Sunday, 22 May 2011

Bad Vibes.

Every night is my schedule for washing the dishes. But tonight, bad vibes men! I was about to wash the dishes, suddenly I noticed my rosary bracelet is not on my wrist. AND there! I panicked, freaked out and ALL. Though it's not mine, but it's very important to me! Of course. Before I sleep, I always pray. And every time I pray, I always hold the cross at my rosary bracelet. And by that,  I can feel and I know God is listening to me. 

Now what? It's missing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(((

Now, let's see the flashback-- I took a bath. But before that, I took off my clothes, of course. Then I took off the dream catcher that I was wearing and at the same time I took off my rosary bracelet. So it took an hour I guess, to take a bath. Then before I went out of the bathroom, of course! I did get the ROSARY BRACELET and dream catcher. So, after that I was still holding it. Then I went to our bedroom. I hanged the dream catcher but unfortunately, I can't remember where I last put my rosary bracelet. OH NO! THIS ISN'T GOOD! :(((((

BAD VIBES ALL THE WAY DUDE! WTF :| =((((((((((((((

But I'm not gonna give up! I'll still find it. It's very important! Of course. 

Lord, I am really sorry. I know I was being careless. I should have remember where I put it. But too bad, I can't. I am really sorry Lord. :(

Guys, please help me by praying. I know it'll help. Thank you. :)

Still bad vibes.

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