Monday, 30 July 2012

"Leaders aren't born, they are made."

"Leaders aren't born, they are made."

A very nice definition of a Leader. Simple yet it has an impact. Yes, I agree. They aren't born, they are made. Being a leader is to serve your community, help, organize and maintaining the order of every situation in the community. It's not easy to be a leader. A leader is someone that every member has to look up to. Leader should always be humble enough, be a good listener and especially respect your members. -- That's what I have learned from a leader that we had interviewed for our NSTP 1 last July 21, 2012.

It was supposed to be scheduled on Friday (July 20), but one of the members of my group texted us that we'll just conduct an interview on the next day because the Sisters were still busy. So we decided to conduct an interview on the following day.

I woke up early in the morning, but I still haven't got any messages from them. So I decided to sleep back. But too bad, I woke up late, it was like 10 something already. And then I've received a lot of messages from them. They said we'll just conduct an interview at OLPGV (Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage) Church. So I quickly jump out of the bed and took a bath, fixed myself and everything. Before anything else, I brought the dslr for our presentation. It was like 11 something when I finally got to meet them up at the Supreme Hardware.

The Church's Vision & Mission

Minutes had passed away, we already conduct an interview to the president of Lay Religious Secular and also a leader. She's Mrs. Fe Bitong. It was so nice to meet her! Her words was beyond amazing. The way she answers our questions was good. She was very honest in every question we asked. I mean yeah, every person has to. But I could tell that there is sincerity in the way she answers our questions. Willing to give beautiful words to every student out there. Like I said, her advices and words was beyond amazing. I was so inspired and really appreciated her.

While doing the interview to Mrs. Fe Bitong

This is Mrs. Fe Bitong, the one that made me inspire. Now she's one of my inspiration. :)

Before anything else, I would just like to share this. One of our guide questions was: "Who is your motivation for being a good leader?" Her answer had touch our lives. It was really inspiring. I love every word she said. Her answer was, "God. Because He's the source of everything." See? How humble enough. :)

My fellow groupmates and I with Mrs. Fe Bitong

And last but not the least, my favorite line from her; "Don't stop learning."

How about you guys? What made you inspire lately? And who's the source of this motivation? :)

Kikay xo

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