Saturday, 11 June 2011

What a week.

Hey there Blogspot! I miss you. Sorry, been really busy lately. 

So yeah. Last June 6 was the first day of our school. I belong to class 405 - St. Paul, our Adviser is Sir Jun Flores. He was the Campus Peace Coordinator before. But now, he's teaching subject of CLE (Christian Living Education). But anyway, I sorta don't like my new classmates. They seem to be so boring. But I love talking to Hermaine, Romeo and Dennis. They're the only ones that I've been talking to since Monday until Friday. 

But everyone said, it's only the beginning. Yeah, they're right. I'm still adjusting. I hope sooner or later, we'll all be close to each other. Just like my Junior year. ;)

My only classmates from SMB are Kaye Madria and Nica Hidalgo. What. How come!? But it's okay, at least! Well, sometimes I think I am still a Junior student. Ugh. I know I'll hate my Senior year. I don't know, let's just see. And oh, Senior year's gonna be tough. I should concentrate and focus more and more and more. Haha. I heard Trigo and Physics are the ones which is really difficult. But yeah, good luck to me. I hate Math, and at the same time Science. Obviously, I'm not a nerd. Hahaha. ;)


June 6 - General Assembly in the morning, and Mass/Celebrated the Feast Day of St. Marcellin. My first day went fine. Right after, had practice for our dance prod. with NDDU-IBED Dancers and had practice with Black Magic. I was really busy. 

June 7 - Juniors and Seniors Orientation in the morning at the covered court. So finally, performed a dance prod. with NDDU-IBED Dancers. It was not that good, we all became somnolent. So we're not in the mood to dance our butts off. But I hope they all still like it. Lol. Then right after school, went to Glaiza's house. Had practice again for another intermission number with Black Magic. And to be honest, we prayed before I, Karla and Chryslene went home. We're getting nervous at that time, like really. 

June 8 - The day has finally come. Anyway, it was the first "debut" of Black Magic at the school. It was Sophomores' Orientation. Before we perform, we prayed again. So again, we were really nervous at that time. And PLUS, we wore high heels while we performed our dance prod. I know sounds amazing or crazy? But dude, that added to my nervousness. Crap. But anyway, I think our performance went well. 

But! Our School Activity Coordinator told us to perform again in the afternoon for the Club Campaign/Orientation. And we were like, "what?!". But yeah sure! We would love to. But anyway, so yeah. We performed again. Dang! I don't know what to say about our second performance. Lol.

Never mind. At least, I had fun.

June 9 - This day was our Subject orientation. But unfortunately, I have to left the room in the morning. Another dance prod., but with NDDU-IBED Dancers. And that day was Freshmen's Orientation. Quite tiring but still fun. I am having fun, dude. Anyway, our performance went well. I loved it, actually. It was better than the first performance. We had fun. ;)

So after that, went back to the room. Of course. Finally, I was able to be with my classmates and met our new subject teachers. Yeah, I really have to deal with them. Oh God.

June 10 - Thank God it's Friday. Yes! So, it was just an ordinary day. But it was 2 year anniversary of GrInkLetLue. Oh my goodness! I can't believe we're 2 years of friendship already. So many challenges we have accepted, so many fight we have conquered, so many struggles during our journey and all. But I loved it. Though a lot of dramas and all. Haha. Aside from that, Dallas Mavericks won the game. So yeah! I loved it. Nice one Dallas! Leggo on the next game!

The day ended with smiles. :)

June 11 - Woke up so early in the morning, went to school for another dance prod. And yet this time, with NDDU-IBED Dancers and Black Magic. It was Freshmen's and Transferees' Parents' Orientation. Yeah. Plus, it was gloomy outside. I loved it. But sadly, it was the last day of NDDU-IBED Dancers' performance already, I do really hope there's still more. But for Black Magic, I guess there's still more? But anyway,  I am gonna miss it. :'(

What a week, right? Forgot to mention, I was elected as the Secretary of the class. Like seriously? I am not that responsible. But will try my very best. But I am so happy that I am not a Treasurer anymore. Eugh like seriously, I hate the job of Treasurer. Lol. And, we have two classmates who transferred from Sci-Cur class. And also, we have a transferee classmate. Hope I can get along with them. They seem to be so nice. ;) 

So yeah, been really busy lately. Wasn't able to check on my Blue Diary. But finally, will post this in a minute. Haha. ;)

God bless you. ♥

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