Saturday, 2 July 2011

Black Magic needs your help.

Hi guys.

We, Black Magic needs your help. 

We just submitted our dance cover video to 2011 Kpop Dance Cover Festival's site. It is an open contest to everyone who are particular fan of Kpop industry. The contest is promoting South Korea, that's why they organized the said event/contest. Well, I'll make it short. The lucky team that will be chosen, will win a trip to Korea for the upcoming said Festival in South Korea. And will get the chance to meet their Kpop group idol. And as part of the trip to South Korea, the chosen team will also explore the beautiful South Korea. 

Isn't that sounds amazing? Yes, I know!

So, we need your help by: watching our dance cover video thru their site ( and the hits will be counted. And also, if you would like to recommend it you can do it. Thank you. It's such a big help for us if you'll do it. We all appreciate your effort and time for doing this. The higher the hits and recommended we get from you, the higher the chance we will be chosen. So please! I am begging you guys to please help us, Black Magic.

You can also watch it on Youtube, it's also counted when you watch it there. And by dropping a comment also. Thank you!


And in behalf of Black Magic, we would also like to thank: Sam Changco, Pheeyah Yumang, Livra Banquerigo, Mika Guerra, Rani Regidor, Germ Penuela and Lissy Villaluna for always being there to help and support us in every way! Thank you so much guys! We love you to death. ♥

So, what are you waiting for?
Go click this link: -- Search for Philippines Black Magic and watch our video! 


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