Sunday, 26 June 2011

We got lost.

Hi Blogspot. I missed you.

So, today was extremely fun day with GrInkLetLue, too bad ate Trish wasn't able to join us. Anyway- First, attended the Mass sponsorship at our school church. Then right after, headed to Robinsons. We bought foods and goodies for the kids in St. Gemma's Orphanage. Well, it's Karla's birthday. She wanted to give foods to those kids. So we did it earlier. When we got there, we had a little chit-chat with the lady who were staying at the house. Too bad, the kids were still hearing the Mass the time we got there. But it's okay, we had fun. We met Jerome from St. Gemma's Orphanage. He's so friendly and he always wanted a companion. 

Cute puppies from the Orphanage.

Kylie, Livra and Germaine at the Orphanage. (See, we're still wearing our school uniforms. Awesome, right?)

Anyway, after at the St. Gemma's Orphanage, went to Karla's house with Johanna. And then Livra and Kylie went to Livra's house while Germaine went home. One reason, to change clothes. Actually, I already brought with me my blouse, gladiators and then I already wore pedal pants under my uniform skirt. Yes, I'm that awesome. No need to mention. But anyway, why we changed clothes? Because we attended Rani's baby sister Rean's celebration of Christiening and at the same time, Rani's little brother Ryan's birthday. So it was a double celebration happened there. 

But before that, let me share this. I, Johanna and Karla experienced a wild adventure earlier during lunch. And it was so effing hot outside! Mr. Sun is shining all over GenSan. And from Malesido Homes Subdivision, we walked to Perez's Subdivision. And it was really hot! Sounds like we got lost. Yes. Seriously, it was tiring yet fun. And again, experienced something new. 

But thank goodness! Rani and his Dad saved us. They went to Aldion's Store to pick us up. We were so embarrassed and we're really sorry to Rani and to his Dad. It was really, like super, embarrassing. Yeah! So lesson learned. Laugh. Straight face.


Johanna, Karla and I were really hungry and thirsty. So thank God, the time we got there, they're about to eat. Good timing, huh? Anyway, I was so full right after I ate my lunch. Thank you God. Sorry, but don't you think it's not tiring to walk outside in a VERY HOT SUNNY DAY? Yes, of course. Duh.

But all in all? Like literally, it was fun. I had a great day today with my girls. I will never ever forget this day. I am so thankful to God. Of course.

Once again, Happy birthday Karla Regeena N. Gako! God bless you always! Stay being cheerful. I love you. We love you. ♥

Welcome to the Christian world, Baby Rean Regina! ♥

Happy 1st birthday, Baby Ryan Romuald! ♥

Btw, I'll end this post with photos of us.

Kylie, Yours truly and Livra.

Karla (the birthday celebrant), Matt and Johanna.

Sunday, 19 June 2011


Black Magic dance cover of Magic by Secret. 

This was taken last Saturday during Parents' Orientation Assembly at NDDU-IBED Lagao Campus. 

And there was a wardrobe malfunction, it was unexpected. But at least, we pulled the performance off. And I thought that this performance is way better than our first two performances. Anyway, I hope you guys/Kpop fans did like our dance cover. Thank you for watching! :)

Just thought of posting this on my blogspot. And btw, I myself is not a fan of Kpop anymore. But we're just doing a dance cover of some Kpop dance video that WE LIKE.

1. If you're not a Kpop fan anymore, how come you still joined the group?
-  Yes, I'm not a Kpop fan anymore. It's because, before, I used to be a fan of Kpop. I'm an original member of the group. That's why. But unexpected, that during Mar-April, my Kpop addiction slowly faded. And since I'm an original member of the group, it's not necessary anymore whether I'm still a Kpop fan or not. As long as I can pull the dance routine well.

2. Why are you not a Kpop fan anymore?
-  It's because I want to change my addiction. And I'm not particular anymore with Kpop. 

3. Did you guys ever change your group name?
- Yes. That was the challenge to us, actually. Karla, Chryslene and I are original members of the group. Our group name before was "Shawol", we were five in the group. The two former members of the group are Livra and Rani. And during this month of May, Glaiza was the new member of the group. But this time, it's not "Shawol" anymore. Instead, it's Black Magic.

4. Why did you guys name your group, Black Magic?
- I'm not quite sure with my answer. But the story is; Karla, Chyrslene and Glaiza were having window-shopping and they saw this on shoe store. But it was a fair decision, we liked it. And Black is a universal color while Magic is the first dance cover we covered from Secret, a Kpop girl group. 

So yeah. I hope you guys did like our dance cover. And so sorry about the wardrobe malfunction, like I said it was unexpected. But we'll do better to our upcoming dance performance. And yet this time, we have surprise. :)

Every thing.

Seriously, I don't know what to blog about.

Last week was kinda bit great. I had fun with friends, especially with GrInkLetLue. Yes. And I've been trying to be close with my boy classmates. You know, I am really close to guys. But anyway, I also have friends who are girls, of course. And they're Stephanie, Mhia, Kaye, Hermaine, Mika, Kim and Nica. But I usually/always talk to and hang out with Steph & Mhia or Herm & Kim. Lol.

I hope this week, I'll be able to get closer with my boy classmates. You know, as I defend myself, I am not being whore or bitchy. But I just love hanging out with guys. I mean they're fun to be with, but my girl friends are also fun to be with. Of course. ;)

I just want to gain my boy friends. They're cool. But na-ah, as for now, boys are disgusting for me. Remember? If you know what I mean, at least.

But do you care? No. 

So yeah. I know sooner or later, I'll be close friends with them. Not only with boy classmates, but all of them (boys and girls). Yeah.

And yeah! I want to go back to tutor. I can feel that I can't handle Trigo and Physics. What, yes. Like I said, I don't like Math and at the same time, Science. Crap. But I'm not quite sure if Dad will allow me to go back to tutor. Ah yes, don't worry! I'll use my powers to convince him. Lol srsly?

And who knows? Because of the help of tutor, I might be one of the list of Honor Students. Oh dang, what a dream. I must be kidding. Yeah right.

I'll convince Dad tomorrow, AGAIN.

And speaking of Dad; Happy Fathers Day to your Dad! And to all amazing and awesome Dads out there! ♥

Anyhoo, just wish me luck guys. For every thing.

Yeah. And oh btw, I miss every thing. Like sleepless nights, movie marathon, series marathon, McSundae during midnight with my cousin Jena, Big Time Rush, House of Anubis, Twitter all day and every thing. Yeah.


Saturday, 11 June 2011

What a week.

Hey there Blogspot! I miss you. Sorry, been really busy lately. 

So yeah. Last June 6 was the first day of our school. I belong to class 405 - St. Paul, our Adviser is Sir Jun Flores. He was the Campus Peace Coordinator before. But now, he's teaching subject of CLE (Christian Living Education). But anyway, I sorta don't like my new classmates. They seem to be so boring. But I love talking to Hermaine, Romeo and Dennis. They're the only ones that I've been talking to since Monday until Friday. 

But everyone said, it's only the beginning. Yeah, they're right. I'm still adjusting. I hope sooner or later, we'll all be close to each other. Just like my Junior year. ;)

My only classmates from SMB are Kaye Madria and Nica Hidalgo. What. How come!? But it's okay, at least! Well, sometimes I think I am still a Junior student. Ugh. I know I'll hate my Senior year. I don't know, let's just see. And oh, Senior year's gonna be tough. I should concentrate and focus more and more and more. Haha. I heard Trigo and Physics are the ones which is really difficult. But yeah, good luck to me. I hate Math, and at the same time Science. Obviously, I'm not a nerd. Hahaha. ;)


June 6 - General Assembly in the morning, and Mass/Celebrated the Feast Day of St. Marcellin. My first day went fine. Right after, had practice for our dance prod. with NDDU-IBED Dancers and had practice with Black Magic. I was really busy. 

June 7 - Juniors and Seniors Orientation in the morning at the covered court. So finally, performed a dance prod. with NDDU-IBED Dancers. It was not that good, we all became somnolent. So we're not in the mood to dance our butts off. But I hope they all still like it. Lol. Then right after school, went to Glaiza's house. Had practice again for another intermission number with Black Magic. And to be honest, we prayed before I, Karla and Chryslene went home. We're getting nervous at that time, like really. 

June 8 - The day has finally come. Anyway, it was the first "debut" of Black Magic at the school. It was Sophomores' Orientation. Before we perform, we prayed again. So again, we were really nervous at that time. And PLUS, we wore high heels while we performed our dance prod. I know sounds amazing or crazy? But dude, that added to my nervousness. Crap. But anyway, I think our performance went well. 

But! Our School Activity Coordinator told us to perform again in the afternoon for the Club Campaign/Orientation. And we were like, "what?!". But yeah sure! We would love to. But anyway, so yeah. We performed again. Dang! I don't know what to say about our second performance. Lol.

Never mind. At least, I had fun.

June 9 - This day was our Subject orientation. But unfortunately, I have to left the room in the morning. Another dance prod., but with NDDU-IBED Dancers. And that day was Freshmen's Orientation. Quite tiring but still fun. I am having fun, dude. Anyway, our performance went well. I loved it, actually. It was better than the first performance. We had fun. ;)

So after that, went back to the room. Of course. Finally, I was able to be with my classmates and met our new subject teachers. Yeah, I really have to deal with them. Oh God.

June 10 - Thank God it's Friday. Yes! So, it was just an ordinary day. But it was 2 year anniversary of GrInkLetLue. Oh my goodness! I can't believe we're 2 years of friendship already. So many challenges we have accepted, so many fight we have conquered, so many struggles during our journey and all. But I loved it. Though a lot of dramas and all. Haha. Aside from that, Dallas Mavericks won the game. So yeah! I loved it. Nice one Dallas! Leggo on the next game!

The day ended with smiles. :)

June 11 - Woke up so early in the morning, went to school for another dance prod. And yet this time, with NDDU-IBED Dancers and Black Magic. It was Freshmen's and Transferees' Parents' Orientation. Yeah. Plus, it was gloomy outside. I loved it. But sadly, it was the last day of NDDU-IBED Dancers' performance already, I do really hope there's still more. But for Black Magic, I guess there's still more? But anyway,  I am gonna miss it. :'(

What a week, right? Forgot to mention, I was elected as the Secretary of the class. Like seriously? I am not that responsible. But will try my very best. But I am so happy that I am not a Treasurer anymore. Eugh like seriously, I hate the job of Treasurer. Lol. And, we have two classmates who transferred from Sci-Cur class. And also, we have a transferee classmate. Hope I can get along with them. They seem to be so nice. ;) 

So yeah, been really busy lately. Wasn't able to check on my Blue Diary. But finally, will post this in a minute. Haha. ;)

God bless you. ♥

Sunday, 5 June 2011

God bless me.

Ugh. Tonight's the last night of Summer 2011. And I hate this part right here. 

Tomorrow's the day. And I will be officially a Senior student. I am just gonna enjoy my Senior year no matter what happens. 

I will miss those sleepless nights, movie marathons, series marathons, waking up so late, Twitter all day, sleeping, eating and all. Ugh. It's okay, because I knew, somehow, that this will end soon. And that soon has finally ended. I guess. 

But anyway, I just can't wait to see my friends and new classmates tomorrow. But I'm not excited for school. I just hate waking up so early. Oh please.

But I know it's part of teenage life, like High School life. Duh. Actually, I am used to it, but of course. I'm gonna miss those sleeping late at night. Oh well. This is Life.

Can please someone cheer me up? And wish me luck? Oh God. 

And no, I will not sleep already. I will wait when I will be sleepy. Right? Haha or not. Oh, I just hope tomorrow will be such a nice day. No stress. I hope it will be a fun first day of school. I hope also, I'm positive ALL THE WAY THROUGH THE DAY. :)

Well then, good luck to my fellow students for tomorrow, good luck to me and God bless me. And yeah, God bless you. :)

Btw, I wasn't able to update my Blogspot lately because I've been very busy these past few days. Practice for our dance prod. for the opening of the school year. Yeah. But these past few days, it was a tiring week yet happy. I loved it. And experienced something new. So cool. :)

Anyway, I will really miss this. Awww :(