Monday, 23 January 2012

Great way to start 2012?

Remember the last time I posted about my Pig Yearly Overview? This time, since it's 2012 already, I tried checking again my Pig Yearly Overview on Yahoo! Horoscopes.

And here's what it says:

Pig Overview

After an extremely favorable Rabbit year, you'd expect a letdown, but that's not likely. Here come another 11 favorable months for you, and you're likely to be in the center of a lot of action! You might find the pace to be a bit much at times, but if you go with it, you'll score some major successes. It's time to take risks, and you want to be especially bold when it comes to education, travel, networking and communication, as these can all flourish in a Water year. If you were smart last year, you kept in step with the Rabbit's slower pace. If you didn't, you might want to start this year somewhat deliberately before revving up your engines and flying with the Dragon!

Pig Rating

70% (11 favorable months and 1 unfavorable month)

Pig Career

Hopefully you sowed plenty of seeds last year. Now, are you finally ready to reap a harvest? Your career will pick up, but it's looking to be the kind of year where you will have take initiative -- and possibly step outside your comfort zone -- to make it happen. Demand what you deserve. Take new opportunities. Be bold and confident if you decide to switch careers. The Dragon is all about unleashing your enterprising self, so what are you waiting for? With your excellent interpersonal skills, this could indeed be the start of something truly great for you! Best of all, it's likely your skill set -- and your salary -- will increase. You deserve it.

Pig Relationships

Did you have nice, quiet time in your relationship last year? Well, the Dragon is about to barge in and shake things up -- although not necessarily in a bad way. The Dragon loves big changes and drama. Is there a wedding in your future? Time to finally end a relationship that's gone stale? This year is about getting real when it comes to love. Don't expect to be able to beat around the bush -- just be honest about what you need and you may get it. If you're single, this might be a whirlwind of a time for you. Romance? Passion? Drama? Absolutely, all three! Know this, though: Romances that start now might burn out quickly, so save your heart for the right person.

Pig Health

Most of the upcoming year is looking encouraging for you. Health-wise, keep up the great work; in fact, it might be a good year to push yourself even further. You know that wall you haven't been able to break through with your fitness level? It's time to power through and knock it down! Similarly, how about those eating habits you've been meaning to change? If you aren't careful, you could lose energy and vitality in a very busy year. Pamper yourself with enough alone time, well-cooked meals and the freshest ingredients you can find. A healthy body and clear mind can launch you further into success this year!

Pig Wealth

Two years in a row of mucho moolah! Well, maybe not a ton ... but you're likely starting to earn a bigger salary while finding new ways to make money. Keep at it this year. This is a good time to rise in the ranks with your job. If you play your cards right, you could end up far ahead in 2013. Keep budgeting and putting away money for necessary purchases this year. Once your bank account is in great shape, you might be tempted to spend, spend, spend. Indulge a little bit, but save more.

I don't really know how to react on it. But I guess I should still pray everyday. I love the Pig Relationships, Pig Career and Pig Health. ;)

Why don't you try to check yours? Click the link on the top part. ;)

Thursday, 19 January 2012

People of my Senior Year.

Wow. It's been so long since I haven't updated my blog. Guess I'm busy like that. But anyway, I'm going to blog about People of my Senior Life.

It's already January and I can almost feel the end of the class. Since we are Senior students, we don't want to end this High School years. Who wouldn't believe me if I say High School is the best?

During my Senior year, I was able to explore new things, discover new things and especially was able to seek happiness. I couldn't believe that Senior year is the best. Yes, there are some bad memories but I'd still keep it. It's because that's part of my Senior life that made me keep going thru bad times.

First, I want to introduce to you my fourth family or my classmates, St. Paul Batch 2011-2012. I've been with them since June and I could tell that they were the one of those people that made my Senior year a good one. No one could tell how much I love them. We shared a lot of positive and negative vibes already and I guess that made our relationship stronger. And just a little bit fun fact about us, one thing's for sure that really made us bond together is our green jokes. Well part of being a Senior student, I guess. Hahaha

I remember one day, most of us didn't make our homework in Filipino. But they are some who made and gave their effort to make their homework. I guess they want to join with us. The time our Filipino teacher asked us to pass our homework, we didn't passed. Yeah it's because we didn't make. But some of our classmates are having doubts if they will pass their homework or not. And because of that, our teacher smelled something fishy. I sorta told my seatmate a joke, "spray some air-freshener!" Hihi :)

Oh well. How I love my classmates. ♥
Every single day with them is 1/2 of my happiness every single day. And I know they share their happiness to me with love. I love you St. Paul batch 2011-2012! :D

Now, I want to introduce to you my fellow Green team hip-hop members and kuya Gaya (our dance trainer). They're part of my Senior year also. During my last Intramurals experience in High School, I danced my butt off with them. And it was the best bonding I ever had with them. Those days were awesome with them. And I'd still remember that they sang a "Happy Birthday" song for me during practice. Awww, nothing I just remembered.

And now I am missing them so much. It's okay.

Third, let me introduce GrInkLetLue. I have mentioned my girlfriends already here before in my blog. But anyway, these girls are really a part of me. Part of my Life and part of my family. They are the best sisters and girl friends I ever had. They always pour sunshine on me with love, also. I'm so in love with these girls so much. I love them to death, like seriously. :)

I know we've been a lot of good and bad times. But I guess those were the times that made us even stronger until now. Though there is just one moment that some of us feel like giving up and some of us did give up already. Well obviously, because of a major girl problem. It was such a dark days for us. I couldn't believe what have had happened to us those days. I never imagined that we became all like that. It was a nightmare for us. Those dark days, I always pray every night and asking God why is this happening to us. Of course I don't know what's His answer. Maybe I or us should be the one to answer it.

But I knew that there's this one thing that God didn't want us to give up and just loose the friendship like that. And yes finally, we're all good now. And I am so thankful to God. I love you GrInkLetLue! ♥

Fourth, Terpsichore. My dance girl group! ♥ Been dancing with them since June and I have to admit that I love these girls. Terpsichore is actually the former Black Magic. Anyway, so much memories I have shared with them. Even bad times or good times, I was still able to keep and treasure them.

Fifth, I introduce to you my SWAG friends. Most of my SWAG friends are boys. Let me tell you one thing about me, I love the company of my boy friends. I feel safe around with them. And I could tell that I am really close to boys. I don't know why. And sometimes I share a lot of common things with them. You can't blame me dude. :)

Now I miss hanging out with them. Awww :'> I know, sooner or later! We will hang out again.

Sixth, my Sarisisiw Pep Squad family. Our friendship all started last week of August. I could still remember because it was the first week of our practice for cheer dance competition. At first, I was so shy to approach everyone in the squad. All I could ever talk to was Glaiza, Chow, Josh, Titus, Matthan, Christian, Mica and Moses. But as the days passed by, we all became close to each other. And I'm not shy anymore to approach everyone in the squad. :)

When I joined this squad, it was a new experience for me. And I wasn't so sure if I really wanted to try this cheer leading experience. Of course, I wanted to try something new at least before I'll kiss goodbye to my High School years. But I'm not just really sure about the cheer leading thingy.

One moment I was alone and all I could ever do was to think of things. Then suddenly, I realized that I promised myself before the school starts that I must try and join something new that I haven't done yet before. But I guess this was the opportunity that God gave me. And I think that I could use this experience when I go to college. But still not quiet sure about it.

Right after our competition, I became more closer to them. And I couldn't expect that they are fun to be with. We had so much weird things in our minds. Like seriously. Whenever I feel down during practices, they are always there to cheer me up. Yeah sometimes, I feel down because of negative thoughts that pondering me.

In that case, I love my Sarisisiw family so much. ♥

By the way, we are now preparing for the upcoming NCC (National Cheerleading Championship) this coming March at Ynares Center. We need to work hard. Omg!

We will fly to Manila for the said competition. Oh no, this is going to be a tough competition. A lot of high school will compete. Including us. Oh well. I know we can do this! Oh yes positive vibes! :)

So. They are the people of my Senior Year. ;)