Sunday, 1 April 2012

Star Flyer

This is continuation to my blog post, "Something wonderful". Yeah.

It was our last day in Manila and I wanted this day to be full of happiness. Indeed, it was. It was 19th of March 2012, when we had our day out in Manila. Too bad, boys and girls are separated. No, actually, boys separated from us. They didn't follow at SM Megamall. Bad boys. Anyway, but we still met at the Star City.

Before leaving the house :)

When we arrived at Megamall, first thing came into our minds- FOOD! We're sorta hungry, so before we went for a shopping. We decided to eat our lunch at Greenwich, yeah just like our first day in Manila. I had a great lunch with Paulyne, Mica, Ayn, Nickel and Janel. Some girls went for a shopping already, they can't take it anymore. Well, girls are girls. ;)

After a 2hour shopping spree, we gathered at the place where we first separated. So it's time for us to go but I still wanted to go at the Intramuros but I don't know what happened. Instead of going to Intramuros, we went to Star City already. Yeah, we're all getting excited that we just can't hide it. Haha.

I didn't feel like this was KPS's day out, it more felt like girls' day out. Boys didn't wait for us, they're already inside the time we got there. It's okay (not really). Anyway, we girls including Ma'am Daff and Tita Gladys bought the Ride-All-You-Can package with 4D Max Rider. Ha! Boys didn't get any plus package from their ticket. It was because their tickets were sponsored by Coach Mark and Lakers Pep Squad, I think. Sorry boys. Lol, their tickets were only Ride-All-You-Can. :P

Since it's my first time to be in Manila, then it's my first time to be in Star City. I swear I felt like I was a kid again. I know everyone loves the feeling of being a kid and that day yes I felt that. We wanted to make sulit of our last day in Manila, so what we did is; since it's ride all you can, we rode all the rides as possible as we can. Not only rides, but we also tried those horror houses. I gotta admit that I hate horror houses but I love watching horror movies. It's just that, yeah, I hate it. But what else can I do? If I don't go in with them, I'm the only one left behind and I don't wanna miss any fun during that day.

Anyway, I'll share it thru photos with captions. Alright? :D

This was the first ride we rode. I forgot the name. I think this ride is best recommend for kids. ;)

The second ride we rode. I forgot the name again, but it was something pirate. This was one of my favorite rides also. I had fun with them screaming at the top of our lungs. Srsly.

Third ride, Caterpillar thingy. I forgot the exact name. Sorry guys! Hahaha. This ride is also best recommend for kids. You guys can't blame us, we just wanted to ride all the rides we'll see there. Just like I said, we'll make sulit in a way of riding all the rides as possible as we can. :) 

Yes, fourth ride. And yes again, I forgot the name of this ride. But men! This was good. I love this ride. ;)

Since, picture taking inside the horror house is not allowed. We only have one photo outside from one of their horror houses. And this time, we had the accompany of the boys already. We don't want to run inside the horror house without them. Ha! Thank goodness!

Since we can't find any rides that looks fun inside, we went outside already. I could easily tell that rides outside are more fun. No wonder why boys first went outside. And no wonder that they're the one who are guiding us. Hahaha. But anyway, the atmosphere was getting more fun. ;)

Ha! This was the first ride we rode when we went outside. I thought you will really get wet but then no, it was just only a thought. I mean you'll get wet but not that really. Only two or three persons can take one ride or the wood (lol), so I took the ride with Glaiza and Aljun. That was awesome! Btw, this is Splash Jungle. Haha! Congrats, at least I have remembered the name of it. ;)

Second ride we rode outside. This ride is called Surf Dance. One of my favorite rides also. This was so fun! You know what's cute? Even though the boys had tried this already, they still went on a ride with us for another round. Thanks boys! :)

The next ride I will introduce is really my favorite of all rides I have tried. I don't know but Star Flyer was really a breath-taking one. Next time I'll go back there, I'd go first on Star Flyer. Hahaha. Too bad, we weren't able to take for another round already. Don't worry! Next time. Just wait. ;)

We're still accompanied by the boys. Sweet! :)

After that, yeah we went inside and we did nothing there. But the girls are kinda hungry, so we decided to eat.  I could feel that the day was getting over, and swear believe me I don't want that day to end. I will miss everything about our trip in Manila. It was all worth-it. So instead of thinking those crappy thoughts, I saw Aljun, Kit and Matthan went on a bumpcar ride. I joined them since I don't want to think of those crappy thoughts. I don't wanna be emotional since we're having fun that day. 

The bumpcar session was fun with them. I actually had a bumpcar session with Aljun, Kit, Matthan, Janel, Moses, Titus and Enrique. So we are eight in a row, perfect timing. I enjoyed the bumpcar session with them, and thanks to them! Haha. After that, Janel and I followed the girls at the 4D Max Rider. The first batch were Glaiza, Paulyne, Abbie, Julie, Mica and Nickel. We were the second batch- truly yours, Ma'am Daff, Joy, Ayn and Janel. Mennnnnnn!! That thing was so cool and at the same time, distracting. It was fun screaming and it was more fun trying to avoid those creepy bats and such things. I'll never forget that. :)

So yeah. The day was really getting over. And we said goodbye to Star City already. Before we went home, we still visited the famous park in the Philippines, Luneta Park. Some might not considered Luneta Park as famous one, but for me it is. 

In the end, it was still girls' day out. ;)

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