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Everything that irritates you lead us to understanding

Hey hey blogspot! It's been too long since I haven't updated my blog. I was way too busy and I don't have time to update my blog. And consider that I forgot I still have my blog site. Hahaha. And I felt bad that I don't have any post during September :( well its okay.

So, this time I'm going to share about our Psychology Day last October 5 held at our school. And I'm going to share how fun it was and how I enjoyed it.

Before anything else, what is Psychology actually? And what comes in your mind when you hear the word Psych or Psychology? Well, a lot of people always interprets Psychology as "working at a mental hospital". Well to be honest, I used to think that way also when I wasn't still interested in Psychology. But when I already took Psychology as my course, the way I think of Psychology was changed. It's not always that after you graduate with a course of BS Psychology, you work at the mental hospital.

There are actually three choices of settings of Psychology when you want to work, Industrial Psychology, Educational Psychology and Clinical Psychology. When we choose Clinical, that is the setting that you've been thinking of. "Working at a mental hospital". So what is Psychology? Psychology is an academic and applied discipline that involves the scientific study of mental functions and behaviors. Yeah.

Anyway, I'm going to start now with our Psychology Day. ;)

I woke up feeling quite excited, it is because I'm going to spend the day with my fellow Psych students. I actually don't know what to do or what would be the first thing to do when I got to school. But all thanks to ate Kei because I asked some info to her and she was right away there to reply to my text messages. Haha.

They were still preparing and fixing some stuff when I got there. I was quite bored, I took some photos of them while preparing. And then later, I tried to help them.

The program started with cutting off of ribbon for the opening of the Psychology Exhibit. Of course, with the admins and staffs of GSDMSFI and guests all the way from Davao City. Too bad, I wasn't there to witness the opening program. We were assigned to give those letters to all instructors, an invitation to them to visit our exhibit. So, I wasn't able to take photos during the opening program. But I have lots of photos to be shared later. :)

After the opening program, they all went to AVR to start already with the workshop. The workshop has its theme: "Psychology Gears Towards Mental Wellness". The speakers were the guests from Davao City. It was an honor for us that they accepted our invitation to be the guest speaker for the day.

How cute that a lot of students were participating. I had fun taking photos of them while participating on the activity. They were so cute, seeing them laughing, enjoying and sharing smiles to one another. Even myself, I want to join the activity but I couldn't because I was taking some photos. Some Psych students joined the activity and as well as the others, they also enjoyed the activity. 

Aside from the workshop, let me take you to our exhibit. Just a simple exhibit but surely it was visited by a lot of students and some instructors. They mostly had fun with those Psychological tests and facts. And a plus, our mostly visited booth, Love Card Reading. They are also some paintings displayed painted by Psychology students during their Music & Art Therapy. I love those paintings that were shared photos in this blog. To be honest, I felt flattered that there were a lot of students visited our exhibit. Thank you guys! :)

I totally love this painting. 

Aside from visiting our exhibit, students voted for their top 3 best painting. Too bad, some of my friends from school asked what number was my painting but I don't have my painting. It's okay! Next time. :)

I also learned how to do the Love Card Reading! Thanks to our senior Psych students who taught us. It was fun and quite interesting to read someone's current status of their love life. Not really love life, but your standing on the guy you want to be read. T'was fun! Now let me guess yours, yeah? ;)

Sinong gustong magpahula ng current status ng love life nila?

I also had fun with my fellow Psych students just like how I wanted the day to be. Shared some conversation, laughter, memories and another conversation. I wasn't expecting for that day to be more fun. I was just expecting for just an ordinary day with them. But hell no, it was extraordinary. Yes. I just can't wait no more for next year's Psychology Day!

Marine with our classmates

Marine, moi and Ma'am Lugtu (our department head)

Yes. Certified Psychology Student.

Some Psych students with our department head and guest speakers. 

We're not here. :(

With ate Jennie, moi, ate Bea and ate Kei :)

After lunch at Jollibee

All in all, I had a great day with them. Was able to talk to those I haven't talked before. Encountered some students from school. It was literally great day. Can't wait for next year's Psychology Day. :)

And uhh before I'll end this post, the title of this post was hence to our design of our shirt. As you can see on the photo above. :)

How's your October going?

Kikay xo

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