Friday, 30 March 2012

Something wonderful

I don't know how would I introduce this blog post. But everything you'll read in this post is just about my Manila trip with the pep squad. So nothing special. But the trip was something really special that I will never ever forget. And yes, it is one of the unforgettable memories and one of the best experiences that I've had.

From last of week of February, I was getting nervous already. Thinking if we could really perform well and we could impress people out there. A lot of thoughts are pondering my mind that I couldn't concentrate anymore. I was thankful to our Final Exams, because it was one way of distracting myself from thinking those thoughts. Yes that's true.

During our last few days here in Gensan, I have to make sure that I was able to be with my friends and classmates before we'll leave. And yeah, I have to thank them for understanding me that I am real busy those days. To the extent that I'm having hard time already how to cope-up with my friends and classmates. But then still thankful that they understood how busy I am.

I have to make the story short. Alright? :)

March 14, 2012; Day before we'll leave- Woke up feeling mixed emotions and bothered by this one thing. Yes still bothered because of what my friend told me. I have to see our Computer teacher because he needs to see me. Haha. So I have to go to High School campus before going to Main Campus for our practice. Then I went to the covered court because my friend told me he's at the covered court. We just talked about my project. Yeah nothing biggy. Anyway, I was just sharing that. :)

After we talked, I immediately went to Main Campus for our last day of practice in Gensan and they're waiting for me already. Lol sorry guys. Our practice went well and thank goodness. Before we went home, we talked about the things that we need to prepare before we'll leave and we prayed.

Before going home, we decided to eat our dinner together at Runway 13. The conversations and laughter happened there and it was fun with them. I had a great dinner with Paulyne, Janel, Joshua, Christian, Aljun, Flent, Florenz, Edgar, Jaymar and Titus.

Thank you a lot for that wonderful dinner guys. :)

March 15, 2012; The day has come- Yes, I am honest that I was excited that day. I don't know why but maybe because of going to Manila with KPS. And to be honest, it was my first time to be in Manila. So yeah I guess that's part of my excitement. I just couldn't believe that I was in Manila with my KPS family.

The first day went well. We had our sweet lunch at SM Mall of Asia. My buddies during that time were Jaymar, Nickel, Mica and Christian. We went for a restaurant hunting, yeah. We were finding some restaurant that don't exist in Gensan. But failed, we just ate our lunch at Greenwich. I mean I know a lot of restaurants are in MOA but we wanted to eat somewhere where our taste meets. Haha.

So after 30-40 minutes, Sir Jerome text and told us to go back already to Mang Inasal where we first gathered. At least, I was able to buy the things that I needed. It was fun out there with them. A lot of conversations and laughter. But after an hour, the bus already arrived. FYI, the school sponsored our bus there in Manila. Thank you Madame Alma. Anyway, it is quite cute that even in bus we had fun. It was because of our cute conversations and especially Christian and Kit shared their knock knock jokes.

First day in Manila was super fun and it was a fine day for us. Thank goodness, we didn't have a practice. And also thank goodness, the house has a free wi-fi. So I was able to update my friends on what's happening to us. :)

March 16, 2012; Second day in Manila- Woke up feeling uncomfortable, I don't know why. Maybe because we are five who slept in one bed. But I still find it cute. We had our breakfast at the cafeteria of Marist School of Marikina City. Fyi (again), we are not staying in any rooms of Marist Marikina. We stayed at the Marist Asia Pacific Center. Anyway, after we ate our breakfast, we just sorta rest and prepared already for our first day of practice.

It was after lunch when we went to University of Perpetual Help System Dalta for our practice. While on our way there, we were getting nervous at the same time excited. Nervous because there are four pep squads who are present there including us- Sarimanok Pep Squad, Altas Perp Squad and Warriors Pep Squad. Sarimanok and Altas are both from college while PNHS is high school, well obviously. And oh! We're excited because finally, we will meet the defending champion from last year's NCC in High School Co-Ed. None other than Warriors Pep Squad, of course.

No wonder why they were champion last year and until now. I swear to God, I am a fan of them. They're friendly and accommodating. Humble enough and God-fearing. Yes I could tell they're all God-fearing because of their shirt where it says "Praise no one,  Him our Savior". Cool, isn't it? I wanted to have a photo-op in one of their flyers. But too bad, I wasn't able to. But we had a group photo with them. Yeyy! :">

It's also nice meeting Coach Ruffa, the coach of Altas Perp Squad. And I think he's also coaching the pep squad of PNHS. Just not quite sure about it. Anyway, our practice went well. Good thing it was fun performing out there while Sarimanok members cheered for us. And no pressure for us. I just would like to thank Coach Ruffa, Altas Perp Squad, Sarimanok Pep Squad and of course, Warriors Pep Squad for the opportunity to be with them during our first day of practice in Manila.

Group photo together with Sarimanok Pep Squad, Altas Perp Squad, Warriors Pep Squad and Coach Ruffa.

March 17, 2012; Third day in Manila- It was a nice morning for me. Especially when you wake up, your fellow squad member greeted you a 'Good Morning' with a nice smile. It's just nice for them to do that. So, after eating our breakfast, we went back at the house and prepared for another day of practice. This day, I was really excited like for real. The time I knew we'll have a practice in Central Colleges of Philippines, I really felt like a kid given a big cotton candy. You know why I felt excited? Well, it was because-- Finally! I am going to meet one of my favorite pep squads, Bobcats Pep Squad. Yes, I am a fan of them also. Btw, they were the champion on ABS-CBN's Showtime Campus Clash and at the same time, they were champion in this year's NCC. A big achievement for them and congratulations to them! :)

Our practice there went well also. Special thanks to Mommy Oyang and Coach Mark who's always there to cheer us up, support us and give advice and tips to us. I couldn't deny that we really get nervous when we see some other pep squads. Yes, that's a fact.

Before going home, we went to church with Sarimanok Pep Squad and Bobcats Pep Squad to attend the mass and to be blessed by Father. I hate the fact that I was wearing shorts that time, I was not completely comfortable attending the mass wearing shorts. I swear to God, if only they told us that we'll drop by at the church. I brought pants with me already. But then I didn't know. Anyway...

Oh, this day is also our last day of practice in Manila. I couldn't believe it that the days are getting over. But we're still having fun. When we arrived at MAPC, sir called our attention and told us to gather at the prayer room. What we did there; we talked what we should do and what to expect. And last but not the least, we prayed for the last time.

Before we went to dreamland, we prepared for the said competition for the next day. It was fun out there having a little conversations with them while preparing. :)

While doing our routine at the Central Colleges of Philippines.

Btw, my head was aching that time because of the curlers and hair spray. So I just slept it off. ;)

March 18, 2012; THE DAY HAS FINALLY COME TO AN END- Indeed it is. I just wanted to cry because you know, the five month training has finally, like for real, come to an end. I just can't believe it. I did not want to cry, I already cried that moment. Thinking "this is it!", there's no way of turning back and when you know that the game must go on. And we played the game fair and we accepted it wholeheartedly. :)

Some of us are getting nervous while others trying to keep theirselves calm. To be honest, we just wanted to end this day without any regrets, doubts, discouragement and hesitation. All we wanted is to perform out there blissfully and sincerely, and we wanted to impress all of the people who are watching. We dedicated our performance to ourselves and for our fellow schoolmates, just to be honest.

The time has come. We're next in line to perform on the dance floor. But before we perform, two pep squads before us, the staff told us to warm-up first. So we went at the backstage and did warm-up. There, I could tell some of them are getting nervous already. Some just wanted to perform and just end this day. Oh, while I was stretching and warming myself up, I saw ate Mhyca (our trainer) in the corner teary eyed. So I got up and approached him. I hugged him and comforted him. While comforting him, it also made me cry. I don't know.

For real, the time has really come. It's our turn already to perform. Dang! I just can't believe it anymore. Finally! We're here and seconds away, it's our turn already. Then... our school name and pep squad name was called already. But before we went to the dance floor, we still shouted "KINGFISHERS, FLY HIGH!".

Here's the video performance:

credits: Mr. Rogen Doronila (@77negor)

The only thing that made us down is our tumbling pass. It's okay, things happened the way it supposed to be. Right? So, past is past. At least, we had fun and our performance was not that quite bad. To be honest, it was great performing out there. And swear, I want to go back there! But then, I'm already graduate and there's no way of joining again the squad. Yes I know, in college? But it still depends. College is a serious thing.

So after all the pep squads including college division has finished performing, the host called the attention of all the pep squads and gathered on the dance floor. It was time to announce the top 3 best cheerleading teams in the Philippines. All I wanted to do is to cover my ears and close my eyes, I don't want to hear the results. But then again, there's nothing I could do except cross my fingers. Anyway, in high school co-ed division-- the champion or the number one best cheerleading team is PNHS Warriors Pep Squad. In College co-ed division-- CCP Bobcats Pep Squad. A big congratualations to them! Even I couldn't deny that they're really the best. But still, we are all the best. :)

If you're wondering what rank were us, we're rank 13. I know it's quite bad, but we did our best. We gave everything on that dance floor. I hope everyone's not judgmental on how we did there. I just want to say that it's not that easy to be part of a cheerleading team. If you guys only knew what are the basis of the judging of this competition, you wouldn't say anything. 

Anyway, this opportunity that I'll never ever forget, I am going to treasure this. This was my first and last, it was worth-it. And it was worth remembering. The feeling is different when you join NCC, I swear. How I do really wish that there's still next time for me, but there's no more next time. Maybe I'll just watch and support the next batch of the KPS next year at NCC. Yeah. It's a sad reality for me. Sigh. But still, I am thankful to God for this wonderful and amazing opportunity He gave to me. I will surely miss this. :'(

Right after NCC, we went to SM Marikina for our dinner. And again, my buddies were Paulyne, Aljun, Josh and Gerald. We wanted to have our dinner at KFC but then it was crowded. So we decided to eat at Jollibee. Good thing, ate Ching text and asked me where were we and then I told her, at the same time I invited them over. So she went there with the two makulit kuyas from Sarimanok also, kuya Jhong and kuya Richmond. These three persons are so fun to be with. Especially when kuya Jhong and kuya Richmond's "trip" meets. Lol. Anyway, after at the Jollibee, we just strolled at the Mall. But since I'm not in the mood to stroll and I'm a little bit tired, I told them that we'll just go back at the bus already. So they agreed. :)

If I didn't invite them to go back at the bus already, well, we've missed out the fun there. It was really fun out there. The trippings of some of the squad members, it was so out of this place. I don't know where they got that idea. But still, it was full of laughter. :)

The day went, I don't know. Haha. But I swear, I had fun with them. This day was full of mixed emotions. Like seriously, I don't know how to describe this day. Quite funny. 

Thank you KPS, Sir Jerome, Ma'am Daff, Tita Gladys (mom of Glaiza) for always helping us and especially the man behind our routine, Jhan Mhyca Capacillo. Thank you for this wonderful experience. We, the graduates, will never ever forget this. It was an extraordinary experience for me. :)

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