Monday, 27 February 2012

A Night to Remember

When you hear the word Prom, what are the first things that crosses your mind? Mine are slow dance, disco, food and awarding. Yes food is still one of the things that crosses my mind every time I hear the word Prom. ;)

On the 19th of February 2012, it was the last experience of my Prom in my High School life. All I could ever think of is to have fun and be sure to make the most out of it. I have to make sure that during Prom, I should feel the the-best-time-of-my-life feeling. Indeed, it was one of the best times of my Life. Swear to God.

I don't know what were my feelings or emotions hours before the event. All I could remember was, I was calm. No worries and all. Maybe because it was my second and last time already. I know what to do already. I didn't prepared a bonggacious one. It was too hassle already for me. You know guys I'm way too busy already now-a-days. Oh well that's life. ;)

Anyway, when I arrived at the venue, my katangahan stroked that time. Shoooot! I left my invitation and it was a bummer moment for me there. But it's alright. Dad saved the day. He went back all the way to our house from the mall and drove back again to the mall just to give my invitation. Thank you Dad! Sorry for that, btw. :>

During Prom, I wasn't expecting for the things that happened that night. And these are; met new friends (they were my table-mates), slow dance with the guys that I didn't expect that they'll ask me to dance with them, disco with my beloved classmates(<THIS! I wasn't really expecting for this, like seriously. No lies.), disco with random people (Junior or Senior, I don't care) and dance all night again with friends and classmates.

And oh, I was able to make myself more confident during prom. Thanks also to my dress for making me comfortable so that I can move easily and dance all the way I wanted. Hahaha. But my shoes drove me crazy,  I was having a hard time to walk because of my slippery toes. Sounds eww, yeah. Don't worry, I was too genius to find a way how to solve that freaking problem. And that's a secret of mine. Lol.

Here are some photos to be shared:

My new friends that I met during Prom. Meet Rod and Efren :)

While waiting for my table-mates, Hazel joined me at my table. ;)

Right after Prom, midnight snack at Mcdo with Karla, Livra and kuya Raymond ;)

While waiting outside for my invitation. With Mhia, Kim and Aiko :)

Celebrity in the making! ;)

To be honest, it was a night to remember with my beloved classmates and friends. I really really had a great time with them. They made it a wonderful night for me and God made it simply amazing. This is amazing. I'm blessed. Yes. :)

My beloved classmates and I before the event started.

My favorite couple. Billy & Arian  

Nica, truly yours and Mika. I love these girls so much. :)

This is one of the things that I'll surely miss in my High School Life. Seriously. This is one way of socializing with other students in your school. And I have to thank God for this wonderful opportunity. ;)

I love you St. Paul '11-'12 :)

Tadaaaaaaaa!! My outfit. :)

I hope this was the answer to your question, "How was your Prom?"
Have a nice week ahead! :)

Saturday, 11 February 2012

The best short time.

Last January 24-25, 2012, it was the moment that we’ve been waiting for. At first, I thought Retreat is just all about expressing who you are, realizing everything about your life and sharing to one another about your struggles or challenges in your Life. But I guess I was wrong, I mean yes Retreat was like that. But it was more than that. It was more of realizing your mistakes and who you are. It’s also about reaching out with those people you have hurt, hug everyone to let them feel that you care & love them and especially saying thank you and you’ll let them feel special and appreciated by you.

I was so thankful for this opportunity to get away from the stressed that I’ve been feeling since December. I took this opportunity to unwind and rest. From the first day of Retreat, I kept on telling Kaye that I don’t want to leave the Retreat house anymore. If only I could stay there, I would. I love the place, it was so peaceful. I was able to think, decide and unwind. I could tell that I really got away from stressed. That’s why I was so thankful.

Retreat made me realize who I am, how I love my family, how important my friends are and especially made me realize how important my classmates are to me. Retreat was the opportunity also why my classmates and I became closer than ever before. It was amazing. I never imagine and expect that we have a lot of things in common. During Retreat, we were able to bond together like as one family.

Though it was only two days and one night, it was one of the best times with my classmates. I felt more confident, amazing and relieved from everything we have done during Retreat. I was able to confessed my sins, reach out with my classmates and sing God-related songs. I enjoyed it a lot. And no one could ever explain and describe how I feel during and after Retreat. I feel blessed because I have friends around who love me, support me and care for me.

How I love the 2 days and 1 night with my beloved classmates. During Retreat, I realized how close we are to each other. It's just that we don't have enough time for each other. But 2 days and 1 night was still the best. Quiet short time but we had the best time ever. The best classmates I've ever had. :)

Boys were bored. Haha

With all our scary stories shared to each other, we felt so scared at night. Hahaha. Funny but true. But we didn't express how scared we are. We still tried to be brave after all the scary story-telling. It was still fun though. I just can't get enough with that, if only I could turn back time. I would. Seriously.

Things that I'll surely miss doing it with my beloved classmates:

  • Good News (Or shall we say, eating time! Lol)
  • Waking up beside your classmate/s
  • Sleep with your classmate/s
  • Staying up all night
  • Chitchat (but we're still doing this in our room. Haha)

... And many more. Hahahaha ;)

Ohhhh well, I just miss everything happened during 2 days and 1 night with them. Currently in love with my beloved classmates, St. Paul ♥

All is well in St. Paul '11-'12 ♥

Friday, 3 February 2012

Love Month? No, thanks.

I just wanted to greet you guys a Happy Single Awareness Month! And yes, that is February. I am proud to be one of those single ladies. I don't care if it is a Love Month already. ;)

You know already guys that I am the happiest person alive when I am around with my girlfriends, classmates and family. I don't even want to rush things when it comes to love. I know God has a right plans for me that I should wait. Right?

Ugh, I just hate talking about love. If we talk about love, I'm referring to "spreading LOVE to everyone". Haha. Nice one. :)

So, just wanted to have a new random blog post. Happy February! Have a great February everyone especially to those who are in love. You guys are blessed. :)