Sunday, 28 August 2011

Mild Sweet Sixteen.

First, I want to thank God for giving me another year of living in this world. And yet this time, being a who-just-turned-sixteen-year-old, I would love to explore new things about Teenager's life. I guess being a teenager is the best feeling in the whole world. Right?

So, since I'm still a teenager, I will enjoy every moment of my teenage life. I will discover things that has been undiscovered by me. Every moment of my teenage life, I will treasure it. And being a teenager one, I will learn how to depend literally on myself. As a teenager, I will make my own decisions and have to fully trust myself on making decisions. But still, needs support from my parents.

Being a teenager in love? Nope! I guess I'm not into that thing first. I know being a teenager one isn't a complete package if you're not in love. For me, it's not true. I might be in love but with my family and friends. Actually, I am in love with God. ;)

The extraordinary girl who just turned sixteen last August 24 :)

Well, I will make sure that I will have the best journey during my teenage years.

Last night, it was one of the best memory again with SWAG + friends. Late celebration of my birthday last night happened at Camella Homes, Homez's Residence. Thank you Glaiza for providing the venue. And the rest, it was my treat.

Let's call it, Sweet Sixteen with SWAGS. What happened there was quiet simple. Movie marathon, food trip, Ice cream late at night and chit chat with them. These simple things we did actually made my day happier than I've ever thought. They poured sunshine on me. It was awesome.

Too bad, some of my girlfriends wasn't able to celebrate it with us. :(

Anyway, it was fun. Really had an amazing time with them. Went home at almost 1 in the morning. See? Experiences like that is one of the packages of being a teenager one. Haha. I tell you. ;)

Late at night.

I would like to thank my friends for celebrating it with me, though it's late, it was still amazing. You guys made it simple yet amazing Sweet Sixteen. It was literally sweet. You guys spent the whole night with me. Thank you so much guys. I love you to death! ♥

And before I'll end this post, I have to show you the photo of my two favorite buddy. Martin Whittmer and Gerald Almeniana ;)

They're the only two Sophomore students who joined the simple celebration. Ah, I love these two. They're fun to be with also. Both dancers and has ambitions.

All in all, I had the best Sweet Sixteen ever! Who says Sweet Sixteen is not perfect without those expensive gifts, food catering, dance all night and all?

Dude! That was before only. And actually, I don't even care about those things. All I wanted is a great time with great friends just like what happened last night. Again, the best Sweet Sixteen ever.

Thank you to my friends who made it possibly amazing, at all. ;)


  1. Kay.. Ganda blog mo ah. :)

    Follow mo itong tutorial na to, para ung mga smiley mo sa blog post mo maging emoticons. :)
    kaya mo yan.

    Your Pinsan. K_N

  2. Ken! Thank you for visiting my blog. Thank you rin! God bless you! :)