah. Plus, it was gloomy outside. I loved it. But sadly, it was the last day of NDDU-IBED Dancers' performance already, I do really hope there's still more. But for Black Magic, I guess there's still more? But anyway,  I am gonna miss it. :'(

What a week, right? Forgot to mention, I was elected as the Secretary of the class. Like seriously? I am not that responsible. But will try my very best. But I am so happy that I am not a Treasurer anymore. Eugh like seriously, I hate the job of Treasurer. Lol. And, we have two classmates who transferred from Sci-Cur class. And also, we have a transferee classmate. Hope I can get along with them. They seem to be so nice. ;) 

So yeah, been really busy lately. Wasn't able to check on my Blue Diary. But finally, will post this in a minute. Haha. ;)

God bless you. ♥