Friday, 6 April 2012

Happy birthday Ma! ♥

Last night was one of the best nights I've had. It was my mom's birthday yesterday. We went out for a birthday dinner to celebrate Mom's birthday. It was just a little celebration with the family. Tho, it's just a simple celebration, but still it was the best time with my family. And that was my way of enjoying the moments with them while there's still time before I go to college. ;)

Hi Ma and Ashy! :)

The best Superwoman I've met :)

Mom with our youngest, Kyle :)

My sister Koleen and my niece, Ashy shared their smiles as I took a picture of them :)

I'm with my brother, Kim. :)

Kim's order, one of my favorite dishes from Chowking- Sweet & Sour Pork :)

Mine. One of my favorite dishes from Chowking also, Braised Beef :)

Everyone's favorite.

Ashy, Mom, Kyle and Dad :)

Silly us with Dad :)

I'm with Superwoman. Happy birthday Ma! I love you ♥ :)

Before going home. Ate Mai and Ate Kathy are MIA :(

So yeah, I had  a great time with them. It's just that how great is it when you spend time with your family, of course. Surely will miss this when I go to college. But man, since it's still summer I will make the most out of it with my dear family. It is more great if you're really in love with your family, that is one of the most important things. :)

I hope you'll have a Blessed Holy Week! God bless you. :)

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