Friday, 4 November 2011

It was all worth-it.

Another blog update for you guys. And this time, it's all about our achievement last October 30, 2011. It was a great achievement that we didn't expect it.

That's what we aimed for. 

It was just an ordinary day for us last Saturday. We don't know what we were feeling that day. Mixed feelings, I guess. But to be honest, we're all like come-what-may people during that day. And actually, we didn't feel nervous or something. Just like I said, "come-what-may people".  Alright. It's not that we're being boastful or something. ;)

October 29- It was our last practice. And we're all down and sad. I don't even know why, it's weird. But can you blame us that we will miss each other? No. The times of suffering, the times of having fun during break time and especially moments where we are happy.

I want our last day to be something memorable or let's say, a day to remember. Indeed, it was a day to remember with my fellow cheerdancers. I was expecting that it won't happen. I guess I was wrong, yeah. Right after our last practice, we all decided to eat our lunch together. We went to KCC Mall, had our lunch at the McDonalds. I was there with Mica, Matthan, Ayn, Paulyne, Janel, Edison, Enrique, Montheo, Gerald (or we call him Fetus), Abbie, Joy and Guilever.

It was a fun and memorable day with them. And I remember our "joyride". I could tell that it was a wraithlike joyride adventure with them. We're all like being paranoid at that time. You guys don't have any idea where that driver brought us. Eugh! -.-

But thank God, we're all safe. :)

October 31- The day that we've been waiting for. I was getting excited and at the same time, sad. Excited because finally, we will compete already with other three schools. Sad, because no more practices and days with my fifth family.

Woke up at 3 in the morning. Prepared my things and prepared myself, of course. After 30 minutes, I waited for Mica. Then after 10-20 minutes, went to school with Mica. The time we got there, they were preparing already. So, it was 5:30 in the morning and boys went to the venue already. We, girls followed there at 6 something in the morning.

 Let me introduce to you our most pasaway cheerdancer, Edgar. Did you know that before the competition, we were still waiting for him at the venue. So what we did is, we rehearsed for the last time. Good thing, he's only a back/front spot. But bad thing, it's not a good thing. It's unfair for us. After we rehearsed for the last time, we all became calm. After how many minutes, Edgar suddenly appeared. And guess what? All boys spanked him and punched him. Poor Edgar.

Last trivia about him during the competition, he was still having his hangover. And yes, you are right. I know what you are thinking. ;)

Finally, we're all complete. So, the College Division started the cheerdance competition. Then High School Division, and last Elementary Division. In High School Division: 3rd runner-up-- Mindanao State of University (they were disqualified, actually.), 2nd runner-up-- Buayan High School, 1st runner-up-- General Santos City High School, and well of course. Champion-- Notre Dame of Dadiangas University - IBED HS.

It was one of the best feelings in the world. We felt like were in cloud nine! :)

I don't know what I felt during that time. It was such an amazing feeling, happiness, overwhelmed, joy, contentment, cheerfulness, felicity and everything else. Like we couldn't believe with what happened. Expect the unexpected, baby! :D

And oh, Sarisisiw Pep Squad is my fifth family. I just love them like that. ♥

Everything was worth-it. Thank you so much God. Our prayers are answered. And I would like to congratulate again my fellow cheerdancers. I am so proud. Actually, we all felt proud of ourselves. I mean, we've been thru ups and downs during practices. We have experienced body pain and all. And we still went through of it. It's because we are strong enough. But hey! Look what happened to us. Champion in High School Division. Thank you again God. We love you from the very bottom of our hearts. You really heard us, and it was an amazing feeling. :)

Before I'll end this blog, I'll share you guys these two video. :)

Last practice (10/28/11):

Then at the 35th Milo Cheerdance Competition (10/30/11):
By the way, sorry for the low quality. And also I would like to thank Maita Algarme for this video. God bless!

So, I hope you did enjoy watching the two videos and reading this blog post.

God bless! :)