Saturday, 12 May 2012

Late post: Happy birthday Pa! ♥

Actually I was planning to post this right after we had our dinner at the Shakey's. But then, I really lack sleep these past few days. And sometimes I forgot to post it. But right now, I'll post it. :)

Dad's birthday is actually May 9. So yeah we had a simple celebration by dining out with the family. And again, Karla Branzuela and Kathleen Branzuela are MIA again. Oh well. It's okay! :)

I'm happy with my family :)

Mom: Ilang years na tayo Ga? 
Ate Koleen: 32!
Mom: Whaaaaaaat?! Paano kita natiis?
Ate Koleen: Paano ka rin natiis ni papa!

Partners in crime

Is she really drinking that beer? No, just for a photo only. :)

Favorite :)

Favorite :)

Caught in the act: Don't disturb

Paparazzi photo.

Awww, I find this photo so cute :)

Yup, that's how we roll!


It was another good times with my family. Conversations, sharing jokes, sharing pick-up lines and full of laughters. I just can't describe how happy I was when that night happened. I just love spending time with my family. I mean who doesn't? If anyone does, dude your seriously insane. Lol just kiddng. But srsly, you have got to love spending time with your family. That's one of the most important things in this Universe. I swear. :)

Haha. 'nuff said :)

I love about everything in these photos! It just simply shows of how close we are to each other.

I just love my family. ♥ :)

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