Tuesday, 13 November 2012

It's about to end

Yes. Sembreak it is. It's about to end for me. Since I'm still not enrolled for 2nd semester. But in the next 24 hours, I'll be officially enrolled and I can attend my classes already. And I just can't wait.

October 18, 2012; The day that our sembreak started. Quite late but it was still worth-it. You know already that right after our exams, the next day we went to Mati for our beach trip. And yes, that was a great way to start my break. I missed that place and everything there was still the same thing when I got back there, so it was nice to stay there. Can't wait to go to Mati again! Hopefully, soon.

After all, I've been spending a lot of time with my girl friends, close friends and as a promised reunion with my beloved squad. I appreciated every day spent with them. I just missed them so much. It felt great when we reunited during Sembreak. If only you guys have seen us at the mall while catching up on each other, I swear to God! It's so nice and so cute to see them talking, laughing and teasing one another.

I missed those moments with them. Tho I have to be honest that I had a hard time saving money just to be able to be with them. Of course, I won't let it missed every single day to be with them. You know like after 5 months, we were able to catch up again with each other. I just love spending time with my friends. I mean, who wouldn't?

Actually, it was October 17 when I had a little reunion with my girl friends, G8 (GrInkLetLue). We all had our lunch together at Penuela's residence. Unfortunately, we weren't still complete at that time. Karla was still in Manila because she has some exams to finish first. But we all planned for another reunion, of course with Karla. We had our reunion last October 25, lunch together at Tong Yang. I swear, I love every moment of that day. It was a perfect day for us. A lot of conversation, laughter and moments happened that time. I swear it was priceless.

Same that day, my beloved squad had a reunion. Of course, planned by me. We all met up at the mall  because I told them so. So the moment they were all quite complete, some of them texted me and telling me that we might go and visit the new batch of KPS already while they were on a practice that day for 36th Milo Cheerdance Competition. And btw, they were announced as 1st runner-up. I couldn't believe it! But anyway if you'd like to check their performance, click this. And kindly click full screen. Hihi! :)

Later that night, I had another little reunion to be attended. I spend the night with my HISAMITSU friends. They are actually my friends from college. We had our dinner together and sleepover at Sarangani Highlands. Still I couldn't hide the truth that I had fun with them. It was a great night with them talking over some things. So I had a busy day during October 25; Reunion with G8, KPS and HISAMITSU. :)

Those were just the highlights of my break. I couldn't take it anymore so I'd like to share it with you guys. I will never ever forget that day. October 25, 2012 is indeed a day to remember. Everything happened that day was super priceless and I thank God for that. How I wish I could turn back time and do it again with my beloved friends.

Now here are the photos taken from my Instagram;

All in one

Breakfast with HISAMITSU

To sum it all up, I totally had a great break with these people. Can't wait to be reunited again with them on Christmas break, hopefully. I love my friends to death! They are one of my happiness, of course. :)

College students, how was your sembreak btw? And to all, how's your November going on? Let me know!

Kikay xo

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