Saturday, 23 July 2011

Experienced something new.

Last night was amazing. Experienced something new in my life. Not really, actually. I've already experienced it before but that was way long time ago. I think I was grade 4? If I could still remember.

Anyway, this "experienced something new" thing that I've been talking about is; Worship and praising God. Yes, I'm a Catholic. But it is open for everyone, I think. I just want to say that everything I heard from the speaker last night was incredibly amazing. Realized something and those words enlightened me. 

And by that, I am really thankful to God for everything He gave to me. It was an amazing experience spending the night with them. And actually, met new amazing people from last night worship community service. They're all accommodating. You should have to be confident when you're there. Don't be shy, at all. They're all open-minded there. So I really felt great after that worship community service. 

I got the chance to see ate Trish, Josh, Camille and Alito there. So nice to see my friends there. By the way, I went there with Karla. Too bad, Livra wasn't able to be with us last night. But it's okay, we understand. :)

If you're wondering how was I able to join the worship community service last night, well it's because Edison invited Karla. And so Karla invited me. Edison and Karla are classmates, that's why. 

So yeah. that's why.

So last night was amazing. I had so much fun and at the same time, experienced something new. And learned something new. I just can't wait to go back there next Friday and join them. It was really amazing. And I feel blessed to be with those amazing people last night.

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