Friday, 23 September 2011

Indelible experience.

This is the only moment that I can post another blog. And yet this time, it's all about my last experience of Intramurals in High School.

At first, I thought, "Oh this is going to be a memorable experience since it's my last year in High School already.". But then, I was wrong. My friends, team mates in Hip-hop and classmates proved my thought wrong. They made it possibly amazing. I haven't enjoyed it but they made it amazing. The best good times with them.

Weeks before our Intramurals, we were so busy. Busy practicing for the Hip-hop contest. I have to say that those were the days that I am perfectly happy, that no one could describe how much happy I am. Though we're really busy but still I am having fun. Actually, I was having fun. :)

My last experience of Intramurals in my High School Life. I am going to miss this kind of event/activity. I know there is a Intramurals in College. But Intramurals in College will never be the same as Intramurals in High School. ;)

Two days before our Intramurals, which are Monday and Tuesday. We don't have classes but we used the two days off for our practice. Of course! 

I could tell that we were all getting nervous. And I thought that it's going to be a tough game between four teams which are; Green, Red, Yellow and Orange. Indeed, it was really a tough game. Two days before Intramurals, everyone was already excited. I could tell by their Facebook statuses, Twitter posts and whatsoever. 

Night before the opening day of Intramurals, I couldn't tell if I am excited or what. I really don't know how to describe what am I feeling that night. So, before I went to bed, I prayed. 

August 31 - Finally, the day has come. The opening day of our Intramurals 2011.

Woke up in the morning and thought it's just going to be an ordinary day, for sure. Prepared everything before going to school. Proudly wore my Green team shirt. While on my way to school, I don't know how I feel. But all I know is, it's going to be a great day. 

Let's just say, I am excited for the said event. Of course. 

The time I got there, they were all at the covered court already. Getting ready for the parade. So when I went to the covered court, I could see the excitement in everyone's faces. And I knew that they're all excited for the said event. I mean, who wouldn't feel excited about Intramurals? That's weird, I guess. Anyway, I really don't know what to say. But all I know is everything was fun and it was really a great day.

So before we proceed to the parade, we asked for God's guidance first and for the successful of the said event. After that, NDDU Harmonic Band started the line of the parade. Right after them, Orange then Green (Us!) then Red then Yellow. 

It was sunny that time. And it's a bummer moment for me, I forgot to bring my shades. Mr. Sun is really shining all over GenSan that time. But thank goodness, Christian lend me his shades. Thank you for that. 

See? In that little moment, I felt like I am a celebrity in the making. ;)

Four of my classmates, Steph, Paolo, Romeo and Julius.

My girl classmates ; Mr. & Miss Teen University of Green Division

There are a lot of photos during the parade. But I showed only few photos. I'm sorry. Lol.

Now, on the second day of our Intramurals- I wasn't able to take photos. I forgot to bring the camera, that's why. But second day was kinda fun also. It was the last day of our practice for hip-hop and that time, I was starting to be dramatic. I thought, "Awww! I'm going to miss this."

And I thought I was the only one who'll miss it. But I was wrong, all of us did. I didn't expect that. Last day of practice was fun. Like literally. Actually, every time we have our practice? I can't feel any weariness. It's because we are sorta of having fun and at the same time, bonding with each other. And that's what I love about my team mates in hip-hop. We are all close. I thank them for the friendship. And yes, I would like to thank our trainer kuya Gaya. :)

I think it's pretty obvious already who's our trainer there. ;)

Awwww, I am really going to miss them. Actually, I miss them already. Those practices, food trip, laugh trip and chit chat with them. Those were the little moments that made me happy. And that adds up to my one of the happiest moments in my life.

Anyhoo, second day ended with a happiness at the same time nervousness for the last day of Intramurals. We move on to the third & last day.

Woke up in the morning and I felt excited. I was so excited and I don't know why. But still, there was a sadness. But it's okay. So, before the hip-hop contest. We kinda review for our dance routine and then after, we prepared for the contest already. 

It was funny because we girls didn't wear make-ups and we don't know what we'll do with our hair. While the boys are come-what-may persons during that time. But the time Green team facilitators visited us at our quarter room, they were all shocked. Yes they were, it's because we all looked dry. No make-ups and everything. It was really funny. And so they did help us. They're the one who did our make-up and boys helped each other. While my sister did my make-up, yeah. Thank you sis! :)

I will make the story short. Okay? Haha!

The hip-hop contest started and all four teams were nervous for the tough contest. I could see that. 

Of course, we didn't forget to pray. That's the most important thing. We were the second team to perform. Unfortunately (not really. haha!), the time we performed, there was a technical error with the music system. So? Unexpected, instead of being the second team to perform. We became the last team to perform. Oh yes, that adds up to our chance. 

So anyway, here's our video. Thank you Livra and Germaine for the video. :)

Well excuse me for my mistake during "Blah Blah Blah". Shiz.

Anyway, how I wish there's still more. Nah just kidding. But to be honest, I am going to miss this when I am in college already. By the way, we only placed 2nd-runner up. Red team was the champion, Yellow team placed 1st-runner up and Orange team placed 3rd-runner up. But for me, all of us are champions. Of course.

Intramurals 2011 was not something to be treasured of, but there are memories during Intramurals that I will surely treasure it. It was one of the best good times with my friends, team mates and classmates. Intramurals in High School will never be the same as Intramurals in College. But pretty sure, Intramurals in College will be fun also. I guess, pretty much. So yeah! All in all, I thank Lord for this wonderful memory. :)

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