Monday, 30 July 2012

"Leaders aren't born, they are made."

"Leaders aren't born, they are made."

A very nice definition of a Leader. Simple yet it has an impact. Yes, I agree. They aren't born, they are made. Being a leader is to serve your community, help, organize and maintaining the order of every situation in the community. It's not easy to be a leader. A leader is someone that every member has to look up to. Leader should always be humble enough, be a good listener and especially respect your members. -- That's what I have learned from a leader that we had interviewed for our NSTP 1 last July 21, 2012.

It was supposed to be scheduled on Friday (July 20), but one of the members of my group texted us that we'll just conduct an interview on the next day because the Sisters were still busy. So we decided to conduct an interview on the following day.

I woke up early in the morning, but I still haven't got any messages from them. So I decided to sleep back. But too bad, I woke up late, it was like 10 something already. And then I've received a lot of messages from them. They said we'll just conduct an interview at OLPGV (Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage) Church. So I quickly jump out of the bed and took a bath, fixed myself and everything. Before anything else, I brought the dslr for our presentation. It was like 11 something when I finally got to meet them up at the Supreme Hardware.

The Church's Vision & Mission

Minutes had passed away, we already conduct an interview to the president of Lay Religious Secular and also a leader. She's Mrs. Fe Bitong. It was so nice to meet her! Her words was beyond amazing. The way she answers our questions was good. She was very honest in every question we asked. I mean yeah, every person has to. But I could tell that there is sincerity in the way she answers our questions. Willing to give beautiful words to every student out there. Like I said, her advices and words was beyond amazing. I was so inspired and really appreciated her.

While doing the interview to Mrs. Fe Bitong

This is Mrs. Fe Bitong, the one that made me inspire. Now she's one of my inspiration. :)

Before anything else, I would just like to share this. One of our guide questions was: "Who is your motivation for being a good leader?" Her answer had touch our lives. It was really inspiring. I love every word she said. Her answer was, "God. Because He's the source of everything." See? How humble enough. :)

My fellow groupmates and I with Mrs. Fe Bitong

And last but not the least, my favorite line from her; "Don't stop learning."

How about you guys? What made you inspire lately? And who's the source of this motivation? :)

Kikay xo

Monday, 23 July 2012

I'm "bloglovin"

Hello there guys!

I just wanted to make this post to share that I am new in Bloglovin. So, if you have account in Bloglovin. You can follow me and I hope you'll follow me there. It's just so easy to follow my account there. Thank you!

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

There you go! Simply click the link and follow me. Thank you! :)

Btw, I just wanted to share how am I doing the past few days or lately. If you're might be wondering. Well, I was quite not doing good the past few days until now. I'm dealing with my personal problems right now and hopefully I could overcome this already. Though I am dealing with it and still recovering, I am still happy with my friends, classmates and family around.

Despite of my "personal" problems, I still thank them for being there from the day that I've been dealing with this 'til now. How lucky I am to have them as my friends, ever supportive friends. I don't know why this "personal" problem suddenly showed up to me.

Actually, I've been dealing with this problem ever since I was a kid. So I've been planning since last week to talk to our Guidance Counselor or at least ask some advice on how can I recover this. I guess the guidance is the only one who can help me? :)


I can now feel the life of being a College student. Yes, it is really difficult to deal with it. I must motivate myself to cope up for Midterm, Pre-Finals and Finals. My grades for Prelim are quite not good. So I must you know. ;)

Aside from that, I am so happy that finally I was able to hang out with some old members of KPS. That was one of my happiness. Thank you Lord ♥

Still having fun despite of everything... :)

How are you guys? :)

Kikay xo

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Oh hey!

Oh hey! I not-almost but already forgot to update my Blogspot. And I feel bad. :(

First of all, I wanted to say that I've been really busy with school and some stuffs lately. And we just had our Prelim Examinations last week. So in addition to my busy life, I couldn't make time with my social life. Haha.

But to tell you honestly? I had a great June and still having a great time on July. There are a lot of memories that happened to me last month. Some are good ones and some are bad ones, of course. Everything was quite awesome.

And oh, our Acquaintance Party happened last June 29 at KCC Convention Center. The theme was Hunger Games Capitol Fashion. I really had a hard time finding some clothes that would fit on the theme. Not only outfit, but also head dress. Head dress is really important for the occassion, btw. Acquaintance party was also fun! Like super duper, I had a great time. One of the best nights, again. First time to dance in front of GSDMSFI crowd. A lot of funny moments happened. Good times rolled up. Met new friends. Of course. So it was really awesome. But I just have so many regrets. Don't worry, I moved on. ;)

With my best friend Marj, on the dance floor. Dancing like it's our last! ;)

Look how bored I was while they were announcing the winners for this and that. Haha!

Before the party started.

Before anything else, does this skirt look familiar to you guys? Hmm... Yep! This was the skirt I wore during my last Prom in High School. I decided to re-use this because first, I don't wanna spend too much money just because I don't wanna waste money. Duh. #ReUse

This was before we went inside. :)

Those photos were taken from Instagram. Just bear with me. Hahaha.

So after the Acquaintance (which is Saturday), it was scheduled as our NSTP Clean-up Drive activity. The first ever activity that I wasn't able to attend. Yes, bad for me. And I felt bad. Actually, I set my alarm clock. But I forgot to set it on "Weekend" mode. So what do I expect? Nothing but silence. So I wasn't able to wake up as early as 6AM. I woke up at 6:30 already. I was late. So decided not to go to the school already, because it is considered absent. Yeah. Anyway! Nothing really big deal. ;)

I just wanted to share these photos with the girls I love. :)

Meet Marj, Twinkle, Abigail and Mariane :)

My day wouldn't be complete if I won't see them every single day. Yes.

Lately, I've been spending too much time with my beloved Psych classmates. I love it when this happens. Everyday with them is priceless. I swear! Always happiness when I'm with them. I don't know what's with these girls that they sometimes share their happiness to me. I just love that we're slowly getting closer. Yey! Not only our classmates, but also we're getting closer to the higher year students who are in the same department with us. Of course! Because Psych Unites Everyday. ;)

And of course, I wouldn't forget to post photos with my ever beloved Psych classmates! ♥ :)

Meet ate Kat and ate Apple :)

Ever since the day school started, this girl has been always my accompany and a friend. And whenever I need someone to talk, someone to share my nonsense thoughts and stuffs. Ya know, she's always there. Thank you Mariane. :)

Story of Our Life every Wednesdays.

The Mother, Jhe and the daughter, Me. :)

Celebrated ate Jennie's birthday (the one with flowers). First, surprised her with a cake and pineapples. Second, went on a Sundae and Fries at Mcdo with the girls. ♥ :)

One of the best things that happened and still happening to me in College? Getting closer with Psych family. This is all because of God. Of course! Thank you God. :)

To sum it all up, I am still having the best time with them. Though my girls are far away, we're still connected because of Twitter. Of course. And my friends and Psych family are the reason why am I not sad and lonely in here despite of my girls are all far away from here. So yeah. :)

How about you guys? And btw, I can't keep you posted guys because it still depends on my schedule. I just can't use laptop any time any more because of school. It keeps getting busier and busier. Yeah. And as you can notice, I changed my blog title. Sooner or later, will change my blog link. 

Hope you're having a great day! :)

Kikay xo