Sunday, 15 May 2011

Friday the 13th.

Friday the 13th--

This day was kinda awesome yet my friends and I were really pissed off

I, Livra, Andrea, Jacqueline and Ashy went at the Robinsons Place at 3 in the afternoon. Went there so early just to have our seats. The show will start at 5 in the afternoon, so we waited there for 1 hour. So we're getting excited. Because finally, will get the chance to see Sam Concepcion. But after like 1hour or 30 minutes, they announced that Sam Concepcion's flight got delayed. So the show will start at 7 in the evening. We were like what!? Are you f*cking kidding me? But it's for Sam, the support and the love. ;)

First I have to share this. Haha.


  • Chance to have a picture with him right after the show. ♥
  • Shake hands with him.
  • Might get a hug from him.
  • And during his performance/s, will get the chance to be with him on stage. 


  • There are some people who got in. Like I don't know if there are security guards at the back.
  • The crowd went crazy. (I know it's common but it's not usual for what I have seen during this day.)
  • I almost lost my phone.
  • I wasn't able to shake hands with him. (Lol)
  • And this is the f*cking worst, I wasn't able to have a picture with him! :((

LIKE F*CK REALITY. I wasn't really expecting that, of course. For us, who waited there for hours, it's so unfair. Like super duper unfair. How come the security guards weren't able to guard at the back!? F*cking idiots! Seriously. It wasn't secured at all. Uggghhhh. 

And I just wanted to scream at their faces; "Mga ignorante! Mga walang breeding! Pwe!" -- I am serious. No kidding. But good thing, I know how to control my temper. Except right now. Haha. ;)

Actually, before Sam arrived at the Robinsons Place. It was still organized until he came and the people started going inside and it was disorganized already. I mean, what are the purpose of those seats they arranged? Like duh. And for your information, it's a first come first serve basis seats. That's why we went there so early, early in the afternoon (Lol what?).  F*ck ignorant people! :s

For me, it wasn't still an organized event AT ALL. Mga bobo at boba lang, mga walang breeding! :s

Sam Concepcion performing at the Robinsons Place, 13th May 2011.

Positive side-- I still had fun. I saw my best friend, Marjoray. Jumping and screaming and singing. Sam is really friendly and down-to-earth. He has patience. He apologized many times for being late. It's okay Sam at least, you still came and made us all happy. Not the part, well nvm. Haha. He had so much fun, yeah! Go check his Twitter. And yeah, he's really good-looking in personal. But I almost didn't appreciate his handsomeness. It's because of what happened. I'm not excited anymore. Men! His moves are epic awesome, especially when he sang "Yeah 3x" by Chris Brown. Dang it Sam! Oh well. 

But I am still thankful to God, of course! ♥

Here some of this tweets while he was in GenSan:

@sam_concepcion: "Plane just landed. So late for the show! Flight got delayed. Wait for me robinsons gensan!!! I'm on my way!"

After 24 minutes...

@sam_concepcion: "Ang dami daw tao na sa rob gensan. Sorry I know I'm late but I'm gonna give you guys a great show! I won't let the fans down."

After an hour...

@sam_concepcion: "Showtime."

And right after the show...

@sam_concepcion: "The show went so well! The crowd was crazy, and so was I! Haha nothing feels better than performing for a crowd like that. The besst!"

I know he had fun! It's quiet obvious. Hope he'll come back again next time, and I'll promise I won't let the opportunity slip thru my fingers to have a picture with him! I AM SERIOUS. YEAH. ;)

And oh btw, I ain't even mad. At all. I'm just really pissed off of about this "disorganized event". Yeah. But moved on. ;)

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