Monday, 23 April 2012

My sister's a gold digger

Just a quick post about my sister's very fun idea. Actually, it wasn't hers. She got it from Laureen Uy's blog. I have read it also the blog article about it. But it was way too long ago already so I couldn't post the link here, and I can't even find it anymore. Laureen's archive section is not working, I don't even know why.

Anyway, my sister turned her old Penshoppe purple doll shoes into a new dashing gold one. And it has a nice outcome. I loved it. That's why I'm sharing it to you. :)

On process:

My sister Koleen's old Penshoppe doll shoes ;)

The gold dust. I think my sister's a gold digger. Haha!

Almost finished.

Quite funny tho, while she's working on this, brownout wanted to annoy and disturb my ever busy sister while doing this. So she took a rest for awhile and then when the current came back, she started working on it asap. I was watching tv when she continued working on this and then I decided to take some photos of her while doing it. But she did not want to, so I just took photo of the doll shoes while on process. :)

Anyway, I'll show you the outcome! :D


I'm just so proud of my sister because she did something quite productive for after how many years. Lol. No, seriously, I effin love the outcome! Can't wait to borrow and wear this some other time somewhere. It is just so cute. But I admit, nasayangan ako sa purple doll shoes. Awwww :( but it was okay! At least, time for a change. Hahaha.

You can do this also on your own. All you need is; of course, either gold dust or silver dust, an old doll shoes that you think you're not fond of the design anymore, it's up to you what will you use to stick those dust (but my sister used glue). Go ahead! And try doing this now, since it's summer and I know you're bored. :)

So, what do you think guys? 

Sunday, 22 April 2012

We are starships

There was this time that I was really confused for one thing. Should I still join the team for the Summerkadahan Cheerdance Competition or should I just sacrifice and take a rest already? All I did was ask for a sign from God. I even asked my classmates and friends. A number of them told me, "no". Because they think I need to rest already and have some good time. In my heart, I wanted to do it for the last time. In my mind, I don't want to maybe because I'm tired and needs a lot of rest. But God answered my prayer and He answered the sign that I've been asking. I asked God for one reason, I know He knows everything. :)

As the saying goes, "Follow your heart.". Indeed, I followed God what He said to me and I followed my heart. Thank God I followed my heart. If I didn't, my summer would be boring and I don't know. But to be honest, before the NCC, I've been telling myself that I should stop already. NCC would be the last and I'm not gonna join the team in Summerkadahan already. And my friends knew that, I have told them. I guess the NCC after-results was the way of convincing myself of joining the team for the Summerkadahan. Yes, I wanted to make "bawi" with the team. ;)

We have only prepared the whole routine for 2 weeks and 3 days. Yes I am serious. And in 2 weeks and 3 days, I have to make sure that I will cherish every moment during practices. Because somehow I knew that the days are getting over, days of being a cheerleader. :)

I just love the idea and fact that we're no longer afraid to try new routines except for one thing, the back tuck toss- but don't worry! We were able to learn that routine faster than we've expected. I'm not bragging it but I'm just being honest. I swear, I didn't expect that we could learn that in just like 5 minutes. It is difficult when you see or just watch it thru video but when you're the one doing it? Ha! Way more fun. When the whole routine was finished and the only thing we should do already is to polish everything and do run-thrus. Every time we'll have a run-thru, we're almost doing it good when we are not exhausted anymore. But when time comes that we're feeling exhausted, what more to expect? :D

But anyway, even tho we've been thru ups and downs during practices, we still tend to overcome about it. We still make sure that we'll end the day something productive. I guess sometimes. :)

I'll tell you a story. There's this one time, sir Jerome was close of backing-out for the competition. For only one reason, some would not attend the practice. And in that case, how can we perform or do this or that routine if we're not complete? Especially our pyramid stunts, those three pyramid stunts that we have are the most important stunts in the whole routine. So yeah. It came to the point that Sir Jerome and ate Mhyca really wanted to give up the whole thing. But we all know God didn't want us and He'll not let this thing happen. It was Saturday when Sir Jerome told us his plans. We all did not wanted this happening so what we did is, we texted all the other members and tried to convinced them as possible as we can. Good thing it worked out. Why? When we had our practice (it was Monday), I was like "wow! Kumpleto nga lahat". So I became happier a little inside of me knowing that Sir Jerome would like this. And yes, he appreciated it. :)

That's just one of our "down" moments. Anyway, I just remembered that. You don't know how many "down" moments already we had. Don't worry, "down" moments will never beat our "up" moments. Ha! Of course, we are one big happy family. That's why we're having a hard time to move on. Since I can't do anything, yes I am moving on already. Lol. I may be anywhere without them, but they will always be with me in my heart. Naks! ;)

Our performance last Saturday (April 14, 2012) at the Lagao Gym for Summerkadahan Cheerdance Competition 2012 was considered our Farewell Dance since a lot of the members are graduates including myself. So, since it's our Farewell Dance- I wanted this dance to be something worth to remember. Indeed it was. And I just couldn't believe it, until now. But don't worry, I am moving on already. :)

For me, this routine was my favorite from all of the routines that we had performed. I considered this routine as the best and just simply different. I could tell that we were not able to limit our routine, it was because of the "level-6 rule". Actually, we even more like the "level-6 rule" than "level-5 rule". Dude, level-6 rule is way more fun, just to be honest. Haha.

And in this routine, I could tell that this is really tiring but at the same time it was fun. You know what's the other reason why I really like, no LOVE this routine? It was because I have numbers of part in this routine. Thank you ate Mhyca and Sir Jerome for giving me some spot for the last time. In that case, I couldn't believe that I was able to do the stunts and the toss and everything. Thank you God. :)

Oh! I'm sorry I blog too much. I'll show you guys already the routine that I really really love and will never ever forget- our Farewell Dance :'( :

I swear to God, I'll surely miss this whole thing. I have mentioned tons of times already, I know. I just can't stop saying it. Guys you know this was my FIRST & LAST of experiencing cheerleading thing. It's okay! At least it was one of the best experiences I've ever had.

Btw, before I'll end this blogpost. I'll share some photos with captions. Aryt? :)

Girls with ate Mhyca and Abbie who wasn't able to join us for the competition. Obviously, as you can see in the photo. :)

I will miss these girls! :'(

Btw, Abbie is one of us also. Her left arm was fractured two days before the competition. Too bad, she wasn't able to join us already. She cried a lot, not because of the pain but because of missing the chance of joining the last/farewell dance. At least, she was still there to support and cheered for us even tho she's still not allowed to go out of the house. Thank you so much Abbie! We love you. Get well soon. And I'll miss you too. :)

Last company call.

Opening ceremony :)

Paulyne, truly yours, ate Meg and Glaiza- Ate Meg, Glaiza and I just finished our journey in cheerleading world. How sad but that's the reality. Just like what ate Meg said, "we're not cheerleaders anymore but we're still cheerleaders in our hearts." And that's a thumbs-up! She's right :)

Well, I guess that's awkward for me -_-

Good times! I will miss this. 

Last group photo. The best batch. Actually that's not even the whole team. There are some who didn't continue their journey in cheerleading anymore but in our hearts & minds, they're still our teammates. Special mentions are: Abbie (because of her fractured arm)Guilever, Edison, Klent, Rabin, Chow, Wilson, Rani, VladIra, Abao and Montheo.

I only shared those photos that are my favorites. Yeah. I will really miss this. Oopps! Mentioned it tons of times, I know. Sorry about that. I just can't take it. ;)

Now, for some of you I guess are wondering why I entitled this as "We are starships", right? I know you know the song "Starship" by Nicki Minaj. Yes, hence the title. I guess the song perfectly fits for us. Well, every time we have our company call. We usually shout, "Kingfisher, Fly High!". And the lyrics of the song goes like this; "Starships were meant to fly. Hands up and touch the sky. Can't stop cause we're so high, let's do this one more time". I just love this song and I thought that this song really fits for us. 

Am I right? or am I right? ;)

Saturday, 7 April 2012

I was born to party rock.


Since last week, I've been wanting to share this to you guys. I wanted to share how depressed I am. Yes, I am depressed because of these two concerts that I wanted to watch but I'm not that rich and NO! I wouldn't waste money just because of this and that. ;)

But still, talking about the same thing. I'm still depressed. I just couldn't believe this anymore. I swear! There are a lot of concerts that I have missed already. Oh geez, this is killing me softly. Not literally but I am serious.

The first concert that I really wanted to watch is,

LMFAO with special guest, Quest Crew. Like wtf?! -.-"

Dude, seriously?!?!?! I couldn't believe this! I am missing the chance of seeing Quest Crew and LMFAO AGAIN. I just wanted to burst out and all. I really wanted to watch this so bad! Oh, I haven't mentioned it yet that I am such a fan of these two- LMFAO & Quest Crew. Oh please, why are you doing this to me?! But I know I don't have chance or time to watch this tho. I am busy during that day and I couldn't leave the thing that I've been doing because...

For those who'd like to watch this:
Get your tickets now at Ticketnet branches or call 911-5555 for the party rock event of the year “LMFAO Live In Manila” this April 11 at 8pm, presented by Dayly Entertainment.

To those who'll watch this for-sure-it-will-be-fun concert, just send my regards to LMFAO and Quest Crew. 

Before anything else, this is the second concert that I REALLY REALLY WANTED TO WATCH AND SEE THIS AWESOME PERSON SING AND DANCE LIVE,


I'm speechless. I don't wanna speak anymore. It really hurts especially knowing that she'll be coming back this coming May. You guys know how I love this monster. Such a fan of this amazing singer of all time. Everything about her is just so amazing and so different. She really knows how to handle herself, her fans, her family and her personal life. I love her music, she's so dedicated when it comes to her music. She may be weird in everyone's eyes, but she'll never be weird in my eyes. For me, she's perfect. That's why I really wanted to meet Lady GaGa and watch her sing and dance live. 

But I guess, there's no chance at all. And it really hurts. Since her concert in Manila is still on May, maybe I still have time to convince Dad. I hope I can use my convincing powers, and maybe crossing my fingers would help. Haha.

For those who'd like to watch this also:
Tickets for The Born This Way Ball will go on-sale in Manila on Monday, April 2, at 12 noon at all SM Tickets outlets. Ticket prices are:

  • PATRON (Standing)-- Php 15,840
  • LOWER BOX (Reserved Seats)-- Php 11,620
  • LOWER BOX (Persons w/ Disability) Standing-- Php 11,620
  • UPPER BOX (Free Seating)-- Php 5,280
  • UPPER BOX (Persons w/ Disability) Standing-- Php 5,280
  • GENERAL ADMISSION (Free Seating)-- Php 2,120
  • GENERAL ADMISSION (Persons w/ Disability) Standing-- Php 2,120

For ticket info, call 470-2222 or contact Ovation Productions at 532-8883. Purchase online at

I know I may sounded like I'm exaggerating and over-acting with this situation. But dude, I'm not kidding.
So yeah. I'm speechless and depressed. What else?

Friday, 6 April 2012

Happy birthday Ma! ♥

Last night was one of the best nights I've had. It was my mom's birthday yesterday. We went out for a birthday dinner to celebrate Mom's birthday. It was just a little celebration with the family. Tho, it's just a simple celebration, but still it was the best time with my family. And that was my way of enjoying the moments with them while there's still time before I go to college. ;)

Hi Ma and Ashy! :)

The best Superwoman I've met :)

Mom with our youngest, Kyle :)

My sister Koleen and my niece, Ashy shared their smiles as I took a picture of them :)

I'm with my brother, Kim. :)

Kim's order, one of my favorite dishes from Chowking- Sweet & Sour Pork :)

Mine. One of my favorite dishes from Chowking also, Braised Beef :)

Everyone's favorite.

Ashy, Mom, Kyle and Dad :)

Silly us with Dad :)

I'm with Superwoman. Happy birthday Ma! I love you ♥ :)

Before going home. Ate Mai and Ate Kathy are MIA :(

So yeah, I had  a great time with them. It's just that how great is it when you spend time with your family, of course. Surely will miss this when I go to college. But man, since it's still summer I will make the most out of it with my dear family. It is more great if you're really in love with your family, that is one of the most important things. :)

I hope you'll have a Blessed Holy Week! God bless you. :)

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Star Flyer

This is continuation to my blog post, "Something wonderful". Yeah.

It was our last day in Manila and I wanted this day to be full of happiness. Indeed, it was. It was 19th of March 2012, when we had our day out in Manila. Too bad, boys and girls are separated. No, actually, boys separated from us. They didn't follow at SM Megamall. Bad boys. Anyway, but we still met at the Star City.

Before leaving the house :)

When we arrived at Megamall, first thing came into our minds- FOOD! We're sorta hungry, so before we went for a shopping. We decided to eat our lunch at Greenwich, yeah just like our first day in Manila. I had a great lunch with Paulyne, Mica, Ayn, Nickel and Janel. Some girls went for a shopping already, they can't take it anymore. Well, girls are girls. ;)

After a 2hour shopping spree, we gathered at the place where we first separated. So it's time for us to go but I still wanted to go at the Intramuros but I don't know what happened. Instead of going to Intramuros, we went to Star City already. Yeah, we're all getting excited that we just can't hide it. Haha.

I didn't feel like this was KPS's day out, it more felt like girls' day out. Boys didn't wait for us, they're already inside the time we got there. It's okay (not really). Anyway, we girls including Ma'am Daff and Tita Gladys bought the Ride-All-You-Can package with 4D Max Rider. Ha! Boys didn't get any plus package from their ticket. It was because their tickets were sponsored by Coach Mark and Lakers Pep Squad, I think. Sorry boys. Lol, their tickets were only Ride-All-You-Can. :P

Since it's my first time to be in Manila, then it's my first time to be in Star City. I swear I felt like I was a kid again. I know everyone loves the feeling of being a kid and that day yes I felt that. We wanted to make sulit of our last day in Manila, so what we did is; since it's ride all you can, we rode all the rides as possible as we can. Not only rides, but we also tried those horror houses. I gotta admit that I hate horror houses but I love watching horror movies. It's just that, yeah, I hate it. But what else can I do? If I don't go in with them, I'm the only one left behind and I don't wanna miss any fun during that day.

Anyway, I'll share it thru photos with captions. Alright? :D

This was the first ride we rode. I forgot the name. I think this ride is best recommend for kids. ;)

The second ride we rode. I forgot the name again, but it was something pirate. This was one of my favorite rides also. I had fun with them screaming at the top of our lungs. Srsly.

Third ride, Caterpillar thingy. I forgot the exact name. Sorry guys! Hahaha. This ride is also best recommend for kids. You guys can't blame us, we just wanted to ride all the rides we'll see there. Just like I said, we'll make sulit in a way of riding all the rides as possible as we can. :) 

Yes, fourth ride. And yes again, I forgot the name of this ride. But men! This was good. I love this ride. ;)

Since, picture taking inside the horror house is not allowed. We only have one photo outside from one of their horror houses. And this time, we had the accompany of the boys already. We don't want to run inside the horror house without them. Ha! Thank goodness!

Since we can't find any rides that looks fun inside, we went outside already. I could easily tell that rides outside are more fun. No wonder why boys first went outside. And no wonder that they're the one who are guiding us. Hahaha. But anyway, the atmosphere was getting more fun. ;)

Ha! This was the first ride we rode when we went outside. I thought you will really get wet but then no, it was just only a thought. I mean you'll get wet but not that really. Only two or three persons can take one ride or the wood (lol), so I took the ride with Glaiza and Aljun. That was awesome! Btw, this is Splash Jungle. Haha! Congrats, at least I have remembered the name of it. ;)

Second ride we rode outside. This ride is called Surf Dance. One of my favorite rides also. This was so fun! You know what's cute? Even though the boys had tried this already, they still went on a ride with us for another round. Thanks boys! :)

The next ride I will introduce is really my favorite of all rides I have tried. I don't know but Star Flyer was really a breath-taking one. Next time I'll go back there, I'd go first on Star Flyer. Hahaha. Too bad, we weren't able to take for another round already. Don't worry! Next time. Just wait. ;)

We're still accompanied by the boys. Sweet! :)

After that, yeah we went inside and we did nothing there. But the girls are kinda hungry, so we decided to eat.  I could feel that the day was getting over, and swear believe me I don't want that day to end. I will miss everything about our trip in Manila. It was all worth-it. So instead of thinking those crappy thoughts, I saw Aljun, Kit and Matthan went on a bumpcar ride. I joined them since I don't want to think of those crappy thoughts. I don't wanna be emotional since we're having fun that day. 

The bumpcar session was fun with them. I actually had a bumpcar session with Aljun, Kit, Matthan, Janel, Moses, Titus and Enrique. So we are eight in a row, perfect timing. I enjoyed the bumpcar session with them, and thanks to them! Haha. After that, Janel and I followed the girls at the 4D Max Rider. The first batch were Glaiza, Paulyne, Abbie, Julie, Mica and Nickel. We were the second batch- truly yours, Ma'am Daff, Joy, Ayn and Janel. Mennnnnnn!! That thing was so cool and at the same time, distracting. It was fun screaming and it was more fun trying to avoid those creepy bats and such things. I'll never forget that. :)

So yeah. The day was really getting over. And we said goodbye to Star City already. Before we went home, we still visited the famous park in the Philippines, Luneta Park. Some might not considered Luneta Park as famous one, but for me it is. 

In the end, it was still girls' day out. ;)