Monday, 14 May 2012

Ain't like the Summertime

Well, some of you know that I've been wanting to go out and swim either at a pool or at the beach. Oh well, I'm just happy that finally I was able to do this. And yes, with my beloved SWAG, GrInkLetLue and some friends. I'm just so happy. :)

Last Thursday (May 10, 2012), it was like 2 or 3 in the morning yet I couldn't sleep. I don't even know why. No, I don't have an insomnia. I really had a hard time sleeping. Like I tried closing my eyes and not try to open it so that I could sleep. But it didn't work. And no, I was not excited at that time. I swear! I just really don't know why I couldn't sleep. I did try to pray and ask God to let me sleep already because I badly needed it. But I guess, it was just me at all. Maybe there was something wrong with me during that night.

And yeah, I remembered the fact that I posted on my previous previous blog post. The thought says, "eating a banana at night could help you sleep.". Ahuh! I wanted to try that but sadly, there were no bananas left already. I guess I was the one who ate almost all of it. Hahaha!

So it was like 3 something in the morning when finally I fell asleep. The dream was amazing and I felt like it was real. And that feels good, well not the thought that I only had like 3-4 hours of sleep. Oh wow.

I was just on Twitter when Karla tweeted me along with Livra and Germaine's username telling us to be at their house at around 10AM, but it was already 10:30AM when she tweeted that. So I went to their house at around 11:30AM. Hahahaha! #Pinoys

Right after our "Japanese" lunch at Gako's residence. Wait! I have to thank Karla and her mom for that sweet lunch. Thank you Karla and Tita! So anyway, we immediately headed to Robinsons' Supermarket to buy our foods. Even at the supermarket, it was fun with the girls. And yeah, thank you again Tita for helping us. Hehe :)

When we were done at the Supermarket, Karla's mom drove us all the way to GensanView Resort. And I had to say that it was blazing hot during that time. Mr. Sun was shining all over Gensan. And I couldn't bare with the hotness. Oh.

Good thing, when we decided to swim and jump off at the pool already, the sun was hidding already behind the clouds. Yeyy! :)

Here are my favorite photos of us enjoying the summer. Naks! Well some of them are just chosen by truly yours :)

Hahaha, go Germaine! :)

I just simply love this shot. Idk why :)

Meet Yel, Germaine's cute poodle puppy. So cute! :">

The slides are fun! Especially the red one ;)

I wanted to go here but then, the gate was closed. Tsk

Martin was the first in line. He's so cute in here! 

And then Karla's next :D

Me was the third one! :p

Then Kungfu :)

Oh! A for effort for that pose, Matthan! :)

Oh it's Janel! :D

Last but not the least, Rabin. HAHA

Sorry for being kiddos! We just wanted to try the red one. Tho I have tried it before already, I just wanted to go with them :-)

My tummy looks weird in here. Hahaha

Awwww, Yel's sleeping :>

Yes, umabot kami ng gabi. :D

Seriously, this day (May 10) was full of fun! And I have to formally thank God and my friends. Special mention are: Karla, Livra, Germaine, KungFu (Karla's little bro), Christian, Matthan, Janel, Eman, Neal, Jaymar, Rabin, Titus, Ira and Moses. Thank you so much guys for this wonderful little outing. I swear I had fun with you guys! Til next time! :)

I will miss all of them especially the ones who will fly somewhere for their college Life, of course. Special mention again: Karla, Livra, Jaymar (not quite sure) and Matthan. Awwwww! I will really miss you guys. See you soon!! :)

You're probably wondering why am I not moving anymore. Well it's because I still don't want to leave my home and my hometown. Still not ready to leave my family. And you know I'm the type of person who easily gets homesick. So yeaaaahh. But maybe after 1st sem or my 1st year, I might move and go to Cebu already for my college. Actually, I don't want to think about it. I just want to go with the flow and let things happen the way it supposed to be. Yeah ;)

So that's it. I can still feel the summer. It was all because of God, my family and friends. Yeah. How about you? Are you enjoying and still enjoying your summer 2012? :)

Btw before anything else, don't forget to vote for Kendall Schmidt on BOP and Tiger Beats's Poll on their site. For the link, check out my previous blog post. Thank you! God bless you always!

Lots of love. Xx

Hence the title! :)

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