Sunday, 5 June 2011

God bless me.

Ugh. Tonight's the last night of Summer 2011. And I hate this part right here. 

Tomorrow's the day. And I will be officially a Senior student. I am just gonna enjoy my Senior year no matter what happens. 

I will miss those sleepless nights, movie marathons, series marathons, waking up so late, Twitter all day, sleeping, eating and all. Ugh. It's okay, because I knew, somehow, that this will end soon. And that soon has finally ended. I guess. 

But anyway, I just can't wait to see my friends and new classmates tomorrow. But I'm not excited for school. I just hate waking up so early. Oh please.

But I know it's part of teenage life, like High School life. Duh. Actually, I am used to it, but of course. I'm gonna miss those sleeping late at night. Oh well. This is Life.

Can please someone cheer me up? And wish me luck? Oh God. 

And no, I will not sleep already. I will wait when I will be sleepy. Right? Haha or not. Oh, I just hope tomorrow will be such a nice day. No stress. I hope it will be a fun first day of school. I hope also, I'm positive ALL THE WAY THROUGH THE DAY. :)

Well then, good luck to my fellow students for tomorrow, good luck to me and God bless me. And yeah, God bless you. :)

Btw, I wasn't able to update my Blogspot lately because I've been very busy these past few days. Practice for our dance prod. for the opening of the school year. Yeah. But these past few days, it was a tiring week yet happy. I loved it. And experienced something new. So cool. :)

Anyway, I will really miss this. Awww :(

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