Thursday, 17 May 2012

Updated: MDubarmy & MDubgang needs your help!

Hi there. A quick post about... :)

Yes. Another blog post asking you guys for a little favor. I know, I've been asking too much. I'm sorry. Haha.

Anyway, I wanted to introduce to you guys (for some who still doesn't know them), one of my favorite crews of all time from Los Angeles. They are consist of 8 members from different places and grew up in a different cultures. They are comprised of dance teachers who are dedicated to giving back to the community through their signature MOS style (Movement Over Sound). They are the Mos Wanted Crew.

Yep, that's right! This is the boys.

There are also full-blooded Filipino in this crew. Yep, there are three. And also the awesome and amazing man behind this crew is a half-Filipino, Sir Myron Marten. We're just proud of them! :D

Brian Puspos, Bam Martin and Jun Quemado 

You know why am I a fan of this crew? Simply because, they are truly a performer. Mos Wanted Crew is one of those crews that can kill the stage and they will not disappoint you with their own creativity of their routine and choreography. They has style and most important, talent. A true talent and blessing that God gave to them. And right now? Yes, truly they are blessed. Like super duper. 

A lot of fans love them and support them, even the ones who don't really know them well, they still support this awesome crew. And their fanbase are called "MDubarmy" or "MDubgang" (hence the title!). They might one of them or not, they are still voting for this crew on MTV's hit show, America's Best Dance Crew Season 7. :D

Yeah! You read that right. They are one of the crews who are competing for the title of America's Best Dance Crew. In order to win this title or to be known them (Mos Wanted Crew) as America's Best Dance Crew, here's what you need to do:

A little favor again. Hihi :)

Just simply click this link: Vote for Mos Wanted Crew. And you'll see this:

And then click vote button as many times as you can. Don't worry, this is not closely related to Twitter. No vote limits. So like I said, vote as many times as you can. Or just click the vote button under Mos Wanted Crew's name AS MANY TIMES AS POSSIBLE. BTW VOTE EVERY WEDNESDAY/THURSDAY (FOR THE RESIDENTS OF PHILIPPINES) You might know them or not, just do it. Hahaha ;)

That's just simple, isn't it? 

So what are you waiting for? VOTE NOW FOR MOS WANTED CREW! :D

Some of you may don't know them or clueless about them. Just vote for them. And here are some video performances of MWC from America's Best Dance Crew. From week 2-week 7, they were introduced  on the second batch already that's why they started on week 2. Week 7 is the latest challenge :)

- I'm sorry but the owner of this video disabled the embedding request. Hehe, so just click the link. :)

America's Best Dance Crew Week 3: Madonna Challenge | Mos Wanted Crew - 4 Minutes

This is one my favorite routines. ;)

America's Best Dance Crew Week 4: Drake Challenge | Mos Wanted Crew - The Motto

I just love their reaction the time they found out that they're going to perform Drake's track "The Motto". They really love that song ha. Hahaha. 

America's Best Dance Crew Week 5: Jennifer Lopez Challenge | Mos Wanted Crew - On the Floor

This is truly my favorite routine! Ian is so hot and so as Brian. Oh em gee. Anyway, I love this routine so much that I kept on watching this video all over again. Yeah. #KubLife

America's Best Dance Crew Week 6: Pitbull Challenge | Mos Wanted Crew - Give Me Everything

This routine is actually good. But let's just say those are one of the down moments of MWC. It's okay! Everybody makes mistakes. No one is perfect :)

America's Best Dance Crew Week 7: Rihanna Challenge | Mos Wanted Crew - Cockiness

Dude! This routine is waaaaay too hot and cool. I loved it! Good job MWC! So proud of you. :)

So now you have seen all of their performances. Aren't they the best? :D

Anyway, will not make it longer anymore. I hope you'll really do my little favor. Please! :D


Thank you so much from the very bottom of my heart. ♥ :)
I'm sure Mos Wanted Crew will appreciate this. :D

God bless y'all :)

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