Monday, 23 April 2012

My sister's a gold digger

Just a quick post about my sister's very fun idea. Actually, it wasn't hers. She got it from Laureen Uy's blog. I have read it also the blog article about it. But it was way too long ago already so I couldn't post the link here, and I can't even find it anymore. Laureen's archive section is not working, I don't even know why.

Anyway, my sister turned her old Penshoppe purple doll shoes into a new dashing gold one. And it has a nice outcome. I loved it. That's why I'm sharing it to you. :)

On process:

My sister Koleen's old Penshoppe doll shoes ;)

The gold dust. I think my sister's a gold digger. Haha!

Almost finished.

Quite funny tho, while she's working on this, brownout wanted to annoy and disturb my ever busy sister while doing this. So she took a rest for awhile and then when the current came back, she started working on it asap. I was watching tv when she continued working on this and then I decided to take some photos of her while doing it. But she did not want to, so I just took photo of the doll shoes while on process. :)

Anyway, I'll show you the outcome! :D


I'm just so proud of my sister because she did something quite productive for after how many years. Lol. No, seriously, I effin love the outcome! Can't wait to borrow and wear this some other time somewhere. It is just so cute. But I admit, nasayangan ako sa purple doll shoes. Awwww :( but it was okay! At least, time for a change. Hahaha.

You can do this also on your own. All you need is; of course, either gold dust or silver dust, an old doll shoes that you think you're not fond of the design anymore, it's up to you what will you use to stick those dust (but my sister used glue). Go ahead! And try doing this now, since it's summer and I know you're bored. :)

So, what do you think guys? 

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