Monday, 18 July 2011

Still didn't feel anything.

Today was such a tiring day. Yes. No lies. 

Mastery Test was kinda hard. At least, I was able to answer it. Thank you God. But because of my classmates, I couldn't answer some of the questions there. And I thank them for that. If we didn't have a teamwork earlier, I don't know what would happen to me. 

Though I had a tiring day, it was still fun.That's because of my friends. I'll generalize it: Livra, Karla, Kim, Nica, Steph, Karlo, Jay, Titus, Hiroshi, Glaiza, Sam and Goi. Thank you guys. You made me smile for today. 

Btw, happy birthday to my friend Glaiza Homez. Who turned 16 today. Hope you'll have a great one. God bless you always. Stay being pretty. Follow your dreams. I love you girl. 

So? Saw him today. Still, I didn't feel the butterflies in my stomach. And I still didn't feel the usual feeling when girls see their crush. Yes. I don't even know why. Actually, the sign said it all. I really don't have a crush on him. Yes. Maybe I was just mesmerized the time I saw him last time. That's why, maybe.

But naaah, I don't care. At all. 


Hmm. Transformers 3 is already showing in theatres, but I don't have enough money and time to watch it. Real bad. I really want to watch it. And oh! Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 is already out in theatres. And I want to watch this also! Gawd, when was the last time I watched a movie in theatres? It's been so long. Seriously, I need to go out and watch movie in theatres. Been watching movies from laptop, I just realized.

And I need to buy the July issue of Candy Magazine already. Also Total Girl. They had a exclusive one-on-one interview with James Maslow of Big Time Rush. Gosh! I need to buy those two magazines, as soon as possible. Can someone lend me their money? Just kidding. :)

So yeah. Tomorrow is another day and hoping for a better one. I would love to. And I would love to spend the day fun with my classmates and friends. Yes. 

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