Sunday, 19 June 2011

Every thing.

Seriously, I don't know what to blog about.

Last week was kinda bit great. I had fun with friends, especially with GrInkLetLue. Yes. And I've been trying to be close with my boy classmates. You know, I am really close to guys. But anyway, I also have friends who are girls, of course. And they're Stephanie, Mhia, Kaye, Hermaine, Mika, Kim and Nica. But I usually/always talk to and hang out with Steph & Mhia or Herm & Kim. Lol.

I hope this week, I'll be able to get closer with my boy classmates. You know, as I defend myself, I am not being whore or bitchy. But I just love hanging out with guys. I mean they're fun to be with, but my girl friends are also fun to be with. Of course. ;)

I just want to gain my boy friends. They're cool. But na-ah, as for now, boys are disgusting for me. Remember? If you know what I mean, at least.

But do you care? No. 

So yeah. I know sooner or later, I'll be close friends with them. Not only with boy classmates, but all of them (boys and girls). Yeah.

And yeah! I want to go back to tutor. I can feel that I can't handle Trigo and Physics. What, yes. Like I said, I don't like Math and at the same time, Science. Crap. But I'm not quite sure if Dad will allow me to go back to tutor. Ah yes, don't worry! I'll use my powers to convince him. Lol srsly?

And who knows? Because of the help of tutor, I might be one of the list of Honor Students. Oh dang, what a dream. I must be kidding. Yeah right.

I'll convince Dad tomorrow, AGAIN.

And speaking of Dad; Happy Fathers Day to your Dad! And to all amazing and awesome Dads out there! ♥

Anyhoo, just wish me luck guys. For every thing.

Yeah. And oh btw, I miss every thing. Like sleepless nights, movie marathon, series marathon, McSundae during midnight with my cousin Jena, Big Time Rush, House of Anubis, Twitter all day and every thing. Yeah.


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