Tuesday, 31 May 2011


Hi. My name is Jennifer. I am 15 years old. I love to dance and I like to sing. And I'm falling in love with acting. I just want to give up dancing. But anyway, I always love being alone. But sometimes, I love hanging out with my friends, of course. I'm a big time blogger. I always express my thoughts to my online diary. But who cares, btw? 

I'm just an ordinary girl living my life to the fullest. I treasure every moment of my life. I smile always. I don't want to be sad. I love God. I love my family and some of my friends. Boys are disgusting for me. I used to be an in love teenager but not anymore. I want to focus on my dreams, you know, I will make my dreams come true. I will let it happen. And I know God will guide me. 

I am positive in any way. Sometimes, I am negative but I can pull it off. I can still handle my own problems. But if it's too much already, I just need someone to talk to, yeah. And maybe ask for an advice.

I have siblings. Their names are, Haylie, Kris, Jo, Katie and Jillian. Yes we're all girls. But I am only close to my sister Jo. We shared a lot of things in common, yes. And whenever I have problems or something that really bothers me, she's the one I always talk to. I love all of my sisters, yes. But no words can describe how I really love my sister Jo. 

I have group of friends, but I don't think they don't accept me for who I am. And it's not really nice. I mean, do they need to tell you to change something on your attitude just because they don't like it? What the hell? Sorry but your reason is not valid. If you are my true friend, you'll accept me for who I am. And by the way, why did I took your advice to change this or that attitude? I mean, I have my own life. And that's the PRECIOUS thing that God gave me and why should I let somebody else try to handle it? This is something stupid.

I just hate that scenario.

Sometimes, when I'm all alone, I always think of happy thoughts and sometimes not-so-good thoughts. I easily lose hope but later, will end up being positive. I'm being dramatic sometimes. And I always find myself talking to myself. Sounds crazy. And sometimes I feel like hurting somebody, pushing people away and such. I think I have bipolar disorder. That is not good.

Either way, it's none of your business. Yeah.

By the way, thanks for reading this. I love you big time. :)

I'm like the robot with no friends. But with feelings. 

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