Sunday, 24 July 2011

Swag Friends. ♥

Hey Blogspot! Did you know that I had a great and super fun day yesterday and last night? Well, yes! Yes I had. :)

It was just an ordinary day when I woke up yesterday morning. Simply because, I have to go to school for our NCAE Review. It's not a big deal for me, actually. The only big deal for me is, do we really need to wear our school uniform? Oh come on!

But anyway, right after our NCAE Review. Livra, Germaine and I headed to McDonald's for lunch. There, chikahan with the girls. Reminiscing the past and all. Then after our lunch, we went home. That time I just wanted to sleep. But failed, I wasn't able to sleep as soon as I got home. It turned out that I was facing my laptop and checked all my online junkies. Well, it's been awhile since I haven't checked all of my online junkies. And oh, including my previous post-- I just posted that yesterday. Yeah.

So, it was a fine afternoon until Glaiza called me and invited me over to their house. She said we will watch some movies and of course bonding with friends. I immediately asked permission from Mom and Dad. And so they agreed. Yey!

Before I went to Glaiza's crib, I went to Robinsons first to buy my own copy of July issue of Candy Magazine. Been craving for this thang since last last week. So, finally! I had my copy already. So happy. Almost forgot to mention, Emma Watson and Danielle Radcliffe are the cover of this month, back-to-back cover. Awesome,  I know! You should get yourself a copy also. Go!

After I bought my copy, I headed to Glaiza's crib. The time I got there, they were watching 'Devil'. I thought that that movie was kinda boring. But then I tried to watch it with them, it was a good movie. You should watch it. It's a suspense slash thriller movie. After watching that movie, we decided to watch 'The Last Exorcism'. Well, that movie is obviously horror and some kind of gross movie. Gawd! It was some kind of sh*t.

Right after we watched two movies, the boys went out to play basketball. While we, girls decided to play volleyball.

But I guess it turned out that I was the only one playing volleyball. 

Matthan and Karla went for a biking session. 

Glaiza's the photographer of the day.

Titus, Moses and Josh played basketball. 

Ishii just chilling out, he can't play. He got injured. 

Livra was sort of playing with me. Yeah. 

Poor Ishii, but at least he had fun! :)

After an hour, we went back to Glaiza's crib from Camella Homes' basketball court. Well, we had our dinner at Kuya JC-MIC BBQ (I'm not quite sure with the name). Obviously, we had BBQ for dinner! And it was a great dinner with the SWAG. Right after our dinner, we decided to go to Robinsons. And we walked from Kuya JC-MIC BBQ to Robinsons. And yeah, you can call it sorta of a walk-a-thon. Hahaha.

And this part was amazing yet funny. Did you know our friend Titus pretended like he was suffocating? Yes! He did that. And I could say, he's pretty good at acting! Ha! When he started like he was suffocating, Karla and Livra called our attention. And we started to panic and freaked out. It looked so "REAL". And then Glaiza was about to get a tricycad so that we can take Titus to the hospital, he suddenly stop and said, "Tara!" ("Let's Go!") =.=

And we're all like "AHHHHHH!", "TITUUSSSS!!", "DANG YOU TITUS!!" and all. And we kinda spanked him, punched him and all. Dang! This guy is really good. And plus, Karla even cried. Livra was nervous, I can tell. And we are all freaking out. To be honest? I don't know what to do, I was kinda shaking that time. Because I, actually WE thought it was real. But anyhoo, it was still a great night, at all. I loved it. 

It was really a fun day and great night for us, yeah? Like literally. And I thank God for that, of course! Thank you so much God. ♥

How I love these people. They are the ones who make my day complete and happier than I've ever thought. They are the most amazing friends you'll ever met. I've been friends with them since 1st year but we got the chance to be closer with each other during our Sophomore Year. I love my Swag Friends. And almost-forgot-to-mention again, that's our group name--- SWAG. ;)

And now I present to you, my SWAG Friends!

I know my GIF's not good as what you expected. This is my first, still working on it. 

By the way, how was your weekend? 

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