Tuesday, 16 April 2013

For the second time

Hi. I'm back with blogging, yes, because it's summer. Sorry for the hiatus, I was just too busy and you can now consider that I forgot my blog site. ;)

Anyway, can you guys still remember the last time that Kingfishers Pep Squad compete for Summerkadahan Cheerdance Competition? Yes, it was last year. And this year, KPS would not miss the chance of joining the said competition, KPS would love to compete with different team and most important thing, KPS would still defend the title of being champion last year's competition.

All those things actually happened in just one day that we didn't expect. Last April 11, 2013 at Lagao Gymnasium was the opening for SummerKadahan 2013. SummerKadahan is actually a summer sports clinic for both Junior and Senior and every barangay in GenSan has representative. Just like last year, they added the sports Cheer dance in their program. We, KPS for the first time joined and represent Barangay Lagao, we represent Brngy. Lagao because our school is located at Lagao. Yeah.

Last year's cheerdance competition, to recall, we were nervous and at the same time we were quite excited because we would just love to dance and present our routine. We love our routine that's why we couldn't wait to present already. We were actually nervous because it was our first time, because of the teams who competed and also for our routine. And if you'd love to watch our routine last year, then here it is;

The first ever batch ♥
How I miss my fellow batch-squad-mates and how I miss performing with them. And this routine also, I miss it already. We actually love our routine not just because we did it with teamwork and cooperation but also because the routine was level 6. The most difficult stunt level in cheerdance.
Now, this year, KPS was back and competed again to defend its title in SummerKadahan Cheerdance Competition 2013. This year is quite tough because the batch is too skillful unlike last year. But one thing's for sure that the first batch and second batch has a common, and it's team work. 
I am pretty sure that you would love to watch this year's dance and routine for the competition and here you go;

The second batch with some of the members of first batch ♥
Yes, just like last year, we were able to defend the title of Kingfishers Pep Squad during SummerKadahan Cheerdance Competition. And it was so unexpected and we all fell down on our knees because of the joy and happiness we felt. We didn't actually expect that we would still defend the title, it's because of the mentioned teams to compete in the competition. But positive always gets higher than negative, so what does it mean? ;)
I know some of you were wondering why am I still part of the game. Yes, I joined the squad to compete. SummerKadahan is one of the best memories I've had with the first batch. So I didn't want to lose the chance of joining it again and also would like to have another memories again. It actually happened, all thanks to my parents for allowing me to join the squad after my fifth attempt of asking permission. I know I'm hard-headed. Haha!
There is something in this batch that I couldn't tell. They're all accommodating, fun to be with, they have teamwork, they have bonding, they have coordination and most important thing is they have this foundation of friendship. I had a great time with them during practices. It was such a little sweet bonding with the second batch but still I enjoyed their company. They didn't let me feel that I'm older than them and it's actually nice. I wanna thank all of YOU guys for the sweet company, bonding and friendship. I wouldn't totally forget you guys. :)
Thank you also to Sir Jerome and ate Mhyca for giving me another opportunity to be a part of the squad to compete for SummerKadahan 2013. Last year was the best and still the best this year. 

All these photos were taken from Janel Cacuyog. Thanks to her! :)

This is actually taken from my IG account.

Congratulations Kingfishers Pep Squad! I know there are a lot of trials and hardships you guys had but in the end, you still end up being as one family. We, alumnae, are very proud of the squad. Not only us, but everyone is proud for you guys. I know there are some haters out there, but continue doing what's right and continue doing what we are doing. God's with us and I know all of us were born and raised HUMBLE. They actually helps us to fly high even higher than they could imagine. To God be the Glory! God bless KPS! ♥ :)

I love you guys from the bottom of my hypothalamus. ♥ 

Kikay xo

Monday, 15 April 2013

We're all pretty bizarre

"We're all bizarre, some of us are just better at hiding it, that's all."

Is that line sounds familiar to you? If so, you're one of the club. But if not, oh dear you have to be one of the club. How? Just pretty simple, watch The Breakfast Club.

I don't actually know about the movie until I heard about it when I watched "Easy A" and "Pitch Perfect". In these two movies, they mentioned the movie "The Breakfast Club" and then I got curious about the story of the movie why do they keep on mentioning about it.

So since it's Summer vacation already, when I have nothing to do, I usually surf the net or just do whatever I want. But for one week, I stayed at my cousin's house along with my another cousin and niece. I love staying there. I can stay in bed for how many days with a little interruption, of course.

What my cousin, my niece and I did for our whole stay there was, movie marathon. Yes. While we were choosing what movie should we watch, I saw the copy of "The Breakfast Club" from my sister's external hard disk that I borrowed for our movie marathon. Thanks to my sister. ;)

I decided to watch "The Breakfast Club" already, and I watched it with my niece and cousin. At first, my cousin didn't want to watch it because she thought it's too old and she just wouldn't like the story. But I still continued to watch it. I was curious about the story of the movie, the cast and why do people get to cry when they'll watch this movie. I couldn't resist so I finally decided to watch it after how many movies we have watched.

And if you're wondering why I'm writing this post it's because I just wanna share my opinion about the movie and I want all of you to be part of the club. Haha!

The movie was all about five persons with different personalities stuck in one room for their detention. How interesting that they don't really know each other, they don't talk to each other just like how they talk to their friends and the most interesting part was that even though they all have struggles, difficulties and miseries in their life but they were still able to face it and they were still able to interact with each other like they are connected to one another. The time they knew each other's weaknesses, they all helped each other and that was the good thing about it. I just love how this movie showed its point. 

And yes, I actually almost cried while watching the movie. I got touched by the movie. I guess you should watch it now. I swear, the story was pretty good. I fell in love with the cast and with the story actually. Until now, I still keep on watching this movie over and over again.

So yeah. What are you waiting for? :)

Kikay xo

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

It's about to end

Yes. Sembreak it is. It's about to end for me. Since I'm still not enrolled for 2nd semester. But in the next 24 hours, I'll be officially enrolled and I can attend my classes already. And I just can't wait.

October 18, 2012; The day that our sembreak started. Quite late but it was still worth-it. You know already that right after our exams, the next day we went to Mati for our beach trip. And yes, that was a great way to start my break. I missed that place and everything there was still the same thing when I got back there, so it was nice to stay there. Can't wait to go to Mati again! Hopefully, soon.

After all, I've been spending a lot of time with my girl friends, close friends and as a promised reunion with my beloved squad. I appreciated every day spent with them. I just missed them so much. It felt great when we reunited during Sembreak. If only you guys have seen us at the mall while catching up on each other, I swear to God! It's so nice and so cute to see them talking, laughing and teasing one another.

I missed those moments with them. Tho I have to be honest that I had a hard time saving money just to be able to be with them. Of course, I won't let it missed every single day to be with them. You know like after 5 months, we were able to catch up again with each other. I just love spending time with my friends. I mean, who wouldn't?

Actually, it was October 17 when I had a little reunion with my girl friends, G8 (GrInkLetLue). We all had our lunch together at Penuela's residence. Unfortunately, we weren't still complete at that time. Karla was still in Manila because she has some exams to finish first. But we all planned for another reunion, of course with Karla. We had our reunion last October 25, lunch together at Tong Yang. I swear, I love every moment of that day. It was a perfect day for us. A lot of conversation, laughter and moments happened that time. I swear it was priceless.

Same that day, my beloved squad had a reunion. Of course, planned by me. We all met up at the mall  because I told them so. So the moment they were all quite complete, some of them texted me and telling me that we might go and visit the new batch of KPS already while they were on a practice that day for 36th Milo Cheerdance Competition. And btw, they were announced as 1st runner-up. I couldn't believe it! But anyway if you'd like to check their performance, click this. And kindly click full screen. Hihi! :)

Later that night, I had another little reunion to be attended. I spend the night with my HISAMITSU friends. They are actually my friends from college. We had our dinner together and sleepover at Sarangani Highlands. Still I couldn't hide the truth that I had fun with them. It was a great night with them talking over some things. So I had a busy day during October 25; Reunion with G8, KPS and HISAMITSU. :)

Those were just the highlights of my break. I couldn't take it anymore so I'd like to share it with you guys. I will never ever forget that day. October 25, 2012 is indeed a day to remember. Everything happened that day was super priceless and I thank God for that. How I wish I could turn back time and do it again with my beloved friends.

Now here are the photos taken from my Instagram;

All in one

Breakfast with HISAMITSU

To sum it all up, I totally had a great break with these people. Can't wait to be reunited again with them on Christmas break, hopefully. I love my friends to death! They are one of my happiness, of course. :)

College students, how was your sembreak btw? And to all, how's your November going on? Let me know!

Kikay xo

Monday, 22 October 2012

Road Trip: Back to Mati City

Hi. This blog post is about my trip to Mati City. Yes, I'm back to my appy place. And felt so good to be back there. I missed that place so much.

Last week of 1st semester, I was getting nervous, excited and all. Nervous for the Finals' Examination and excited because having an idea of coming back to Mati again and all for I actually don't know. Just bear with me. I'm weird, sometimes. My cousin told us that she already asked for reservation for our room on the 18th. Exact date where our Sembreak started.

During last day of exams, I couldn't wait no more to finish all of my exams because I've been wanting to go away and just relax. And yes, I was able to. Actually, I was still not sure if I could really come with my sister. The reason is, I don't have enough money left. I asked for dad's help but he was not sure. So that night, I was getting depressed knowing that I couldn't come. I was like, "no way! I have to!". The next day, I made a way just to convince dad. And yes, it worked. So I packed my things with all excitement. ;)

It was a three hour ride on the way to Davao from Gensan. Ah! I missed travelling! Anyway, too excited to see Davao. While along the way, I fell asleep. And whenever I woke up, I started imagining things that is almost impossible to happen. I know I'm weird. So, we got there at almost 9 in the evening. :)

No one or no such words can describe how excited and happy I am that time for our trip to Mati. I just can't hide it!

October 19, 2012; the day that I've been waiting for. Woke up feeling mixed emotions. Now I don't know why. We left Davao at exactly 7:30 in the morning. It was a three-hour ride again all the way to Mati from Davao. While on the way, a lot of imaginations and thoughts started bothering me but in the end I fell asleep. Hahahaha.

Botona Beach touchdown at almost 11 in the morning. So it was almost lunch, but we have already taken our lunch before we went to Botona Beach. It was kind of early lunch. Same thing I did when we got there last time, I immediately went to bed. I need to stretch despite of three hours of sitting in the van. Hahahaha. I almost fell asleep because I have no one to talk to; my cousin went to her friend, my sister and her friend went outside for a walk. I'm always left alone. I like it somehow. ;)

You know what I love during our whole stay at Mati? Mr. Sun was too shy to show off his blazing hotness all over Mati. That's why I enjoyed it there at the beach. Plus the waves, it was high tide during our stay. I guess until now. Maybe because it's BER month already. Hihi.

I'm gonna share some photos for you guys taken from my Instagram

Arrival :">

Day 1 at the beach. Told you Mr. Sun was too shy to show off.


Bored on a Saturday night after dinner

Last minute of stay at Botona Beach in Mati. Sorry I was bored.

I just can't wait to go back again at my happy place. I can get to relax with family whenever we go back there. I really love that place. It's also a perfect spot for everyone who loves to surf or skim board. Actually a lot of surfers and skim boarders are doing their thing there. And if you wanna try surfing or skim boarding, you know already where to go! It's Mati. (Chos!) :)


So how's your sembreak going on? How's your October going? Let me know!

Kikay xo

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Everything that irritates you lead us to understanding

Hey hey blogspot! It's been too long since I haven't updated my blog. I was way too busy and I don't have time to update my blog. And consider that I forgot I still have my blog site. Hahaha. And I felt bad that I don't have any post during September :( well its okay.

So, this time I'm going to share about our Psychology Day last October 5 held at our school. And I'm going to share how fun it was and how I enjoyed it.

Before anything else, what is Psychology actually? And what comes in your mind when you hear the word Psych or Psychology? Well, a lot of people always interprets Psychology as "working at a mental hospital". Well to be honest, I used to think that way also when I wasn't still interested in Psychology. But when I already took Psychology as my course, the way I think of Psychology was changed. It's not always that after you graduate with a course of BS Psychology, you work at the mental hospital.

There are actually three choices of settings of Psychology when you want to work, Industrial Psychology, Educational Psychology and Clinical Psychology. When we choose Clinical, that is the setting that you've been thinking of. "Working at a mental hospital". So what is Psychology? Psychology is an academic and applied discipline that involves the scientific study of mental functions and behaviors. Yeah.

Anyway, I'm going to start now with our Psychology Day. ;)

I woke up feeling quite excited, it is because I'm going to spend the day with my fellow Psych students. I actually don't know what to do or what would be the first thing to do when I got to school. But all thanks to ate Kei because I asked some info to her and she was right away there to reply to my text messages. Haha.

They were still preparing and fixing some stuff when I got there. I was quite bored, I took some photos of them while preparing. And then later, I tried to help them.

The program started with cutting off of ribbon for the opening of the Psychology Exhibit. Of course, with the admins and staffs of GSDMSFI and guests all the way from Davao City. Too bad, I wasn't there to witness the opening program. We were assigned to give those letters to all instructors, an invitation to them to visit our exhibit. So, I wasn't able to take photos during the opening program. But I have lots of photos to be shared later. :)

After the opening program, they all went to AVR to start already with the workshop. The workshop has its theme: "Psychology Gears Towards Mental Wellness". The speakers were the guests from Davao City. It was an honor for us that they accepted our invitation to be the guest speaker for the day.

How cute that a lot of students were participating. I had fun taking photos of them while participating on the activity. They were so cute, seeing them laughing, enjoying and sharing smiles to one another. Even myself, I want to join the activity but I couldn't because I was taking some photos. Some Psych students joined the activity and as well as the others, they also enjoyed the activity. 

Aside from the workshop, let me take you to our exhibit. Just a simple exhibit but surely it was visited by a lot of students and some instructors. They mostly had fun with those Psychological tests and facts. And a plus, our mostly visited booth, Love Card Reading. They are also some paintings displayed painted by Psychology students during their Music & Art Therapy. I love those paintings that were shared photos in this blog. To be honest, I felt flattered that there were a lot of students visited our exhibit. Thank you guys! :)

I totally love this painting. 

Aside from visiting our exhibit, students voted for their top 3 best painting. Too bad, some of my friends from school asked what number was my painting but I don't have my painting. It's okay! Next time. :)

I also learned how to do the Love Card Reading! Thanks to our senior Psych students who taught us. It was fun and quite interesting to read someone's current status of their love life. Not really love life, but your standing on the guy you want to be read. T'was fun! Now let me guess yours, yeah? ;)

Sinong gustong magpahula ng current status ng love life nila?

I also had fun with my fellow Psych students just like how I wanted the day to be. Shared some conversation, laughter, memories and another conversation. I wasn't expecting for that day to be more fun. I was just expecting for just an ordinary day with them. But hell no, it was extraordinary. Yes. I just can't wait no more for next year's Psychology Day!

Marine with our classmates

Marine, moi and Ma'am Lugtu (our department head)

Yes. Certified Psychology Student.

Some Psych students with our department head and guest speakers. 

We're not here. :(

With ate Jennie, moi, ate Bea and ate Kei :)

After lunch at Jollibee

All in all, I had a great day with them. Was able to talk to those I haven't talked before. Encountered some students from school. It was literally great day. Can't wait for next year's Psychology Day. :)

And uhh before I'll end this post, the title of this post was hence to our design of our shirt. As you can see on the photo above. :)

How's your October going?

Kikay xo