Sunday, 26 June 2011

We got lost.

Hi Blogspot. I missed you.

So, today was extremely fun day with GrInkLetLue, too bad ate Trish wasn't able to join us. Anyway- First, attended the Mass sponsorship at our school church. Then right after, headed to Robinsons. We bought foods and goodies for the kids in St. Gemma's Orphanage. Well, it's Karla's birthday. She wanted to give foods to those kids. So we did it earlier. When we got there, we had a little chit-chat with the lady who were staying at the house. Too bad, the kids were still hearing the Mass the time we got there. But it's okay, we had fun. We met Jerome from St. Gemma's Orphanage. He's so friendly and he always wanted a companion. 

Cute puppies from the Orphanage.

Kylie, Livra and Germaine at the Orphanage. (See, we're still wearing our school uniforms. Awesome, right?)

Anyway, after at the St. Gemma's Orphanage, went to Karla's house with Johanna. And then Livra and Kylie went to Livra's house while Germaine went home. One reason, to change clothes. Actually, I already brought with me my blouse, gladiators and then I already wore pedal pants under my uniform skirt. Yes, I'm that awesome. No need to mention. But anyway, why we changed clothes? Because we attended Rani's baby sister Rean's celebration of Christiening and at the same time, Rani's little brother Ryan's birthday. So it was a double celebration happened there. 

But before that, let me share this. I, Johanna and Karla experienced a wild adventure earlier during lunch. And it was so effing hot outside! Mr. Sun is shining all over GenSan. And from Malesido Homes Subdivision, we walked to Perez's Subdivision. And it was really hot! Sounds like we got lost. Yes. Seriously, it was tiring yet fun. And again, experienced something new. 

But thank goodness! Rani and his Dad saved us. They went to Aldion's Store to pick us up. We were so embarrassed and we're really sorry to Rani and to his Dad. It was really, like super, embarrassing. Yeah! So lesson learned. Laugh. Straight face.


Johanna, Karla and I were really hungry and thirsty. So thank God, the time we got there, they're about to eat. Good timing, huh? Anyway, I was so full right after I ate my lunch. Thank you God. Sorry, but don't you think it's not tiring to walk outside in a VERY HOT SUNNY DAY? Yes, of course. Duh.

But all in all? Like literally, it was fun. I had a great day today with my girls. I will never ever forget this day. I am so thankful to God. Of course.

Once again, Happy birthday Karla Regeena N. Gako! God bless you always! Stay being cheerful. I love you. We love you. ♥

Welcome to the Christian world, Baby Rean Regina! ♥

Happy 1st birthday, Baby Ryan Romuald! ♥

Btw, I'll end this post with photos of us.

Kylie, Yours truly and Livra.

Karla (the birthday celebrant), Matt and Johanna.

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