Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Road trip: Cagayan De Oro City

Hi blogspot! I'm sorry if I wasn't able to update you asap. I've been on a road trip since last last Sunday until last Sunday. Haha. And I can't just update you as soon as I got home, probably because I need a lot of rest. Don't worry, now's the time! :)

Anyway, I'm going to separate post about my road trip. This blog is all about my road trip with family at the Cagayan De Oro City. Not only with the family, but also with my relatives on father's side. No, we didn't went to CDO all together of course. We all just kinda like met at the place.

While on our way to CDO, I was feeling excited and happy. I'm just so excited at all. Especially knowing that I'll get to see my cousins that I've been wanting to see for the past few years. Yeah and I'm serious. Anyway, it was a 9-hour road trip from Gensan to CDO. And my head was aching already and I all just wanted to do is get a lot of sleep so that I'll be looking fresh on the next day for the wedding of my cousin. But I wasn't able to do that.

When we got to the place where we will stay, my brother and I immediately stayed at the lobby of Victoria Suites while mom and my niece were checking out the vacant room where we supposed to stay but we decided to change and move to the Parkview Hotel, beside Victoria Suites. So we're still close enough to our relatives. My relatives from Cebu stayed at Victoria Suites, yeah.

Right after my dad checked-in, we went to our room and the first thing I wanted to do is eat the food that we bought from Jollibee because I did not eat any thing while on our way to CDO (9 hours without eating, imagine that?). But fail, dad told us we need to get ready because we will go out for a dinner with the relatives. And I was like "oh please! Let's go! I'm starving to death already". We had our dinner at the Kamayan sa Manokan with the Branzuela Clan. But too bad, I wasn't in the mood to catch-up with my cousins. I was too tired because of our road trip.

I look awkward -__-

Astig ko dito ah? Siga lang? Hahaha!

And look how playful Janseth is. And so as Jared, his brother :)

So the night ended with happiness and it was a long day after all. :)

The next day followed, woke up so early in the morning. I hate waking up so early. But anyway, we went to the Limketkai Mall for a last minute haunting for mom's dress, my niece's dress and brother's pants. It turned out that they all bought something from the mall except dad and I.

Right after at the Mall, we immediately went back to the hotel so that we can prepare already for the big day of my cousin (her wedding). Before anything else, I would just like to share that mom and I were running late for the wedding. It was all of because of me. And because of me, Dad was the only one who walked down the aisle without a partner. Probably you're wondering why. Like I said, we were late. Mom was with me. She waited for me at the hotel. Sorry guys! :)

Anyway, I don't know what to say about the wedding. I mean it's perfect and wonderful. I felt the happiness and every time I see a newly wed couple, I just wanted to cry. I don't know why. But the wedding was perfectly amazing. Like seriously. :)

Here's the photos that I loved and picked:

The newly wed couple with their parents :)

My nephew Janseth. Such a cutie!! And I miss already the way he calls me "Chiks". :">

Aren't they lovely? Haha

Call me maybe?

The Branzuela clan with the lovely couple :-)

The view outside the church. So nice!!

The reception :)

My dad with the bride :)

The stunning bride, ate Nina :)

I'm just so happy for my cousin. And by that, I would like to congratulate both of them! Congratulations ate Nina and kuya Cary. God bless! Stay strong. ♥ :)

The lovely couple ♥

Look how happy they are. I'm sure they are really meant for each other. God will always be there for them thru their journey together. This couple are surely blessed. :)

So right after at the Church, we went to the reception at the Harbor Lights Hotel. Everything happened there was priceless. Everyone at the reception shared smiles and happiness with the lovely couple. :)

Btw, I seated along with my cousin(s) ate Fiona, kuya Gabe, kuya Nico, kuya Toto and his wife, my brother Kim, my little brother Kyle and my little niece Ashy. I had fun talking and catching-up with them. See? I was able to make-up with them despite of last night's dinner. Haha. Plus! I had fun talking with them in Bisaya. Sorry friends, I really have to and I just love speaking in Bisaya. Hehe. Well, some of my friends told me I'm not bagay to speak Bisaya. Some of them told me whenever I tried to speak Bisaya, I'm TH. Hahahahaha! 

Anyway... When we can almost feel the boredom, kuya Nico was trying the App on iPad which is "LogosQuiz". After how many minutes, everyone's like kinda into that game already. I mean seriously, that game was really interesting. You guys should try it! :)

When we were at the lobby, so us busy playing the LogosQuiz while the oldies caught up some conversations and grabbed some drinks. 

But the day ended with happiness. Thank you Lord. :)

The next day followed, the day that was supposed to be our Last Day in CDO. And that day was supposed to be the day that we're going home. But it turned out it didn't. It's okay, at least we're still able to catch up with the Branzuela clan. Had our lunch at Golden Cowrie owned by my uncle and aunt. And had our dessert at Mooon Cafe owned by my uncle and aunt also (CDO branch only). It was so good to catch up again with our relatives. I mean it's been a really looooooooooong time. 

So, it was a perfect trip to CDO. I'm gonna miss them. But I'm sure I'll get to see them soon, real soon. :-)

I hope next time around we will gather will be more fun. Thank you God for this chance. Everything about my CDO Trip with family and relatives was perfect. I loved it. I had so much fun with them. :)

See you soon CDO and Branzki Clan :-)

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Updated: MDubarmy & MDubgang needs your help!

Hi there. A quick post about... :)

Yes. Another blog post asking you guys for a little favor. I know, I've been asking too much. I'm sorry. Haha.

Anyway, I wanted to introduce to you guys (for some who still doesn't know them), one of my favorite crews of all time from Los Angeles. They are consist of 8 members from different places and grew up in a different cultures. They are comprised of dance teachers who are dedicated to giving back to the community through their signature MOS style (Movement Over Sound). They are the Mos Wanted Crew.

Yep, that's right! This is the boys.

There are also full-blooded Filipino in this crew. Yep, there are three. And also the awesome and amazing man behind this crew is a half-Filipino, Sir Myron Marten. We're just proud of them! :D

Brian Puspos, Bam Martin and Jun Quemado 

You know why am I a fan of this crew? Simply because, they are truly a performer. Mos Wanted Crew is one of those crews that can kill the stage and they will not disappoint you with their own creativity of their routine and choreography. They has style and most important, talent. A true talent and blessing that God gave to them. And right now? Yes, truly they are blessed. Like super duper. 

A lot of fans love them and support them, even the ones who don't really know them well, they still support this awesome crew. And their fanbase are called "MDubarmy" or "MDubgang" (hence the title!). They might one of them or not, they are still voting for this crew on MTV's hit show, America's Best Dance Crew Season 7. :D

Yeah! You read that right. They are one of the crews who are competing for the title of America's Best Dance Crew. In order to win this title or to be known them (Mos Wanted Crew) as America's Best Dance Crew, here's what you need to do:

A little favor again. Hihi :)

Just simply click this link: Vote for Mos Wanted Crew. And you'll see this:

And then click vote button as many times as you can. Don't worry, this is not closely related to Twitter. No vote limits. So like I said, vote as many times as you can. Or just click the vote button under Mos Wanted Crew's name AS MANY TIMES AS POSSIBLE. BTW VOTE EVERY WEDNESDAY/THURSDAY (FOR THE RESIDENTS OF PHILIPPINES) You might know them or not, just do it. Hahaha ;)

That's just simple, isn't it? 

So what are you waiting for? VOTE NOW FOR MOS WANTED CREW! :D

Some of you may don't know them or clueless about them. Just vote for them. And here are some video performances of MWC from America's Best Dance Crew. From week 2-week 7, they were introduced  on the second batch already that's why they started on week 2. Week 7 is the latest challenge :)

- I'm sorry but the owner of this video disabled the embedding request. Hehe, so just click the link. :)

America's Best Dance Crew Week 3: Madonna Challenge | Mos Wanted Crew - 4 Minutes

This is one my favorite routines. ;)

America's Best Dance Crew Week 4: Drake Challenge | Mos Wanted Crew - The Motto

I just love their reaction the time they found out that they're going to perform Drake's track "The Motto". They really love that song ha. Hahaha. 

America's Best Dance Crew Week 5: Jennifer Lopez Challenge | Mos Wanted Crew - On the Floor

This is truly my favorite routine! Ian is so hot and so as Brian. Oh em gee. Anyway, I love this routine so much that I kept on watching this video all over again. Yeah. #KubLife

America's Best Dance Crew Week 6: Pitbull Challenge | Mos Wanted Crew - Give Me Everything

This routine is actually good. But let's just say those are one of the down moments of MWC. It's okay! Everybody makes mistakes. No one is perfect :)

America's Best Dance Crew Week 7: Rihanna Challenge | Mos Wanted Crew - Cockiness

Dude! This routine is waaaaay too hot and cool. I loved it! Good job MWC! So proud of you. :)

So now you have seen all of their performances. Aren't they the best? :D

Anyway, will not make it longer anymore. I hope you'll really do my little favor. Please! :D


Thank you so much from the very bottom of my heart. ♥ :)
I'm sure Mos Wanted Crew will appreciate this. :D

God bless y'all :)

Monday, 14 May 2012

Ain't like the Summertime

Well, some of you know that I've been wanting to go out and swim either at a pool or at the beach. Oh well, I'm just happy that finally I was able to do this. And yes, with my beloved SWAG, GrInkLetLue and some friends. I'm just so happy. :)

Last Thursday (May 10, 2012), it was like 2 or 3 in the morning yet I couldn't sleep. I don't even know why. No, I don't have an insomnia. I really had a hard time sleeping. Like I tried closing my eyes and not try to open it so that I could sleep. But it didn't work. And no, I was not excited at that time. I swear! I just really don't know why I couldn't sleep. I did try to pray and ask God to let me sleep already because I badly needed it. But I guess, it was just me at all. Maybe there was something wrong with me during that night.

And yeah, I remembered the fact that I posted on my previous previous blog post. The thought says, "eating a banana at night could help you sleep.". Ahuh! I wanted to try that but sadly, there were no bananas left already. I guess I was the one who ate almost all of it. Hahaha!

So it was like 3 something in the morning when finally I fell asleep. The dream was amazing and I felt like it was real. And that feels good, well not the thought that I only had like 3-4 hours of sleep. Oh wow.

I was just on Twitter when Karla tweeted me along with Livra and Germaine's username telling us to be at their house at around 10AM, but it was already 10:30AM when she tweeted that. So I went to their house at around 11:30AM. Hahahaha! #Pinoys

Right after our "Japanese" lunch at Gako's residence. Wait! I have to thank Karla and her mom for that sweet lunch. Thank you Karla and Tita! So anyway, we immediately headed to Robinsons' Supermarket to buy our foods. Even at the supermarket, it was fun with the girls. And yeah, thank you again Tita for helping us. Hehe :)

When we were done at the Supermarket, Karla's mom drove us all the way to GensanView Resort. And I had to say that it was blazing hot during that time. Mr. Sun was shining all over Gensan. And I couldn't bare with the hotness. Oh.

Good thing, when we decided to swim and jump off at the pool already, the sun was hidding already behind the clouds. Yeyy! :)

Here are my favorite photos of us enjoying the summer. Naks! Well some of them are just chosen by truly yours :)

Hahaha, go Germaine! :)

I just simply love this shot. Idk why :)

Meet Yel, Germaine's cute poodle puppy. So cute! :">

The slides are fun! Especially the red one ;)

I wanted to go here but then, the gate was closed. Tsk

Martin was the first in line. He's so cute in here! 

And then Karla's next :D

Me was the third one! :p

Then Kungfu :)

Oh! A for effort for that pose, Matthan! :)

Oh it's Janel! :D

Last but not the least, Rabin. HAHA

Sorry for being kiddos! We just wanted to try the red one. Tho I have tried it before already, I just wanted to go with them :-)

My tummy looks weird in here. Hahaha

Awwww, Yel's sleeping :>

Yes, umabot kami ng gabi. :D

Seriously, this day (May 10) was full of fun! And I have to formally thank God and my friends. Special mention are: Karla, Livra, Germaine, KungFu (Karla's little bro), Christian, Matthan, Janel, Eman, Neal, Jaymar, Rabin, Titus, Ira and Moses. Thank you so much guys for this wonderful little outing. I swear I had fun with you guys! Til next time! :)

I will miss all of them especially the ones who will fly somewhere for their college Life, of course. Special mention again: Karla, Livra, Jaymar (not quite sure) and Matthan. Awwwww! I will really miss you guys. See you soon!! :)

You're probably wondering why am I not moving anymore. Well it's because I still don't want to leave my home and my hometown. Still not ready to leave my family. And you know I'm the type of person who easily gets homesick. So yeaaaahh. But maybe after 1st sem or my 1st year, I might move and go to Cebu already for my college. Actually, I don't want to think about it. I just want to go with the flow and let things happen the way it supposed to be. Yeah ;)

So that's it. I can still feel the summer. It was all because of God, my family and friends. Yeah. How about you? Are you enjoying and still enjoying your summer 2012? :)

Btw before anything else, don't forget to vote for Kendall Schmidt on BOP and Tiger Beats's Poll on their site. For the link, check out my previous blog post. Thank you! God bless you always!

Lots of love. Xx

Hence the title! :)

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Late post: Happy birthday Pa! ♥

Actually I was planning to post this right after we had our dinner at the Shakey's. But then, I really lack sleep these past few days. And sometimes I forgot to post it. But right now, I'll post it. :)

Dad's birthday is actually May 9. So yeah we had a simple celebration by dining out with the family. And again, Karla Branzuela and Kathleen Branzuela are MIA again. Oh well. It's okay! :)

I'm happy with my family :)

Mom: Ilang years na tayo Ga? 
Ate Koleen: 32!
Mom: Whaaaaaaat?! Paano kita natiis?
Ate Koleen: Paano ka rin natiis ni papa!

Partners in crime

Is she really drinking that beer? No, just for a photo only. :)

Favorite :)

Favorite :)

Caught in the act: Don't disturb

Paparazzi photo.

Awww, I find this photo so cute :)

Yup, that's how we roll!


It was another good times with my family. Conversations, sharing jokes, sharing pick-up lines and full of laughters. I just can't describe how happy I was when that night happened. I just love spending time with my family. I mean who doesn't? If anyone does, dude your seriously insane. Lol just kiddng. But srsly, you have got to love spending time with your family. That's one of the most important things in this Universe. I swear. :)

Haha. 'nuff said :)

I love about everything in these photos! It just simply shows of how close we are to each other.

I just love my family. ♥ :)