Wednesday, 2 May 2012

We'll see whose fault it is

Hi. It's a rainy evening tonight. But I couldn't feel the coldness. I don't know why. Anyway, I've been watching this video for like tons of times already. I don't know, it's just that looking back to those good old days we were so funny. This video that I'm going to share is a video from our practice that was way too long ago already while we were still practicing for NCC Finals 2012.

It's just that every time I watch this video, I'm always smiling and laughing and remembering those nights that we're having fun instead of being serious. I don't know. :)

Before I'll post it, let me share or tell you what we are exactly doing in this video. Well, that night at the covered court, the atmosphere was getting more serious and we could feel the intense and exhaustion. Someone from the squad shouted "Ang mahulog, suong!" which is he/she was referring to any of the flyer, because that time we were polishing/practicing for the partner stunts. Those three words was heard by Sir Jerome and then he agreed to this. And so he decided and made the mechanics. Lol.

The mechanics was, if the flyer will fall or something she'll crawl under the legs of everyone in the squad. But if the flyer did not fall and the bases were the problem, the three boys (bases) will do the same thing. In that case, Sir Jerome said "we'll see whose fault it is". And there! They accepted the challenge and they all became big-headed-alien-astronauts that time. Hahahaha!

Well, just witness who was the "kawawa" that night.

Good times! I miss this. :( </3

I bet you guys are all-smiles and laughing already on our idiocy. Just kidding. But seriously, I had fun that night. I just can't stop laughing while taking this vid. Good thing, it wasn't that shaky at all. Actually, while taking this vid I was like a girl-with-a-half-sliced-of-orange-on-her-face. Hahahahaha! Yeah :)

And oh! The girl who were having a doubt of doing the single down, well, sorry! Hahaha. Btw, her name's Nickel Ann Acena (complete talaga?). Uh-oh! Sorry Nickel, too bad for you. But at least you guys tried it. :)

Oh well, this is one of the memories that I'll surely miss. Hehe! x

Btw, I would like to greet my two sisters who were celebrating their wonderful 31st and sweet 16th! ate Mai Branzuela (my sister) and Rani Ruth Regidor (sister from another mother) God bless you girls! Hope you're having a great one. More blessings and candles to come. Stay blessed and pretty. I love and miss you girls! :)

Left photo: my sister, ate Karla (Mai) | Right photo: My sister and girl friend, Rani ♥

Anyway, I can now feel the coldness and I'll take a rest now. I hope you had fun reading this blog and watching the video. And I'll keep you posted! x ;)

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