Wednesday, 9 May 2012

A little favor

Hi there! Just a quick post about...

Okay guys. You know that I've been a fan of Big Time Rush since the day they started or the day I started watching their show on Nickelodeon. But anyway, I'm asking for a help from you guys. Yeah, I am being a fan girl right now. I couldn't help it but I just want Kendall to be the "Blonde Babe Crush" for summer on BOP and Tigerbeat's site.

Ever since, I really had a crush on Kendall or shall I call him "Kendi". Please guys, vote for him! You may know him or not. Just vote for Kendall Schmidt, yep! That's right! KENDALL SCHMIDT :)

This guy over here. Ahuh! That's my loves ;)

I've been voting for him since this morning until now. Yes! A for effort, I know right! :)

I don't want to make this blog post long. I'll just make it short. So please guys, pretty pretty pretty pretty please!! We, Rushers need your help to vote for Kendall. I know he's so special that I have to make this blog post for him. Yeah. #fangirlmodeon :-)

Yeah, right after you vote. Just click refresh or F5 on your keyboard then vote again. And do the same thing as many times as you can. PLEASE :-)

Here's the link: BOP and Tiger Beat's Poll for Blonde Babe Crush for Summer and do the favor that I've been asking. Just please? :)

I trust you with all my heart & soul that you'll do my little favor. :">

Goodnight! :) 

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