Sunday, 1 May 2011

Midnight Madness.

Just got home from my cousin's house. Thanks for the night Jena, Jn, Ashy and Kenneth. I had fun. ;)

We watched a movie, which is 'The Diary of the Dead'. But it turned out that my cousin and little niece (Jena and Ashy) were taking pictures of themselves. While I was using my laptop. Quite funny, we're not concentrating in the movie anymore. Well honestly, because we didn't understand the whole thing there. All we know is there are zombies in the city. Haha. See? 

Anyway, still I had fun again with them. When Ashy and I are about to go home and then suddenly Jena told me; "Sandali, picture muna tayo!". Well I myself, is really into that thing. I just love taking pictures around. Then there, we're non-stop taking pictures. I love it. 

Right after 10 minutes, we decided to use my laptop's webcam. It was a good decision. Why? Because it was more fun than we could ever imagine. We're like stupid taking pictures of ourselves. But it was actually fun though. Really really fun. I will never forget this memorable night with my cousin and little niece.

And oh, after we took pictures. We even recorded a video of ourselves, talking to each other like a dumb. Trying to speak with british accent. Well, we're trying hard. And Jena told me to imitate Patricia, Mick and Amber from House of Anubis. It was fun though, imitating them. And we even did a Sibuna sign while taking pictures. Anyway, in the video; I asked some questions for Ashy and saying 'Hi' to the cast of House of Anubis. Lol. I know! We're like really stupid, more like idiots. Hahaha. Sorry, but we're just really bored. You can't blame us.

It was really fun. Seriously. Haha.

Here our some photos taken earlier. Btw, I edited it as a collage. 

    The one in the center, that's the Sibuna sign. 
    From House of Anubis series.

By the way, there are lots of photos. That are just some of. Told ya. Hahahaha.

Well then, it's May 2 already. Happy birthday to my fellow girlfriend, Rani Regidor. And to my wonderful sister, Karla Mae Branzuela.

Anyway-- to sum it up, I had a great night again. Thanks to them. Good way to start the day!

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