Saturday, 7 May 2011

I am dismay.

Well that means I am depressed. Like supercalifragialisticexpialidocious
You want to know why am I depressed?

It's because, Justin Bieber's concert here in Philippines is on May 10, 2011. And I am so sad and disappointed, I can't watch his concert. Oh Lord, why? And I have a confession. I even joined the promo contest to Nickelodeon

Nickelodeon asked two questions to all Pinoy Nicksters. And the questions are: (1.) How young is the pop singing sensation Justin Bieber, who is performing a live concert in Manila on 10 May 2011? (2.) What is the channel where kids rule?

The prize is: 5 sets of tickets will be up for grabs! In addition, 2 lucky winners will get to meet Justin in person! See? Isn't it awesome? But too bad I'm not one of the lucky winners. Btw, entries are raffled. So it's a fair game. Lol. 

And the other reason why I really want to watch his concert is, his special guest is Poreotics. I've been watching Poreotics in ABDC Season 5 (America's Best Dance Crew) ever since they joined. If I missed one episode of ABDC, I searched them and watched their performance on Youtube. The time I knew that Poreotics is the special guest of Justin Bieber's tour here in Philippines, I was really shocked and being so desperate just to have the tickets. But unfortunately, I'm not one of the lucky winners. Too bad. But it's okay, there are still next times. Never Say Never. Right?

Men, I love Justin Bieber. I love Poreotics. And I cannot believe I will miss the opportunity to see and watch them live. 

Oh well. May 10 is near. And Justin Bieber will arrive in Manila tomorrow. Awwww, so sad. If only I have lots of money, I would buy eight VIP tickets. Why eight? For my other girlfriends, GrInkLetLue. I would love to see and watch the concert with them. But I guess that's gonna happen only in my dreams, yeah? :(

Now what? I wanna cry and cry and cry and cry and cry. :|

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