Tuesday, 31 May 2011


Hi. My name is Jennifer. I am 15 years old. I love to dance and I like to sing. And I'm falling in love with acting. I just want to give up dancing. But anyway, I always love being alone. But sometimes, I love hanging out with my friends, of course. I'm a big time blogger. I always express my thoughts to my online diary. But who cares, btw? 

I'm just an ordinary girl living my life to the fullest. I treasure every moment of my life. I smile always. I don't want to be sad. I love God. I love my family and some of my friends. Boys are disgusting for me. I used to be an in love teenager but not anymore. I want to focus on my dreams, you know, I will make my dreams come true. I will let it happen. And I know God will guide me. 

I am positive in any way. Sometimes, I am negative but I can pull it off. I can still handle my own problems. But if it's too much already, I just need someone to talk to, yeah. And maybe ask for an advice.

I have siblings. Their names are, Haylie, Kris, Jo, Katie and Jillian. Yes we're all girls. But I am only close to my sister Jo. We shared a lot of things in common, yes. And whenever I have problems or something that really bothers me, she's the one I always talk to. I love all of my sisters, yes. But no words can describe how I really love my sister Jo. 

I have group of friends, but I don't think they don't accept me for who I am. And it's not really nice. I mean, do they need to tell you to change something on your attitude just because they don't like it? What the hell? Sorry but your reason is not valid. If you are my true friend, you'll accept me for who I am. And by the way, why did I took your advice to change this or that attitude? I mean, I have my own life. And that's the PRECIOUS thing that God gave me and why should I let somebody else try to handle it? This is something stupid.

I just hate that scenario.

Sometimes, when I'm all alone, I always think of happy thoughts and sometimes not-so-good thoughts. I easily lose hope but later, will end up being positive. I'm being dramatic sometimes. And I always find myself talking to myself. Sounds crazy. And sometimes I feel like hurting somebody, pushing people away and such. I think I have bipolar disorder. That is not good.

Either way, it's none of your business. Yeah.

By the way, thanks for reading this. I love you big time. :)

I'm like the robot with no friends. But with feelings. 

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Too tired to function.

This is weird. At all.

I really don't know what to say. Haha. I'm sorry. But seriously, I am bored to death right now.
Hmm, let's see what am I doing.

  • Listening to Big Time Rush.
  • Chatting with Viktor who I met from Omegle. He's nice that's why we're still talking :)
  • Twitter.
  • And writing this blog post.

Dang it! I am bored to death. I think I need to go out and have fun. Go anywhere. But I can't.

And lately, I've been feeling lonely and all. Hopeless. Ugh. Do I have a bipolar disorder? I think so. Uh-oh.

Anyway, I really don't know what to say anymore. I'm too tired to function. Eww.

Friday, 27 May 2011

For the first time. Again.

This blog is dramatic that I don't know. Never mind.

Last May 04, 2011 - It was the day that my sister, Karla went home for after how many months and a year. So we all felt excited, of course, consider happy. We're almost complete in the family for the first time again. 

Then May 07, 2011 - It was the day that my other sister, Kathleen went home from Cebu. And this was the day that officially, Branzuela family was complete! Wow. And I thought that it became more chaos in the house. But I love the atmosphere. It's not that kind of boring anymore.

Kathleen, Karla, Mom, Koleen and I. (May 07, 2011)

I just love the fact that those were the days that we are complete actually until now. But Kathleen's gone, she went back to Cebu last May 26. It was sad. Then who's next? Karla, she'll be leaving for Manila this coming Sunday. And then Monday, she'll be flying to Dubai already. Awwwww :(

I will never ever forget this Summer Year. It was wild yet unforgettable

I'll miss this. You know. :)

I'd still remember, during Papa's birthday. We ate dinner outside, at Chowking. That was fun. My sister Karla shared so many things about Dubai. And taking pictures, and everything. I loved it.

Wow. I can't believe I'm gonna say this, but I did really miss my sisters. And I am gonna missing them soon. Aww. Now, I imagine what would be the atmosphere when Karla's going back to Dubai. Ugh. Could they please extend their vacation here? Uh-oh. :|

But I am so thankful that God gave this opportunity, this moment. :D

Okay, enough. That's all. I'll be missing them, yeah. And I just can't wait for next Summer. Yeah right. :D

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Too much syndrome.

The past few weeks, I've been really obsessed with Big Time Rush. I don't know why, I'm not that really obsessed with them the first day I saw them on Tv. But I've been a fan ever since they started. But I don't get it why lately, I've been really obsessed with them. Oh no. 

It came to the point that-- My Twitter background is Big Time Rush. I've been watching their videos on Youtube. Downloaded Season 1 of Big Time Rush. I almost cried (exagge huh?) because I missed some episodes of Season 2 on Nickelodeon, but good thing I found some on Youtube (Thank you YT!). I've been flooding Kendall, Logan, Carlos and James's Twitter. Downloaded ALL of their songs. My phone's profile name is, BTR SWΔG. Sounds crazy, I know. But yeah. Too much syndrome. Or Big Time Rush syndrome

I don't know. Last month, I'm obsessed with the House of Anubis gang. I even dreamt of them. Like I am part of the cast. I am Nina's long lost sister (Nathalia Ramos's character), I know sounds really weird. Like super. Maybe I'm just being a die-hard fan. Ha ha.

Oh! Not only House of Anubis gang. Also Big Time Rush. Oh come on. Well, I dreamt that I am one of the cast also. And then during break time on shooting, we went to Katelyn Tarver's dressing room. Katelyn was doing a Ustream (See? I could still remember.), while I, Erin (Sanders), Ciara (Bravo) and Big Time Rush were singing Black Eyed Peas' "Dirty Bit" and then I tried to do Will.I.Am's rap part while Logan's doing human beatbox. Then after that, we were singing Big Time Rush's "Big Time Rush". Let's see, if I could still remember. Hmmm.. Well, then after an hour, (this sounds funny) I even introduced one of the common games of Pinoys which is "Daisy Apple". Insert laughing emoticon here. And then I taught them how to play that game, and we tried. We had fun! And I'd still remember, Kendall said, "I gotta love this game!"

Oh my goodness. That sounds so weird and funny. But yeah, it was awesome though. 

I guess too much of being a die-hard fan of Big Time Rush already. Uh-oh. Hahahaha.

Remember my post about Justin Bieber's concert in Manila? If so, remember I even mentioned the boys there. I said, if Big Time Rush will have their tour in Manila, I'd swear I'll go and watch & see them live! And I even promise that I'll buy VIP tickets. Bwahahahaha! Am I going insane or what?  Anyway...

And recently, they've been traveling place to place because they're having a tour. And I thought, "Can I just fly to USA right now? And stalk them wherever they go?". Isn't that too possible to happen? Unless, I have lots of money. Right? Ha ha. ;)

Last week, they're already done filming for Season 2. And they all felt so sad. But on the other side, there will be a 3rd season of the series. And I am way too excited. This is gonna be awesome. Thank you Nickelodeon and Scott Fellows. :D

And I remember, while I was watching their live performance on MTV Live. Mom asked me a question, well here it goes:

Mama: Sino yan sila Kai? (Who are they, Kai?)
Me: Big Time Rush.
Mama: Yan yung kalaban ni Bieber? (Is that Bieber's rival?)
Me: NO!
Mama: Ahhhhh.

Like what the? Hahahaha. Though I haven't seen BTR and Bieber getting along with each other, but I don't think they're rivals. :D

Anyway, just bare with me guys. I know you love them also. Ha ha.


Tuesday, 24 May 2011

I do believe in fairies.

Today was such a nice day. And I thank God for that. Yes.

First thing I did in the morning, went to our practice with Karla and Chryslene. And it was actually a short-time practice. I don't even know why. But at least, I had fun talking to these girls. Pancit Canton & Pineapple juice treat for lunch. And I thank you Karla for that.

Right after that, we went to Robinsons Place GenSan because Chryslene and Paolo had their date. While I and Karla had our date also, but not literally. Actually, she asked me if I can accompany her then I told her "sure". And then we went to National Bookstore, she bought a journal notebook for herself. Of course.

And then we went home. I had fun with them.

So I got home. First thing I did as soon as I got home earlier this afternoon, I turned on the laptop and checked Twitter and my mail. Then I got bored, I decided to take a nap. So, I took a nap for like 30 minutes. And then suddenly, I remembered Big Time Rush! So I rushed downstairs, grabbed the Tv remote and switched it on Nickelodeon. But unfortunately, I was kinda late. Hah. Too bad for me. But it's okay, at least I've watched and seen my boys again. It's like I'm not watching their videos on Youtube. I know I'm addicted to them already. Hey! You can't blame me. I know you have your own addiction as well too. Yeah?

Anyway, after that I headed to my cousin's house. We've been planning to have our House of Anubis marathon but I am so busy that I have no time to watch it with her. And then just an hour ago, we finally started it. But I can't call it marathon, we only watched episodes 1-13. Hahahahahahahaha. Don't worry, we're still going to continue watching it later in the morning since we don't have practice. So yeah. Either way, it's none of your business. 

And after we watched episodes 1-13. I shared to my cousin Jena that I really want a Macbook Pro. And I told her that I want this as a graduation gift. And then she asked, aside from Macbook Pro, what would be the second option as my graduation gift. I told her, Dio scooter. Yes. Haha.

But I don't think I can get any of these two things. Haha. Well, let's just see. :)

I don't know why suddenly I've been obsessed with Macbook Pro. BUT I DO REALLY WANT IT! :(

Ahuh, I do believe in fairies! I do! I do! Lol.

And oh btw, I want that Macbook Pro 15 inch one. Yes. Thank you. :)

Good night! Xoxo, Kikay. ♥

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Bad Vibes.

Every night is my schedule for washing the dishes. But tonight, bad vibes men! I was about to wash the dishes, suddenly I noticed my rosary bracelet is not on my wrist. AND there! I panicked, freaked out and ALL. Though it's not mine, but it's very important to me! Of course. Before I sleep, I always pray. And every time I pray, I always hold the cross at my rosary bracelet. And by that,  I can feel and I know God is listening to me. 

Now what? It's missing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(((

Now, let's see the flashback-- I took a bath. But before that, I took off my clothes, of course. Then I took off the dream catcher that I was wearing and at the same time I took off my rosary bracelet. So it took an hour I guess, to take a bath. Then before I went out of the bathroom, of course! I did get the ROSARY BRACELET and dream catcher. So, after that I was still holding it. Then I went to our bedroom. I hanged the dream catcher but unfortunately, I can't remember where I last put my rosary bracelet. OH NO! THIS ISN'T GOOD! :(((((

BAD VIBES ALL THE WAY DUDE! WTF :| =((((((((((((((

But I'm not gonna give up! I'll still find it. It's very important! Of course. 

Lord, I am really sorry. I know I was being careless. I should have remember where I put it. But too bad, I can't. I am really sorry Lord. :(

Guys, please help me by praying. I know it'll help. Thank you. :)

Still bad vibes.

Friday, 20 May 2011

Outlook for the Year.

I find it quiet interesting. So I just want to share it. :)

Pig Overview

You have the privilege of being the luckiest animal during the Year of the Metal Rabbit. It's about time! Last year might have been a bit hectic. However, all that planning and patience has finally paid off. You deserve the break, Pig. Short of multimillion dollar lottery winnings and total world domination, 2011 should bring many things to be thankful for. I'll bet you're nice and settled in a fulfilling career, a satisfied relationship, and a happy home. If not, those things are probably on their way. Remember to share you successes with the ones you love. Keep striving for inner balance and self-acceptance. Internalize the goodness around you and know you deserve it.

Pig Rating

82% (12 favorable months)

Pig Career

The world is your brunch buffet. Have you tried everything yet? Feel free to feast on all the flavors you can this year when it comes to your professional life. Perhaps you'll finally make strides in the work you've always wanted to do. Lifelong dreams can be realized this year so reach for yours with confidence. Have you written the next great American novel? Discovered a cure for cancer? Composed a symphony? Don't be surprised if your efforts are greatly rewarded. You've waited a long time for this. Enjoy the well-deserved recognition.

Pig Relationships

You might feel like you finally know the meaning of domestic bliss in 2011. You and the Rabbit are of the same affinity group, Rabbit-Goat-Pig, so relationships will probably be harmonious this year. Marriage, moving in together, or babies could be part of the equation. Are you ready? Make sure you've worked out all the kinks in your relationship before you set things in stone. If you're single, you might meet a special someone with lasting potential this year. Relationships started now could be very favorable, so be prepared to mingle.

Pig Health

With all the excitement going on, don't forget to take care of your health this year. If you're a typical Pig, you might be tempted to overindulge, especially in celebration of good things. This could wreak havoc on your digestive system, to be good to your body. Nurture it with plenty of fruits, veggies, whole grains, and vitamins. Eat organic whenever possible. Drink plenty of water. You'll need strength and stamina to get through this year. Make sure you don't tax your system by having too good of a time!

Pig Wealth

Your hard work during the year of the Tiger should bring money your way in 2011. There will be several occurrences of Triple Metal days -- where the element of the year, month, and day all match. Since Metal is the element most closely affiliated with wealth, you might see your bank account get a boost. Not only that, a few Triple Rabbit days could be favorable for you since you're in the same affinity group as this year's animal. Make a list of things you want to buy, do, or see that will cost money. Figure out how many things are feasible and put away the money now. There should be enough to go around.

You can also check yours! Here: Outlook for the Year. Btw, I'm year of the Pig. So that's why. And I only like the "Pig Overview", "Pig Career" and "Pig Wealth". :)
Well, I love the result of my Outlook for the Year 2011. A lot of positive vibes are on my way thru the year. Oh well. But I don't know if this is really true. I mean, let's just see. Right? Who knows? :)

Thursday, 19 May 2011

"Be positive. You can do this!"

Hi Blogspot. I miss you.

Wow. Summer is almost over. And I can't believe this. I'm officially a Senior student this coming June 6th. That was fast! I'm going to be a graduating student and I'm not so ready to say good bye to my High School Life. But well, let's just go with the flow. No matter what happens during my senior year, I'll treasure it. Whether it's a good memory or bad memory, I'll still treasure it. Of course! 

I'm not being dramatic. It's just that I can't believe, I'll be graduating soon. And that soon is somewhere in March 2012. Wow, time flies so fast. And I'm gonna miss my Junior year classmates. They were the best! Yeah, Sophomore year was the better year for me. It was fun. I mean we're still immature ones. Fighting over small things, fighting over boys and everything. Oh well. But Junior year, was the best year for me! I had the best classmates in the universe. I felt like some of my classmates are part of my family. We are so close to each other. I am in love with my classmates. Yes, that's why I am gonna miss them. Still can't move on

I'd still remember, during last few weeks before the school year ends, that was the good days I considered being with my classmates. Every day, we always make something that will be remembered. Like going out of the classroom without asking permission AND we're like 4 or 3 going out of the room, I mean it's not even allowed in our school unless if permitted. Only one at a time. But yeah, so many things we have treasured. I just can't accept the fact that we're not classmates anymore this coming June 6th. But I guess some of them. But it would be great though if SMB (Samahan ng Malalanding Bata) brothers and sisters will be my classmate. Awwww :'(

I don't know but I have to share this. We, my classmates, planned to have a Farewell Party Part 2. I know it sounds crazy. But it's like we're giving chances to those weren't able to attend the Farewell Party. See? We love each other SO MUCH that we even planned to have a part  two of Farewell Party. Sounds crazy and weird. Yeah. I think that explains why we love each other, why I love them. :)

Well, I don't know if I'll love my Senior year, but let's just see. I'll just go with the flow. Ask God's guidance. What else? Of course, be myself. And deal with everything, like teachers and classmates. Oh men. 

I know God will guide me. :)

Oh Senior Year, please be good to me. Bare with my mood swings, with my attitude and whatsoever. Don't be so harsh to me. I know you're tough. Haha. 

And it's because I'm a Senior student already, I wanna grow up. Dealing with some teenage stuffs and so on. Be mature enough. But I'm mature during my Junior year, but not that enough. Lol.


Yeah? :)

Okay, like how many days left? Hmm. 17 days, according to my calendar. Well, in that case? I'll enjoy the last 17 days before my Senior year starts. :)

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Scrumptious. Ugh.

Last night, I had my May issue of Total Girl Philippines. And Justin Bieber's the cover for this month. And it has free poster of Greyson Chance and I am totally loving it.

Anyway, while I was reading it, one page from this mag caught my attention. I read this article, and it's all about foods. And because of that magazine, I've been wanting to try those delicious foods. The photos are kinda weird when you look at it, but it looks tasty. I am serious, I wanna try those. Ugh.


First, I wanna try Saudi Arabia's Beef Kebab Sandwich. I know there are lots of that here, but of course I emphasized it. SAUDI ARABIA's ;)

Well, it's not that quiet exactly from what I saw from the magazine. :)

Second, France's Chausson aux Pommes or Apple Turnover

Third, Japan's Okonomiyaki! Wanna try that different flavors in a different type of Pancake! :)

Looks really tasty! Pancake in a different flavors. I know it looks weird. But who knows? This would be the best pancake in the world. Haha.

Fourth, Taiwan's Milk Tea. It's available at Serenitea! Ooohh please :(

Fifth, I also wanna try Korea's different kind of icecream which is Fish Red Bean Ice Cream. I wonder how it taste like? Haha. 

And it has red bean paste aside.

Sixth, Malaysia's Sago Gula Melaka. This icy and flavorful treat could be great on weekends. 

I know it looks weird. But yeah dude, who knows? Haha.

And oh please, let me try at least one of those tasty foods. Oh men. I know someday, I'll be able to taste all of these. Insert evil laugh. Haha.

Ugh. I just wanna try it RIGHT NOW. Oh men. Hahaha.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Friday the 13th.

Friday the 13th--

This day was kinda awesome yet my friends and I were really pissed off

I, Livra, Andrea, Jacqueline and Ashy went at the Robinsons Place at 3 in the afternoon. Went there so early just to have our seats. The show will start at 5 in the afternoon, so we waited there for 1 hour. So we're getting excited. Because finally, will get the chance to see Sam Concepcion. But after like 1hour or 30 minutes, they announced that Sam Concepcion's flight got delayed. So the show will start at 7 in the evening. We were like what!? Are you f*cking kidding me? But it's for Sam, the support and the love. ;)

First I have to share this. Haha.


  • Chance to have a picture with him right after the show. ♥
  • Shake hands with him.
  • Might get a hug from him.
  • And during his performance/s, will get the chance to be with him on stage. 


  • There are some people who got in. Like I don't know if there are security guards at the back.
  • The crowd went crazy. (I know it's common but it's not usual for what I have seen during this day.)
  • I almost lost my phone.
  • I wasn't able to shake hands with him. (Lol)
  • And this is the f*cking worst, I wasn't able to have a picture with him! :((

LIKE F*CK REALITY. I wasn't really expecting that, of course. For us, who waited there for hours, it's so unfair. Like super duper unfair. How come the security guards weren't able to guard at the back!? F*cking idiots! Seriously. It wasn't secured at all. Uggghhhh. 

And I just wanted to scream at their faces; "Mga ignorante! Mga walang breeding! Pwe!" -- I am serious. No kidding. But good thing, I know how to control my temper. Except right now. Haha. ;)

Actually, before Sam arrived at the Robinsons Place. It was still organized until he came and the people started going inside and it was disorganized already. I mean, what are the purpose of those seats they arranged? Like duh. And for your information, it's a first come first serve basis seats. That's why we went there so early, early in the afternoon (Lol what?).  F*ck ignorant people! :s

For me, it wasn't still an organized event AT ALL. Mga bobo at boba lang, mga walang breeding! :s

Sam Concepcion performing at the Robinsons Place, 13th May 2011.

Positive side-- I still had fun. I saw my best friend, Marjoray. Jumping and screaming and singing. Sam is really friendly and down-to-earth. He has patience. He apologized many times for being late. It's okay Sam at least, you still came and made us all happy. Not the part, well nvm. Haha. He had so much fun, yeah! Go check his Twitter. And yeah, he's really good-looking in personal. But I almost didn't appreciate his handsomeness. It's because of what happened. I'm not excited anymore. Men! His moves are epic awesome, especially when he sang "Yeah 3x" by Chris Brown. Dang it Sam! Oh well. 

But I am still thankful to God, of course! ♥

Here some of this tweets while he was in GenSan:

@sam_concepcion: "Plane just landed. So late for the show! Flight got delayed. Wait for me robinsons gensan!!! I'm on my way!"

After 24 minutes...

@sam_concepcion: "Ang dami daw tao na sa rob gensan. Sorry I know I'm late but I'm gonna give you guys a great show! I won't let the fans down."

After an hour...

@sam_concepcion: "Showtime."

And right after the show...

@sam_concepcion: "The show went so well! The crowd was crazy, and so was I! Haha nothing feels better than performing for a crowd like that. The besst!"

I know he had fun! It's quiet obvious. Hope he'll come back again next time, and I'll promise I won't let the opportunity slip thru my fingers to have a picture with him! I AM SERIOUS. YEAH. ;)

And oh btw, I ain't even mad. At all. I'm just really pissed off of about this "disorganized event". Yeah. But moved on. ;)

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

What a funny rumor.

So yeah. Last night was Justin Bieber's concert. And there was a funny rumor speculating over Twitter. During or every Justin Bieber's concert, every time he'll sing One Less Lonely Girl, some staffs will pick one lucky girl from the crowd. And in the middle of the performance, that lucky girl will show up and JBiebs will sing for her, give roses, touch her cheeks and sometimes every end of the song-- he'll kiss this lucky girl.

Last night, this funny rumor that has been speculating over Twitter is-- the complete name of the girl who was rumored OLLG (One Less Lonely Girl) was trending on Twitter. Take note, her complete name. Like seriously? I know the girl, she's my friend's sister. I envy her. Not because of the "rumor", it's because her name was really on trending topics list. I've always dream that. Lol.

Anyway, it was really really funny. I thought she was really the OLLG in Jbiebs concert. My friends even tweeted it, so I asked them if it is really her. And that was the question on our minds. My other friend even asked that girl on her Facebook if it was really her. So funny. 

I don't want to mention her name here. If you have Twitter, at least you could have witness that last night. Oh poor her, I pity her. So much. Seriously. 

The concert ended last night at 10pm. It's because they have to end it as soon as possible, because Jbiebs is sick. Before his concert in Manila, he was diagnosed and found out that he has a bad chest infection. Ohh Poor Bieber. Actually, when they were still at the Singapore, he was feeling sick already. But Jbiebs still want the concert to push-thru. 

Before his concert, he tweeted, "sick as a dog...but the show must go on. got called a trooper. lol. LEGGO"

Awww, poor Justin Bieber. But anyway, moving on. After the concert, I have read some tweets about the concert. And my friend retweeted from the Twitter user who watched the concert. She tweeted that, the OLLG was her friend. Not the rumored OLLG. And she ended her tweet with "Where the hell did you get that?". Yeah she has a point, where did the people get that? 

The OLLG was Leonest Franco, according to her friend. I tried to search her on Twitter. And fortunately, I found her twitter account but it's private. But I don't care at all. I found her Facebook account also. Men, I gotta say this girl is really lucky. I know she can't still get enough with that thing. Haha. Dang! I envy her, so so so so so so so much.

But anyway, last night was one of the funniest moment I've ever had. Oh men, what a funny rumor. Poor rumored OLLG, Lucky real OLLG. :)

Monday, 9 May 2011

I need a pocket full of sunshine.

Remember my last post, Become Hysterical? I actually gave you guys a wrong info about where Justin Bieber is staying at. Actually, he's staying at Edsa Shang. I gave you that info because that's what my friend said. Well I'm sorry about that.

Anyway, today is the day. And tonight is the night. A lot of Pinoys will be watching his concert. But I don't know if the tickets are sold-out already. But who cares? So, here I am again. Becoming hysterical. Oh geez, what the hell is wrong with me? Haha. Well maybe this simply shows I am really a fan of him. Not only him. ALSO POREOTICS, FYI. ;)

By the way, sorry for giving you wrong info about Justin Bieber. :)
And before I almost forgot, I want to share what my friend said to me last night: "Don't be depressed just because you can't go there and see & watch him live. Don't worry, there are lots of next time. And someday, you'll be able to meet him. Especially Poreotics. You're the one who said it, Never Say Never. And God doesn't want you to fly to Manila, because He knows there might be something bad will happen to you. Especially nowadays, not-so-friendly weather in Manila, right? So, just pray and talk to God. Soon, He'll give that CHANCE to you."

And there, my friend enlightened me. Actually, I've been thinking about that. I mean the part that God doesn't want this for me. That I really need to remember that this thing is not meant for me. Yeah, deal with it. :)

I'd still remember, he even told me this: "Actually, you've seen him many times already. There's just one thing that you can't called it reality." Then I asked him, "Ha? Like what?" and then he joked, "The computer screen, the Tv screen and so on." -- Good one! Hahaha. Actually, he has point. Lol.

Well, I need happiness! I need Natasha Bedingfield to give me a "Pocket Full of Sunshine". :)

And to my girls, GrInkLetLue-- Happy Monthsary girls! Wow, going stronger and stronger. Haha. I love you to the highest level: Rani, Karla, Johanna, Germaine, ate Trish, Livra and Kylie. Xo :)

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Become hysterical.

I know I'm exaggerating things but seriously I am dying inside. I know I'll be depressed until May 10, but except May 9 because it's my Dad's birthday. :)

Justin Bieber arrived in Manila earlier. And now he's staying at Victoria Court in Manila. It's not obvious that I am much updated. Lol.

All I wanna do right now is, cry my heart out. I know it's such a small thing or it's not a big deal. But for me, as a fan of him, of course it's a big deal. I can't believe I've missed the opportunity. But what else can I do? I guess this is meant for me. But I'm still hoping and wishing SOMEDAY, I'll meet him in personal. Yeah, I know God will give that TIME to me. Yeah? :)

I don't know. I'm confused. Positive thoughts over negative thoughts. What the? Oh help me. 

Poreotics, I can't believe this. I can't watch you dance live. I am truly sorry. Sincerely, your die hard fan. :'(

Justin Bieber, I can't believe this too. I can't watch you perform live. I am truly sorry. But I know there are lots of next time. Never Say Never, right? Hope you'll enjoy your stay here and have fun on your concert! Break a leg. I know it'll be successful. Sincerely, your die hard fan who's depressed. :'(

And oh. I have something to share. Last night, I've been watching lots of Big Time Rush videos. Their radio station guestings, music videos, performance in such events and etc. And then I thought, when Big Time Rush will have their concert tour here in the Philippines, I'D SWEAR TO GOD I WILL GO AND WATCH AND SEE THEM LIVE NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS. I AIN'T GONNA LOSE THE CHANCE AND OPPORTUNITY TO SEE THEM. I know I am over reacting but I am serious. Yeah. Plus, if ever that "thing" will happen? I am so gonna buy the VIP ticket. Spell promise and I mean it

Yeah right. 

Btw, Justin Bieber is staying in Victoria Court. Mentioned twice. And there's one thing, VC reserved a futuristic room for him. Iron Man theme, I think this is the room that JBiebs is staying in. Go watch it.

    Cool, isn't it? So futuristic. :)

Well then. 
Kikay x

Saturday, 7 May 2011

I am dismay.

Well that means I am depressed. Like supercalifragialisticexpialidocious
You want to know why am I depressed?

It's because, Justin Bieber's concert here in Philippines is on May 10, 2011. And I am so sad and disappointed, I can't watch his concert. Oh Lord, why? And I have a confession. I even joined the promo contest to Nickelodeon

Nickelodeon asked two questions to all Pinoy Nicksters. And the questions are: (1.) How young is the pop singing sensation Justin Bieber, who is performing a live concert in Manila on 10 May 2011? (2.) What is the channel where kids rule?

The prize is: 5 sets of tickets will be up for grabs! In addition, 2 lucky winners will get to meet Justin in person! See? Isn't it awesome? But too bad I'm not one of the lucky winners. Btw, entries are raffled. So it's a fair game. Lol. 

And the other reason why I really want to watch his concert is, his special guest is Poreotics. I've been watching Poreotics in ABDC Season 5 (America's Best Dance Crew) ever since they joined. If I missed one episode of ABDC, I searched them and watched their performance on Youtube. The time I knew that Poreotics is the special guest of Justin Bieber's tour here in Philippines, I was really shocked and being so desperate just to have the tickets. But unfortunately, I'm not one of the lucky winners. Too bad. But it's okay, there are still next times. Never Say Never. Right?

Men, I love Justin Bieber. I love Poreotics. And I cannot believe I will miss the opportunity to see and watch them live. 

Oh well. May 10 is near. And Justin Bieber will arrive in Manila tomorrow. Awwww, so sad. If only I have lots of money, I would buy eight VIP tickets. Why eight? For my other girlfriends, GrInkLetLue. I would love to see and watch the concert with them. But I guess that's gonna happen only in my dreams, yeah? :(

Now what? I wanna cry and cry and cry and cry and cry. :|

Friday, 6 May 2011

TeenVogue's 10 Best Dressed.

This is Teen Vogue's 10 Best Dressed Celebrities at the 2011 Met Ball. I love TV's choices.

1. Blake Lively
Wore: Chanel

2. Rihanna
Wore: Stella McCartney

3. Kristen Stewart
Wore: Proenza Schouler 

4. Emma Roberts
Wore: Michael Kors

5. Elle Fanning
Wore: Valentino Couture

6. Mia Wasikowska
Wore: Thakoon

7. Hailee Steinfield 
Wore: Stella McCartney

8. Taylor Swift
Wore: J. Mendel

9. Alexa Chung
Wore: Christopher Kane

10. Dianna Agron
Wore: Michael Kors

How come Dianna Agron is number 10? Hahaha. Well then. :)

Glamorous and Unglamorous.

Last May 02, 2011, Met Ball 2011 was held at Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. The time I read the article about this event, I was so excited to see ladies' fabulous gowns. Some of my favourite Hollywood celebrities attended the event. But it doesn't mean that I love them, I have to like their gowns also. No. 

Now I have seen some photos from Met Ball 2011, so I decided to make my own Top 5 Glamorous gowns and Top 5 Unglamorous gowns. Don't get mad if I don't like the gown of your favourite celebrity. I do have my own opinion also. ;)

So here it goes..

My Top 5 Glamorous gowns

    Twilight's Starlet, Ashley Greene 

    Gossip Girl's Serena, Blake Lively -- her dress is my favourite!

    American Gothic Starlet, Evan Rachel Wood

    The Queen of Pop, Madonna

    Glee's Quinn Fabray, Dianna Agron

I guess there's nothing to explain why I chose these glamorous gowns. It's just that their gowns are so simple yet so glamorous. Especially Dianna's gown, I love it. And her hairstyle looks good on her.


My Top 5 Unglamorous Gowns

    Canadian model, Jessica Stam

    Mad Men's Joan Holloway, Christina Hendricks

    Tennis player, Serena Williams

    Inglourious Basterds starlet, Diane Kruger

    New York's finest singer, Alicia Keys-- For me, I wouldn't have wear the blazers. I mean the gown she wore is so glamorous but she wore blazers with it, and it became unglamorous. Oopss.

Well, I hope some of you guys agree with me. I know it's a million dollar worth but did they even think if that gown suits them well? I don't care. But yeah right.

So, that's my top 5 glamorous gowns and unglamorous gowns. To be honest, there are lots of photos I have seen that I can call it unglamorous. Well...

How I wish I was one of the celebrities who attended the event.