Wednesday, 11 May 2011

What a funny rumor.

So yeah. Last night was Justin Bieber's concert. And there was a funny rumor speculating over Twitter. During or every Justin Bieber's concert, every time he'll sing One Less Lonely Girl, some staffs will pick one lucky girl from the crowd. And in the middle of the performance, that lucky girl will show up and JBiebs will sing for her, give roses, touch her cheeks and sometimes every end of the song-- he'll kiss this lucky girl.

Last night, this funny rumor that has been speculating over Twitter is-- the complete name of the girl who was rumored OLLG (One Less Lonely Girl) was trending on Twitter. Take note, her complete name. Like seriously? I know the girl, she's my friend's sister. I envy her. Not because of the "rumor", it's because her name was really on trending topics list. I've always dream that. Lol.

Anyway, it was really really funny. I thought she was really the OLLG in Jbiebs concert. My friends even tweeted it, so I asked them if it is really her. And that was the question on our minds. My other friend even asked that girl on her Facebook if it was really her. So funny. 

I don't want to mention her name here. If you have Twitter, at least you could have witness that last night. Oh poor her, I pity her. So much. Seriously. 

The concert ended last night at 10pm. It's because they have to end it as soon as possible, because Jbiebs is sick. Before his concert in Manila, he was diagnosed and found out that he has a bad chest infection. Ohh Poor Bieber. Actually, when they were still at the Singapore, he was feeling sick already. But Jbiebs still want the concert to push-thru. 

Before his concert, he tweeted, "sick as a dog...but the show must go on. got called a trooper. lol. LEGGO"

Awww, poor Justin Bieber. But anyway, moving on. After the concert, I have read some tweets about the concert. And my friend retweeted from the Twitter user who watched the concert. She tweeted that, the OLLG was her friend. Not the rumored OLLG. And she ended her tweet with "Where the hell did you get that?". Yeah she has a point, where did the people get that? 

The OLLG was Leonest Franco, according to her friend. I tried to search her on Twitter. And fortunately, I found her twitter account but it's private. But I don't care at all. I found her Facebook account also. Men, I gotta say this girl is really lucky. I know she can't still get enough with that thing. Haha. Dang! I envy her, so so so so so so so much.

But anyway, last night was one of the funniest moment I've ever had. Oh men, what a funny rumor. Poor rumored OLLG, Lucky real OLLG. :)

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