Thursday, 25 August 2011


Hi Blogspot. I missed you big time. Sorry! Been gone for how many weeks. And I wasn't able to update you AGAIN. I am truly sorry. :(


Anyway, August is so awesome. I love August, to the highest level. Yes. So much great happenings happened during this month, and I can't believe it. Especially thanks to God. ;)

I have to tell you guys 100 times that this month is really awesome! Like totally. Everything about in August is pretty much amazing. Super amazing. Yes!

Third week of August, it was our First Periodical Examinations. And everyone was quiet nervous including me. And yeah! Entrepreneurship, Computer, Music and Economics are more difficult to answer than Trigonometry and Physics. Unfortunately, we ran out of time while taking our Trigo test. Also in Physics. And that was really a "f*ck moment" there. Anyway, past is past. Everything happened the way it wanted to be.

I just really hope and I am so crossing my fingers (and also my feet) that I can still get a quiet good grades. Please Lord. :(

I trust God. Amen.

Anyway, on the last day of our Examinations, Glaiza asked if I would still go with them. And I told her, "No, I don't have money with me." So yeah. You're wondering, where we going? Ahuh! We went to Davao City for Kadayawan Festival. Glaiza, Karla, Mika and Lissy went there right after Examinations. While I, myself went there last Saturday. That means, I followed them there.

I connived Mika to surprise them. They didn't have any idea that I'm going there. Only Mika has, because I told her. So yeah. The time I got there, they were at the People are People. So I hurriedly went there. I was so excited about their reaction. I went inside, there! Surprised them. I just simply said "Hi Glai", and she was really shocked. And also, Lissy and Karla. Seriously, I could die laughing there but yeah. Anyhoo....

So, spent my weekend at the Davao with my girlfriends. Thank you so much girls for the awesome weekend! I'm hoping for another time with you girls. I love you to death! And I'll never ever forget this. One of the best memories happened in my High School Life, so far. And I thank God for being with me while I was on my way to Davao, while we were in Davao and while we were going home to Gensan. Thank you God. ♥

Almost forgot to mention, Jenz accompanied us.

It was a pretty long weekend. Quiet tiring yet it was fun.

Fourth week of August-- Our school followed schedule B already so that in the afternoon we can still have our practice for our Intrams. And yes, we're already busy like a bees. ;)

And oh! Just turned 16 yesterday. Of course, I thank God for giving me another year. ♥
It was a great day, but I felt sadness also. Which is I don't know why, and it's pretty weird. But it's okay! I still had fun with my friends. But to be honest, maybe part of my sadness is that SOME of my friends forgot to greet me. Especially, SOME of my SWAG Friends. It's okay! I understand that they are really busy and yes, consider they forgot. I just don't know. It's not that I really wanted them to greet me.Well, the problem is I expected that too much. Hell. Anyway, I don't care. As long as I am happy at all.

Last night, went out for a family dinner to celebrate my Sixteenth year in this Universe. Thank you Mom & Dad and siblings! I love you to death. Hugs and kisses. ♥

By the way, thank you to all who greeted me. I appreciated it so much. Thank you also Green Team Hip-hop dancers for singing a 'Happy Birthday' song to me. That was sweet of you guys. I love you all. Thank you for all your birthday wishes. God bless everyone.

And did I mention already? Kylie introduced this friend. And I was so thankful to her. Actually, it was her birthday gift for me. And one of the best gifts. Yes. Thank you so much Kylie Balagtas! I love you Girl. :)

So, August is almost over. Awwww, no way! Just kidding. How about you guys? How's your August going on? Hihi :)

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