Sunday, 19 June 2011


Black Magic dance cover of Magic by Secret. 

This was taken last Saturday during Parents' Orientation Assembly at NDDU-IBED Lagao Campus. 

And there was a wardrobe malfunction, it was unexpected. But at least, we pulled the performance off. And I thought that this performance is way better than our first two performances. Anyway, I hope you guys/Kpop fans did like our dance cover. Thank you for watching! :)

Just thought of posting this on my blogspot. And btw, I myself is not a fan of Kpop anymore. But we're just doing a dance cover of some Kpop dance video that WE LIKE.

1. If you're not a Kpop fan anymore, how come you still joined the group?
-  Yes, I'm not a Kpop fan anymore. It's because, before, I used to be a fan of Kpop. I'm an original member of the group. That's why. But unexpected, that during Mar-April, my Kpop addiction slowly faded. And since I'm an original member of the group, it's not necessary anymore whether I'm still a Kpop fan or not. As long as I can pull the dance routine well.

2. Why are you not a Kpop fan anymore?
-  It's because I want to change my addiction. And I'm not particular anymore with Kpop. 

3. Did you guys ever change your group name?
- Yes. That was the challenge to us, actually. Karla, Chryslene and I are original members of the group. Our group name before was "Shawol", we were five in the group. The two former members of the group are Livra and Rani. And during this month of May, Glaiza was the new member of the group. But this time, it's not "Shawol" anymore. Instead, it's Black Magic.

4. Why did you guys name your group, Black Magic?
- I'm not quite sure with my answer. But the story is; Karla, Chyrslene and Glaiza were having window-shopping and they saw this on shoe store. But it was a fair decision, we liked it. And Black is a universal color while Magic is the first dance cover we covered from Secret, a Kpop girl group. 

So yeah. I hope you guys did like our dance cover. And so sorry about the wardrobe malfunction, like I said it was unexpected. But we'll do better to our upcoming dance performance. And yet this time, we have surprise. :)

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