Thursday, 26 May 2011

Too much syndrome.

The past few weeks, I've been really obsessed with Big Time Rush. I don't know why, I'm not that really obsessed with them the first day I saw them on Tv. But I've been a fan ever since they started. But I don't get it why lately, I've been really obsessed with them. Oh no. 

It came to the point that-- My Twitter background is Big Time Rush. I've been watching their videos on Youtube. Downloaded Season 1 of Big Time Rush. I almost cried (exagge huh?) because I missed some episodes of Season 2 on Nickelodeon, but good thing I found some on Youtube (Thank you YT!). I've been flooding Kendall, Logan, Carlos and James's Twitter. Downloaded ALL of their songs. My phone's profile name is, BTR SWΔG. Sounds crazy, I know. But yeah. Too much syndrome. Or Big Time Rush syndrome

I don't know. Last month, I'm obsessed with the House of Anubis gang. I even dreamt of them. Like I am part of the cast. I am Nina's long lost sister (Nathalia Ramos's character), I know sounds really weird. Like super. Maybe I'm just being a die-hard fan. Ha ha.

Oh! Not only House of Anubis gang. Also Big Time Rush. Oh come on. Well, I dreamt that I am one of the cast also. And then during break time on shooting, we went to Katelyn Tarver's dressing room. Katelyn was doing a Ustream (See? I could still remember.), while I, Erin (Sanders), Ciara (Bravo) and Big Time Rush were singing Black Eyed Peas' "Dirty Bit" and then I tried to do Will.I.Am's rap part while Logan's doing human beatbox. Then after that, we were singing Big Time Rush's "Big Time Rush". Let's see, if I could still remember. Hmmm.. Well, then after an hour, (this sounds funny) I even introduced one of the common games of Pinoys which is "Daisy Apple". Insert laughing emoticon here. And then I taught them how to play that game, and we tried. We had fun! And I'd still remember, Kendall said, "I gotta love this game!"

Oh my goodness. That sounds so weird and funny. But yeah, it was awesome though. 

I guess too much of being a die-hard fan of Big Time Rush already. Uh-oh. Hahahaha.

Remember my post about Justin Bieber's concert in Manila? If so, remember I even mentioned the boys there. I said, if Big Time Rush will have their tour in Manila, I'd swear I'll go and watch & see them live! And I even promise that I'll buy VIP tickets. Bwahahahaha! Am I going insane or what?  Anyway...

And recently, they've been traveling place to place because they're having a tour. And I thought, "Can I just fly to USA right now? And stalk them wherever they go?". Isn't that too possible to happen? Unless, I have lots of money. Right? Ha ha. ;)

Last week, they're already done filming for Season 2. And they all felt so sad. But on the other side, there will be a 3rd season of the series. And I am way too excited. This is gonna be awesome. Thank you Nickelodeon and Scott Fellows. :D

And I remember, while I was watching their live performance on MTV Live. Mom asked me a question, well here it goes:

Mama: Sino yan sila Kai? (Who are they, Kai?)
Me: Big Time Rush.
Mama: Yan yung kalaban ni Bieber? (Is that Bieber's rival?)
Me: NO!
Mama: Ahhhhh.

Like what the? Hahahaha. Though I haven't seen BTR and Bieber getting along with each other, but I don't think they're rivals. :D

Anyway, just bare with me guys. I know you love them also. Ha ha.


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