Saturday, 25 August 2012

Sixteen turned Seventeen.

I just turned seventeen yesterday.

I couldn't believe that I actually just turned seventeen. Yeah, it was my birthday yesterday. It was just a simple and fine day with my dear classmates, friends and family. I wasn't expecting it to be a great one. I just wanna spend time with them, just like an ordinary day with them the usual thing we do; Conversations, eating lunch together, sharing jokes and sharing happiness to one another.

Well, I really wanna thank God for another year to live. I wanna thank Him for all the blessings He showered upon me ever since 1995. Unending love, unending guidance, unending blessings and unending support. The past 16 years was awesome and beyond amazing. Now I'm already 17, I am blessed enough to have another year.

Thank you to my great family for always being there whenever I need them, for their guidance and support. Thank you to my friends for being with me and always giving me happiness and love just like how I need it from my friends. Thanks to the people who cheered me up, shared their happiness and memories with me. Thank you to my beloved BSP 1-A classmates for the wonderful greeting and for cheering me up whenever I feel sad. Special mention; Mariane, Jherraelle, Dannah and ate Kei. I would like to thank also BS MT 1-B (MedTech 1B) for the birthday greetings and for giving an extra effort to sing a "Happy Birthday" song for me, even tho you guys were still busy doing pinning on your cats. I appreciated it so much! I was touched actually. I feel like you guys (BSMT 1-B) are also my classmates. Haha.

What made me surprise when they sang that, he was there also. Plus, he joined singing and he even added some cute dance moves while singing it. I wasn't expecting for that! Like I swear to God. So I got kinda kilig. Special thanks to Twinkle! Hahaha!

Anyway. It was just a simple celebration with my family. Just like the usual when we celebrate birthdays. We celebrated it by doing birthday dinner at Karate Kid. Yes, I've been wanting to go back there since last week. So I took the chance to go back there last night with my family. Of course, as a birthday girl I have the right to demand where to eat. Just a simple celebration, yeah. To make it more sweet, with my family. :)

Btw, just wanted to share of how I'm currently obsessed with Karate Kid. The foods are ugh.. Super duper tasty and loving it to the highest level.

Here are the photos that I totally love, I don't even know why. Hahaha!

Hi there Ashy and Koleen :)

Pagbigyan sa self-portait ;)

Koleen's dinner last night. Yumm!

I actually not a fan of Japanese foods but California Maki is love. :)

Mine :)

Still busy. Hahaha

He doesn't like the foods at Karate Kid. So he separately ordered from KFC. :)

I told you. I am serious when I eat.

Hi! I'm with my girlfriend and boyfriend.

Newest collection. Hahahahaha!

Major Problem when your boyfriend is much taller than you. Lol. Photo bomb by Koleen. 

Family ♥

I totally love this shot. So cute. 

Street mode

Last but not the least, I want to share this cute artsy fancy by my little niece, Kashley. I was so surprised and got kilig. Hahaha. This is an a plus effort. Thank you Azleh!! :)

All in all, I had a great seventeenth simple birthday celebration with family. I thank God for everything. EVERYTHING. ♥

Before anything else, I would like to share this. Last night my Twitter crush sent a dm (direct message) to me. And I was so surprised and to be honest, I got kilig. Hahaha! Thank you so much kuya Bri Domingo! You are so nice, like really. :)

Naks! With matching kiss pa ha? :">

My seventeenth day wasn't a happy one but I still had fun. Still manage to smile. :)

How was your Friday night btw? :)

Kikay xo

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