Monday, 22 October 2012

Road Trip: Back to Mati City

Hi. This blog post is about my trip to Mati City. Yes, I'm back to my appy place. And felt so good to be back there. I missed that place so much.

Last week of 1st semester, I was getting nervous, excited and all. Nervous for the Finals' Examination and excited because having an idea of coming back to Mati again and all for I actually don't know. Just bear with me. I'm weird, sometimes. My cousin told us that she already asked for reservation for our room on the 18th. Exact date where our Sembreak started.

During last day of exams, I couldn't wait no more to finish all of my exams because I've been wanting to go away and just relax. And yes, I was able to. Actually, I was still not sure if I could really come with my sister. The reason is, I don't have enough money left. I asked for dad's help but he was not sure. So that night, I was getting depressed knowing that I couldn't come. I was like, "no way! I have to!". The next day, I made a way just to convince dad. And yes, it worked. So I packed my things with all excitement. ;)

It was a three hour ride on the way to Davao from Gensan. Ah! I missed travelling! Anyway, too excited to see Davao. While along the way, I fell asleep. And whenever I woke up, I started imagining things that is almost impossible to happen. I know I'm weird. So, we got there at almost 9 in the evening. :)

No one or no such words can describe how excited and happy I am that time for our trip to Mati. I just can't hide it!

October 19, 2012; the day that I've been waiting for. Woke up feeling mixed emotions. Now I don't know why. We left Davao at exactly 7:30 in the morning. It was a three-hour ride again all the way to Mati from Davao. While on the way, a lot of imaginations and thoughts started bothering me but in the end I fell asleep. Hahahaha.

Botona Beach touchdown at almost 11 in the morning. So it was almost lunch, but we have already taken our lunch before we went to Botona Beach. It was kind of early lunch. Same thing I did when we got there last time, I immediately went to bed. I need to stretch despite of three hours of sitting in the van. Hahahaha. I almost fell asleep because I have no one to talk to; my cousin went to her friend, my sister and her friend went outside for a walk. I'm always left alone. I like it somehow. ;)

You know what I love during our whole stay at Mati? Mr. Sun was too shy to show off his blazing hotness all over Mati. That's why I enjoyed it there at the beach. Plus the waves, it was high tide during our stay. I guess until now. Maybe because it's BER month already. Hihi.

I'm gonna share some photos for you guys taken from my Instagram

Arrival :">

Day 1 at the beach. Told you Mr. Sun was too shy to show off.


Bored on a Saturday night after dinner

Last minute of stay at Botona Beach in Mati. Sorry I was bored.

I just can't wait to go back again at my happy place. I can get to relax with family whenever we go back there. I really love that place. It's also a perfect spot for everyone who loves to surf or skim board. Actually a lot of surfers and skim boarders are doing their thing there. And if you wanna try surfing or skim boarding, you know already where to go! It's Mati. (Chos!) :)


So how's your sembreak going on? How's your October going? Let me know!

Kikay xo

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