Friday, 10 August 2012

Hi August!

"Hi August!"

That was the phrase that I said during August 1, 2012. :)

August is a special month for me. Yes it is. The one and only reason why it is special for me because it's my Birthday Month. 

I always get excited when August is almost near. Now, it's already August, I always feel excited. Almost every day. I don't know why. Maybe because it is special for me.

During last week of July until first week of August. A lot of people tweeting their August wish along with the TT #AugustWish. Most of their tweets were, "Higher grades", "Good health", "More money" and some are relationship-related wishes. I can only relate with "Higher grades", "Good health" and "More money". I don't actually care about relationships. In fact, I hate to talk about it. Anyway, since they were tweeting about their #AugustWish-es. So I'm going to share what are my wishes for this month since it's my birthday month. :)

Well nothing really special. All I want for my August are; of course! To get a higher grades or at least good grades. I don't really expect to get a higher grades though I have to be confident enough but sorry, I can't. At least good grades, I'm already contented with that. Lol. Good health? YES! Totally. It's like what I am aiming every day. I'd like to do proper diet, regular exercise and jogging. But it seems like foods are always there to distract me. Good thing, I can still manage to do regular exercises. More money, hmm. I'm not that really desperate to beg or ask for money, it's just that I need more money because the expenses that we've been paying almost every day. Ya know, College Life it is! Pay this, pay that, and this and that. Gah! Anyway, I also wish that new chances and opportunities would knock on my door for this month. I would be willing enough to accept this and will appreciate it. 

Some of my wishes for this Month are also; More happiness for everyone especially for myself. More blessings on my way. God will guide me more and my family and friends. These three wishes are really what I want especially on the 24th. ;) ♥

Oh! I was reading my horoscope awhile ago for today. And then I remember that I haven't read my Monthly overview yet, so I decided to share it here with you guys. Here it is:

You start out the month with a good, old-fashioned, solidly happy day on the 1st. If you're looking for romance, you find romance. If you're looking for a new Cuisinart, you find a great, nearly-new one at a terrific discount. If you're looking to make those little improvements that add up to big personal change, you'll make them. In short, breathe deeply and wear your favorite tennis shoes, because you're in for one heck of a nice day. By the ever so slightly nitpicky 4th and 5th, you might be nitpicking, ever so slightly. You know what? It would honestly be a lot better if you chillaxed. Soul searching is the name of the game on the 9th and 10th. You know more or less what you're after, and that means you're well prepared to do some very intensive looking. By the super organized 14th and 15th, well, you are! (Super organized, that is.) Enjoy the heck out all of the wonderful bounteous good luck coming your way on the 19th and 20th. You reap what you sow, and it's great! Don't rush on the 25th or 26th. Be kind on the 31st.

Now I wonder what what would happen to me during 14th and 15th. But all I know is 15th is the Foundation Day of our school. Haha. It says that during 9th and 10th, soul searching is the name of the game. Actually I've been wanting to do that ever since last week of July but guess I couldn't. Anyway, the last sentence was "Be kind on the 31st.", well I'm always kind. Haha ;)

If you want to check yours, just click this link: Yahoo! Daily Horoscopes :)

Aside from those wishes, you can notice I haven't listed there any material that I would want on my birthday. Well, it is almost impossible for me to ask this to my parents as my birthday gift. It's okay if this isn't the gift that I would accept on my birthday, I understand. They would not waste money if it's not necessarily needed. Since it's just a "Want", I highly understand them. And I always remind myself that I would not waste money over something that is nonsense. If I want this, I would encourage myself to save money just to buy this and that. ;)

Anyway, this is the material that I would want on my birthday. If only given a chance. Don't worry, I can wait.  :)

Samsung Galaxy Ace | LG C660 Pro

Actually, I've been drooling ever since for LG C660 Pro. I don't know. It's cute and I could tell that its more feminine than it is. Hahaha! If anyone is willing enough to give this as my birthday gift, I am willing enough to accept it and I swear to God I will never ever forget you. And everyday, I will always thank you. #StopDreaming :)

So yeah. How's your August so far? Btw! Our Midterm exams are all done. Thank you God for guiding me. :)

Kikay xo

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