Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Scrumptious. Ugh.

Last night, I had my May issue of Total Girl Philippines. And Justin Bieber's the cover for this month. And it has free poster of Greyson Chance and I am totally loving it.

Anyway, while I was reading it, one page from this mag caught my attention. I read this article, and it's all about foods. And because of that magazine, I've been wanting to try those delicious foods. The photos are kinda weird when you look at it, but it looks tasty. I am serious, I wanna try those. Ugh.


First, I wanna try Saudi Arabia's Beef Kebab Sandwich. I know there are lots of that here, but of course I emphasized it. SAUDI ARABIA's ;)

Well, it's not that quiet exactly from what I saw from the magazine. :)

Second, France's Chausson aux Pommes or Apple Turnover

Third, Japan's Okonomiyaki! Wanna try that different flavors in a different type of Pancake! :)

Looks really tasty! Pancake in a different flavors. I know it looks weird. But who knows? This would be the best pancake in the world. Haha.

Fourth, Taiwan's Milk Tea. It's available at Serenitea! Ooohh please :(

Fifth, I also wanna try Korea's different kind of icecream which is Fish Red Bean Ice Cream. I wonder how it taste like? Haha. 

And it has red bean paste aside.

Sixth, Malaysia's Sago Gula Melaka. This icy and flavorful treat could be great on weekends. 

I know it looks weird. But yeah dude, who knows? Haha.

And oh please, let me try at least one of those tasty foods. Oh men. I know someday, I'll be able to taste all of these. Insert evil laugh. Haha.

Ugh. I just wanna try it RIGHT NOW. Oh men. Hahaha.

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