Sunday, 31 July 2011


Friday: July 29, 2011

Just another ordinary day with classmates and friends. It was a bit tiring day yet I had fun. And it was our first day of practice for Intrams. By the way, I got qualified. Thank you God.

Of course! For me, it was a T.G.I.F. I don't even know why. But at least? Right?

Saturday: July 30, 2011

I woke up. Knowing that I still have to get up as early as I can, I still have to go to school even Saturdays. Yes. We are required to attend the NCAE Review.

To be honest, it is really okay for me to attend Saturday classes. But the only thing that really bothers me or let's say, it's not okay for me, is that DO WE REALLY NEED TO WEAR OUR SCHOOL UNIFORM?

Oh well. What else can I do? I mean, I or We can complain about that thing. But I don't think they will agree with us. Let's just say, "it's part of life." Crack about it.

Don't worry, only three more Saturdays and goodbye NCAE Review or Saturday Classes! Oh yeah!

Anyway, the review was quite fun. ;)

But then! Right after our Review, went home to change clothes because we still have practice for our dance production number for upcoming activity this August 25, 2011, for short Buwan ng Wika. After changed my clothes, went to Karla's crib for our lunch. Alright! Thank you for sponsoring our lunch Karla Regeena N. Gako. ;)

Oh! I was with Karla, Livra, Rani and Germaine. These girls went to school with me.

So, I thought we will have our practice. But guess what? It was cancelled by our Club Moderator. Great. Right after knowing that it was cancelled, we went to Glaiza's crib for movie marathon and practice. While we are watching 'Never Say Never', I texted my SWAG Friends. I invited them over. And so they agreed. Yeyy!

But actually, we weren't able to have our practice. Maybe because we don't want to schism our attention from the SWAG and friends. Of course. ;)

The first two SWAGGERS who got there were Joshua and Titus. Then Moses. And then Kit. And yet, we have special guests. They were Aljun and Roi.

But you know what? I had so much fun! It was a great day with the SWAG and friends. Too bad, Ishii, Jaymar, Christian and Rabin wasn't able to be with us for this day. It's okay. There's always a next time. Oh yeah.

I didn't expect for this. And by that, thank you so much God for this great day. :) ♥

This is one of the examples of memories that I will treasure most. Of course.

As of now, I'm too tired to function. AT ALL. I'm hell tired. Just got home, actually. From Glaiza's crib. Thank you Livra for the ride. So, I have to sleep now. I should get some beauty rest. Oh my. What else? Of course, Pray first before Sleep. Oh yes. :)



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