Friday, 6 May 2011

Glamorous and Unglamorous.

Last May 02, 2011, Met Ball 2011 was held at Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. The time I read the article about this event, I was so excited to see ladies' fabulous gowns. Some of my favourite Hollywood celebrities attended the event. But it doesn't mean that I love them, I have to like their gowns also. No. 

Now I have seen some photos from Met Ball 2011, so I decided to make my own Top 5 Glamorous gowns and Top 5 Unglamorous gowns. Don't get mad if I don't like the gown of your favourite celebrity. I do have my own opinion also. ;)

So here it goes..

My Top 5 Glamorous gowns

    Twilight's Starlet, Ashley Greene 

    Gossip Girl's Serena, Blake Lively -- her dress is my favourite!

    American Gothic Starlet, Evan Rachel Wood

    The Queen of Pop, Madonna

    Glee's Quinn Fabray, Dianna Agron

I guess there's nothing to explain why I chose these glamorous gowns. It's just that their gowns are so simple yet so glamorous. Especially Dianna's gown, I love it. And her hairstyle looks good on her.


My Top 5 Unglamorous Gowns

    Canadian model, Jessica Stam

    Mad Men's Joan Holloway, Christina Hendricks

    Tennis player, Serena Williams

    Inglourious Basterds starlet, Diane Kruger

    New York's finest singer, Alicia Keys-- For me, I wouldn't have wear the blazers. I mean the gown she wore is so glamorous but she wore blazers with it, and it became unglamorous. Oopss.

Well, I hope some of you guys agree with me. I know it's a million dollar worth but did they even think if that gown suits them well? I don't care. But yeah right.

So, that's my top 5 glamorous gowns and unglamorous gowns. To be honest, there are lots of photos I have seen that I can call it unglamorous. Well...

How I wish I was one of the celebrities who attended the event. 

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