Saturday, 25 August 2012

Sixteen turned Seventeen.

I just turned seventeen yesterday.

I couldn't believe that I actually just turned seventeen. Yeah, it was my birthday yesterday. It was just a simple and fine day with my dear classmates, friends and family. I wasn't expecting it to be a great one. I just wanna spend time with them, just like an ordinary day with them the usual thing we do; Conversations, eating lunch together, sharing jokes and sharing happiness to one another.

Well, I really wanna thank God for another year to live. I wanna thank Him for all the blessings He showered upon me ever since 1995. Unending love, unending guidance, unending blessings and unending support. The past 16 years was awesome and beyond amazing. Now I'm already 17, I am blessed enough to have another year.

Thank you to my great family for always being there whenever I need them, for their guidance and support. Thank you to my friends for being with me and always giving me happiness and love just like how I need it from my friends. Thanks to the people who cheered me up, shared their happiness and memories with me. Thank you to my beloved BSP 1-A classmates for the wonderful greeting and for cheering me up whenever I feel sad. Special mention; Mariane, Jherraelle, Dannah and ate Kei. I would like to thank also BS MT 1-B (MedTech 1B) for the birthday greetings and for giving an extra effort to sing a "Happy Birthday" song for me, even tho you guys were still busy doing pinning on your cats. I appreciated it so much! I was touched actually. I feel like you guys (BSMT 1-B) are also my classmates. Haha.

What made me surprise when they sang that, he was there also. Plus, he joined singing and he even added some cute dance moves while singing it. I wasn't expecting for that! Like I swear to God. So I got kinda kilig. Special thanks to Twinkle! Hahaha!

Anyway. It was just a simple celebration with my family. Just like the usual when we celebrate birthdays. We celebrated it by doing birthday dinner at Karate Kid. Yes, I've been wanting to go back there since last week. So I took the chance to go back there last night with my family. Of course, as a birthday girl I have the right to demand where to eat. Just a simple celebration, yeah. To make it more sweet, with my family. :)

Btw, just wanted to share of how I'm currently obsessed with Karate Kid. The foods are ugh.. Super duper tasty and loving it to the highest level.

Here are the photos that I totally love, I don't even know why. Hahaha!

Hi there Ashy and Koleen :)

Pagbigyan sa self-portait ;)

Koleen's dinner last night. Yumm!

I actually not a fan of Japanese foods but California Maki is love. :)

Mine :)

Still busy. Hahaha

He doesn't like the foods at Karate Kid. So he separately ordered from KFC. :)

I told you. I am serious when I eat.

Hi! I'm with my girlfriend and boyfriend.

Newest collection. Hahahahaha!

Major Problem when your boyfriend is much taller than you. Lol. Photo bomb by Koleen. 

Family ♥

I totally love this shot. So cute. 

Street mode

Last but not the least, I want to share this cute artsy fancy by my little niece, Kashley. I was so surprised and got kilig. Hahaha. This is an a plus effort. Thank you Azleh!! :)

All in all, I had a great seventeenth simple birthday celebration with family. I thank God for everything. EVERYTHING. ♥

Before anything else, I would like to share this. Last night my Twitter crush sent a dm (direct message) to me. And I was so surprised and to be honest, I got kilig. Hahaha! Thank you so much kuya Bri Domingo! You are so nice, like really. :)

Naks! With matching kiss pa ha? :">

My seventeenth day wasn't a happy one but I still had fun. Still manage to smile. :)

How was your Friday night btw? :)

Kikay xo

Friday, 17 August 2012

Just being a fan.

Hi there guys! Some of you know that I'm actually a fan of the tandem, "KathNiel" (Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla). Yes I am. So, I was watching their tv guesting on Kris Tv last Wednesday (August 15, 2012) because I wasn't able to catch despite of our Foundation Day but it sucks that we weren't able to write on our names on the attendance sheet. It sucks, right? Anyway...

I just wanna share these cute and kilig moments of #KathNiel during their guesting on KrisTv. And by the way, I watermarked it with my IG username! :)

Needs vs. Wants: Latest Gadgets

Kris: Ikaw Dj, ano?
Dj: Kelangan ko po yun. (phone)
K: Dahil?
D: Para matext ko po si Mama, pati si Kathryn atsaka kayo po! 

Ohhhhhhhhh. Daniel! Come on, you gotta work on this! Hahaha! Go #KathNiel! :)

This conversation is a little bit long. ;)

OFF-TOPIC: Needs vs. Wants

K: ...Pero ito, yung need or want, yung bagong sasakyan. Kasi alam ko sa Friday, masusundo na yung bago mong Starex.
Kathryn: Yeheey!
Kris: Need yun talaga?
D: Need ko yun, kasi yung kotse ko po ngayon medyo dun po napupunta yung pinagtatrabuhan ko sa mahal ng gasolina.
K: So ito, diesel yun kinuha niyo?
D: Opo.
K: So iyong iyo ito?
D: Yes!
K: Ah wow.. Anong color?
D: Di ko pa po alam kung black or white.
Kris to Kathryn: Anong color yun sayo?
Kathryn: white po yun sa akin.
Kris: Ohh.
D: Kaya nga po white yung sabi ko kahapon.

Like supercalifragialisticexpialidocious! They're so cute together! I want them in a real relationship. And yes, they both know that they do like each other and they both know that they're still not allowed. Though no one will admit that if it's an MU thing already between them, because Dj doesn't want to tell despite he's the guy and he said he's not that thick-faced. Kathryn didn't also want to tell because she thinks it that way too. Ohhh, the way these two answered are well played safe. 

Dj is also patient enough to wait for Kathryn and he's willing enough to show his sincerity to her and to her family. Such a true gentleman. Kathryn is a one lucky girl. I could really tell that Dj is sincere in showing his love and sincerity to Kathryn. Oh of course! ;)

Even though they're still not admitting it, but in the heart and mind of their fans know the truth. I guess you could easily judge and see things. :)


Now this is a real long conversation. Haha

Needs vs. Wants: Boyfriend/Girlfriend

K: Oh sa inyong dalawa, pwede na ba?
Kath: Di pa po ako pwede eh. 16 pa lang. Siguro pag 18 na, pwede na.
K: Sinong nagsabi di pwede?
* Dj acting like he's mad. Hahaha so cute!*
Kath: Ah, di feeling ko ano.. Pag 18 automatic na may freedom ka na pero depende pa rin sayo yun kung kelan mo ba gusto talaga..
K: MU, pwede?
Kath: Ah feeling ko pag MU, pwede naman kasi iba't iba yung definition ng MU para sa akin.
K: Oh para sayo, anong definition ng MU? At sixteen, what is MU?
Kath: Parang diba may inspiration ka tapos alam niyo sa isa't isa na nag aattract kayo sa isa't isa pero...
Kath: *sabay hampas sa shoulder* Pwede makinig?
*Biglang humarap kay Kathryn*

K: Nag eexplain siya.. Uy Melai, wag mo siyang i-distract.
Melai: Tinanong ko siya Ms. Kris. Sabi ko, "Boto ba mama mo kay Kathryn?" Sabi niya "Oo". Tas sabi ko "Boto ba mama mo kay Kiray?" Di siya tumano(?)..

K: ano ba! Oh, tapusin natin... Alam niyo sa isa't isa na you like each other?
Kath: Yeah, may attraction kayo pero wala pa rin kayong label then wala kayong right kasi di pa naman kayo.. so parang...
K: Anong wala kayong right?
Kath: Kasi... Wala kayong right na mag selos, walang right na mag tampo-tampo kasi di naman kayo. Parang friends lang kayo, pero di siya ordinary friend kasi MU kayo, parang special friend. Malabo po siya, magulong usapan.
K: So medyo ganon kayo ngayon?
Kath: Ganon... *kinuha ang mic ni Dj* ikaw na!
*Dj nag smile :) *

K: Oh ikaw sumagot. Dj sandali, sayo muna. Is it a need or want na magkaroon ng girlfriend?
D: Wala po dun. Sadyang dumadating lang yun.
K: Hinihintay mong dumating?
D: Dumating na po! 
K: Ohhhhhh
D: Kaso medyo matatagalan pa.. Kasi bata pa.

K: Would you say, sabi niya kasi nung tinanong ko siya kung MU na ba kayo. Sinabi niya siya nalang po tanongin niyo.
D: Di po pwede.. Lalake po ako eh. Dapat ang babae ang sumasagot po nun kasi pag lalake po ang sumagot masyado pong makapal ang mukha namin.
Kath: Ano yun? Ako yung makapal ang mukha kapag ako ang nagsabi?


Sorry but I just can't take it. They are really cute. I believe they are meant for each other. Naks! Quite corny. Oh how I wish they would make this as an official relationship already. Hmm, 18? She's still 16. For sure Dj can take the challenge! Look how sincere he is. Oh men. :">

I know you want to watch this whole thing. So I decided to share it with you, I'm not that selfish. ;)

Click this link: #KathNiel on Kris Tv :)

Are you also a fan of the tandem #KathNiel? Let me know what you think!

Kikay xo

Friday, 10 August 2012

Hi August!

"Hi August!"

That was the phrase that I said during August 1, 2012. :)

August is a special month for me. Yes it is. The one and only reason why it is special for me because it's my Birthday Month. 

I always get excited when August is almost near. Now, it's already August, I always feel excited. Almost every day. I don't know why. Maybe because it is special for me.

During last week of July until first week of August. A lot of people tweeting their August wish along with the TT #AugustWish. Most of their tweets were, "Higher grades", "Good health", "More money" and some are relationship-related wishes. I can only relate with "Higher grades", "Good health" and "More money". I don't actually care about relationships. In fact, I hate to talk about it. Anyway, since they were tweeting about their #AugustWish-es. So I'm going to share what are my wishes for this month since it's my birthday month. :)

Well nothing really special. All I want for my August are; of course! To get a higher grades or at least good grades. I don't really expect to get a higher grades though I have to be confident enough but sorry, I can't. At least good grades, I'm already contented with that. Lol. Good health? YES! Totally. It's like what I am aiming every day. I'd like to do proper diet, regular exercise and jogging. But it seems like foods are always there to distract me. Good thing, I can still manage to do regular exercises. More money, hmm. I'm not that really desperate to beg or ask for money, it's just that I need more money because the expenses that we've been paying almost every day. Ya know, College Life it is! Pay this, pay that, and this and that. Gah! Anyway, I also wish that new chances and opportunities would knock on my door for this month. I would be willing enough to accept this and will appreciate it. 

Some of my wishes for this Month are also; More happiness for everyone especially for myself. More blessings on my way. God will guide me more and my family and friends. These three wishes are really what I want especially on the 24th. ;) ♥

Oh! I was reading my horoscope awhile ago for today. And then I remember that I haven't read my Monthly overview yet, so I decided to share it here with you guys. Here it is:

You start out the month with a good, old-fashioned, solidly happy day on the 1st. If you're looking for romance, you find romance. If you're looking for a new Cuisinart, you find a great, nearly-new one at a terrific discount. If you're looking to make those little improvements that add up to big personal change, you'll make them. In short, breathe deeply and wear your favorite tennis shoes, because you're in for one heck of a nice day. By the ever so slightly nitpicky 4th and 5th, you might be nitpicking, ever so slightly. You know what? It would honestly be a lot better if you chillaxed. Soul searching is the name of the game on the 9th and 10th. You know more or less what you're after, and that means you're well prepared to do some very intensive looking. By the super organized 14th and 15th, well, you are! (Super organized, that is.) Enjoy the heck out all of the wonderful bounteous good luck coming your way on the 19th and 20th. You reap what you sow, and it's great! Don't rush on the 25th or 26th. Be kind on the 31st.

Now I wonder what what would happen to me during 14th and 15th. But all I know is 15th is the Foundation Day of our school. Haha. It says that during 9th and 10th, soul searching is the name of the game. Actually I've been wanting to do that ever since last week of July but guess I couldn't. Anyway, the last sentence was "Be kind on the 31st.", well I'm always kind. Haha ;)

If you want to check yours, just click this link: Yahoo! Daily Horoscopes :)

Aside from those wishes, you can notice I haven't listed there any material that I would want on my birthday. Well, it is almost impossible for me to ask this to my parents as my birthday gift. It's okay if this isn't the gift that I would accept on my birthday, I understand. They would not waste money if it's not necessarily needed. Since it's just a "Want", I highly understand them. And I always remind myself that I would not waste money over something that is nonsense. If I want this, I would encourage myself to save money just to buy this and that. ;)

Anyway, this is the material that I would want on my birthday. If only given a chance. Don't worry, I can wait.  :)

Samsung Galaxy Ace | LG C660 Pro

Actually, I've been drooling ever since for LG C660 Pro. I don't know. It's cute and I could tell that its more feminine than it is. Hahaha! If anyone is willing enough to give this as my birthday gift, I am willing enough to accept it and I swear to God I will never ever forget you. And everyday, I will always thank you. #StopDreaming :)

So yeah. How's your August so far? Btw! Our Midterm exams are all done. Thank you God for guiding me. :)

Kikay xo