Thursday, 19 May 2011

"Be positive. You can do this!"

Hi Blogspot. I miss you.

Wow. Summer is almost over. And I can't believe this. I'm officially a Senior student this coming June 6th. That was fast! I'm going to be a graduating student and I'm not so ready to say good bye to my High School Life. But well, let's just go with the flow. No matter what happens during my senior year, I'll treasure it. Whether it's a good memory or bad memory, I'll still treasure it. Of course! 

I'm not being dramatic. It's just that I can't believe, I'll be graduating soon. And that soon is somewhere in March 2012. Wow, time flies so fast. And I'm gonna miss my Junior year classmates. They were the best! Yeah, Sophomore year was the better year for me. It was fun. I mean we're still immature ones. Fighting over small things, fighting over boys and everything. Oh well. But Junior year, was the best year for me! I had the best classmates in the universe. I felt like some of my classmates are part of my family. We are so close to each other. I am in love with my classmates. Yes, that's why I am gonna miss them. Still can't move on

I'd still remember, during last few weeks before the school year ends, that was the good days I considered being with my classmates. Every day, we always make something that will be remembered. Like going out of the classroom without asking permission AND we're like 4 or 3 going out of the room, I mean it's not even allowed in our school unless if permitted. Only one at a time. But yeah, so many things we have treasured. I just can't accept the fact that we're not classmates anymore this coming June 6th. But I guess some of them. But it would be great though if SMB (Samahan ng Malalanding Bata) brothers and sisters will be my classmate. Awwww :'(

I don't know but I have to share this. We, my classmates, planned to have a Farewell Party Part 2. I know it sounds crazy. But it's like we're giving chances to those weren't able to attend the Farewell Party. See? We love each other SO MUCH that we even planned to have a part  two of Farewell Party. Sounds crazy and weird. Yeah. I think that explains why we love each other, why I love them. :)

Well, I don't know if I'll love my Senior year, but let's just see. I'll just go with the flow. Ask God's guidance. What else? Of course, be myself. And deal with everything, like teachers and classmates. Oh men. 

I know God will guide me. :)

Oh Senior Year, please be good to me. Bare with my mood swings, with my attitude and whatsoever. Don't be so harsh to me. I know you're tough. Haha. 

And it's because I'm a Senior student already, I wanna grow up. Dealing with some teenage stuffs and so on. Be mature enough. But I'm mature during my Junior year, but not that enough. Lol.


Yeah? :)

Okay, like how many days left? Hmm. 17 days, according to my calendar. Well, in that case? I'll enjoy the last 17 days before my Senior year starts. :)

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