Friday, 15 June 2012

It just feels good

Hey ho hey ho! ;)

This week was really fun. My first week in College was good so far. I was able to survived first week! Hope I could survive second week. And oh, I had this terrible experience during our first day. I was absent for my first class. Never mind the reason. Hahahaha!

Anyway, I just wanted to share how happy I am that finally I am reunited with my best friend after how many years and months. We're gonna be in one school but different fields. It's okay, at least we're still seeing each other. And actually we're classmates in Filipino class. Yeah. I love it.

Just finally.

Tambay mode at the Library :)

I just wanna thank Mariane for always bringing her iPhone so that we could take pictures of this kind of memories. :)

So I'm just happy that finally again! We're reunited. It feels good. :D

How about you guys? How's your college life so far? :)


Kikay xo

Sunday, 10 June 2012

I can almost feel it

I can almost feel that Summer is over. I have only 2 days left to enjoy my Summer. No I'm not feeling mixed emotions because first, I had a great summer to sum it all up. Second, this summer was one of the best Summer I've ever had. :)

To summarize why I had the best Summer--
Actually, first the thing that happened last April 14 where we were announced as the Champion for Summerkadahan Cheerdance Competition 2012. What a great way to start off the summer. Second, been on a beach hopping and cliff diving with my beloved friends and that was I really wanted to do. I mean first thing to do in my Summer, and yes! I did it. Third, got to spend time with my beloved family and I was so happy about it. You know, despite of my busy career because of cheerleading thing. Fourth, finally got to meet again my relatives on father's side. We attended the wedding of my cousin. Such a great blessing for her. Fifth, another beach hopping with my cousin and sister. I fell in love with that place! It was so nice to be there. I think that's the last thing happened to my Summer. ;)

Now, I can really almost feel it. Like seriously. Summer's almost over. It's totally fine! Like super duper. It's not that I'm saying I'm ready for College. It's just that, let me experience College Life already! Hahahaha. Not that I'm excited. ;)

I'm willing to accept every challenges that I'll bear during my College Life. I'm quite ready to face the new responsibilities as a College student. I just wanna take it to the next level, like this- College Life. And I'm willing to be humble enough and independent enough because I need to, not because it's part of a College student's obligation. :)

I just can't wait to meet new friends, new teachers and just have new environment. This is going to be challenging at the same time, fun. I guess? :)

So yeah. Hihi

Btw, I'm taking up BS Psychology for my College. Good luck to me! :)


Kikay xo

Saturday, 9 June 2012

And this is crazy

Hi! I just wanted to share how bored I am right now. It's like past 12 midnight already and I'm still wide awake. I couldn't sleep. And still want to make the most out of it, since summer's getting over. You know. Since, I am bored. I discovered this cute website somewhere and I wanted to share it to you guys. ;)

Some of you might know this already but still going to share it. Drum roll please! No just kidding. I share to you, Webcam Toy. It has a lot of cool effects that you will enjoy like you could make fun of yourself. I've been playing with this site since, well not really too long of hours. Hahaha. But seriously, I had fun! I was bored and this site killed it. ;)

You'll see this when you click the link above. Isn't it cute? Look, I love the "welcome message". "Ready? Smile!". You can actually install it on your Google Chrome Apps, only if you are using Google Chrome. And I promise you, you will really have fun especially it has some really nice features. Like you can choose if you want have a flash on it (yes! they have! So amazing), full screen, countdown and square. It is really cool. I mean you should try it now! ;)

I have mine here. I'll share it. Sorry for being vain. :)

Hey I just met you, and this is crazy!

I love this effect.

It's quite the same. haha

I have three lomo quad. :)

See? I was bored. And I have gone crazy. Sorry. Hahaha. Oh well, I just wanted to play with its awesome cool effects. If you have got nothing to do or you want to play with your webcam, therefore I suggest you to play with this site. Before anything else. Hahaha.

I hope you were able to bear with my insanity. I was really bored, you couldn't blame me. :)

Goodnight everyone!

Kikay xo

Friday, 1 June 2012

Road trip: Mati City

This is almost continuation of my previous blog post. Just almost.

It was Wednesday when we went home to Gensan from CDO. That time, it was a 13 hours of road trip. I couldn't believe that I was able to bear with it. And it was a first for me, I mean that long hours of road trip. And did you know that while on the way to Davao, naflatan kami. As in sobrang gisi. Grabe noh? Here's the photo. Hahaha!

Anyway... It was already like 7 or 8 in the evening when we got home. Felt so good to be home. I was unpacking my things and cleaning everything that should be cleaned. Right after I did that, I decided to go downstairs because I have so many things to share to my sister. And then suddenly, she told me that we'll go to Davao on the next day. Wow! Just wow. I thought we'll travel to Davao on Friday (May 25). Geez.

Another 3 hours of trip to Davao. It was like non-stop of travelling. Dude, I just can't believe this anymore. But it was still worth-it, after all. Yeah. ;)

Why worth it? I'll tell you...

I woke up at exactly 10:30 in the morning, yes despite of the super tiring road trip. Anyway, my sister told me that we'll leave at 5 in the afternoon. So I had like still hours to rest and rest & eat. Hihi. But I suddenly remember that I have to deposit the payment to the owner of the online shop, it was another errand. This was the reason why we were late at the wedding of my cousin. Hahahaha :)

Right after at the bank, I almost forgot that I have a date with girl friends. I tried to make a way to show up to them even just like 100 seconds, I would still grab it. But too bad, we have to go to the terminal already. I'm sorry girl friends! :(

Again, while on the way to Davao, my head was aching. All I could do is sleep, of course. Plus listening to music made me feel better. Ugh! 13 hours and then another 3 hours of road trip, you gotta be kidding me! I almost had this thing they called "car-lag". Hahahaha! #Seriously

Exactly 8 in the evening- Hello Davao! I missed this place. It's been so long since I haven't visited this place. When was the last time I've been in Davao? Hmm, it was August! Kadayawan Festival at Davao. Yeah. Anyway, while on the way to Ignacio's residence, ya know what I was doing in the taxi? HAHAHA. Looking thru all logos that I'll see so if I'll see something familiar, I would check it on Logos Quiz (App for any iTouch, iPod, iPhone or iPad, Idk if it's available to all Android phones).

Quite funny what I was doing. You can't blame me! I was bored that time. :P

I'll just make it short. Okay? Because I notice, I blog too much. :)

We left Davao at exactly 7 in the morning and went to Mati already. Woooop! You can't blame me for being excited. I just wanna experience the true essence of nature in Mati. Uh yeah, another 3 hours for this travel. So it was just like we went home to Gensan. Kidding.

Oh! Before I almost forgot to share about this cool island that I saw while on our way to Mati. The Sleeping Dinosaur Island, I mean not literally. Here!

Featuring us. :)

See? How amazing!

I was truly amazed when I saw this. I mean, who wouldn't be? I'm pretty sure if you'll see this you will be amaze too. Can you figure it out why it is called The 'Sleeping Dinosaur' Island? I bet you could. :)

After 2 hours of without eating, we went for a lunch at Mang Inasal. Went on a lunch with my sister, her girlfriend, my cousin, my uncle and my cousin's uncle. Men! I could tell that I was really starving to death that time. You know I can't be away with foods even just for a seconds, minutes or hours. That's why really starving to death. Hahaha. I know it sounds exaggerate.

Right after we went for a grocery and lunch, we immediately went to the perfect happy place for everyone, Botona Beach Resort. Yeyy! And we stayed there for 3 days and 2 nights. :)

I was so tired when we got to the place. But men, I just couldn't bare the heaven-like beach of that place and I couldn't take anymore but change my clothes. We all changed our clothes because we're all excited! Haha. Tho the sun was still shining over Mati City, we all still went for a swim. We don't care! It's summer, everything changes. ;)

This was our first day at Mati :-)

That's my sister, Koleen :)

I loved it!

They're trying this sports that my cousin introduced to us, which is Skim boarding :)

Could it be my Prince Charming is somewhere out there? Could it be?

Confidence lang yan! ;)

Trying to... nvm! Hahahah!

The first day was awesome. But I was dead tired. Right after I washed-up, I immediately went to bed and sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep as much as I wanted. Good timing, when I woke up, it was time to eat our dinner. Ayrt! I love it. Hahahaha. Aside from tired, I was hella hungry also. Yeah. From all the craziness that I did on the beach that day, I finally became tired and hungry. :P

So here's our day two at the beach

My tan line looks weird -__-

I looked soooooooooo tan in here already. Gawd -_-

Perfect weather. Thank you Sun, I know you were too shy to show off. :)

Sorry there are only few photos. I guess we were too busy. Actually there are some photos left during our 2nd day, but I only picked the ones I like. The second day at the beach was still awesome. I mean it was more awesome because of what I saw. Hahahaha :"> oh well, I'll just stop it. :"> :D

Because of that, I regretted of not doing the friendly smile to you. You were already looking at me when I looked at you. Gotcha! Caught you looking at me. ANDDDDDDDDDDD, I was surprised because when I was looking at you, you didn't even looked away. Without hesitation and no doubt, you were still looking at me. FYI, I was not looking at him already. I was too embarrassed, shy and all. Haha :P
Ohhhh! Never mind that. Hahahah :"> I call him "Mati Boy". Yuuuck! Hahaha. :)

Anyway, second night we went to Pugad (I forgot the other name of this RestoBar). It was fun out there! I had fun with my cousin and her friends. A lot of dancing, drinking but I didn't join them (Of course!). I still had fun talking and dancing with them. Thank you guys! It was nice meeting all of you. ;)

So that night ended with a happy smile on our faces. I don't know if I could consider that as one of the best nights of my Life. And unfortunately, that was our last night at Mati already. Awwwww.

The next day followed, woke up feeling mixed emotions. First, I don't wanna leave that place yet. It was really awesome out there! I swear to God. It was really amazing to be in that place. I love that place! Second, happy because finally we'll go home and I can get to see my family. You know, I easily get homesick. I don't even know why. So third, read the first reason again. Hahaha.

Hmm yeah. It was a best summer time with my loves. Mati trip was awesome! Special thanks to my cousin Kat Ignacio for introducing that place. Yeyy! ♥ :)

I had the best summer 2012. I loved it. Now I am having a hard time moving on with all of this good things that happened to me during summer 2012. Thank you God. :D

How about you guys? How was your summer?

Kikay xo